“From 17th to 3rd in One Week!” (Wk 3)

Week 2 MVP Award Winner–
The Beav (30 Points)

Week 3 Main Page Column

Early season jumps from the bottom half of the Points Standings to the top half are somewhat commonplace during the early part of the season.  But they aren’t usually done in quite as dramatic fashion as what we saw from Week 2 MVP Award winner The Beav this past week.  The Beav stepped up and scored 30 Points on a very difficult week of picks and jumped from 17th Place to 3rd Place in one week.  The Beav proved that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with this season, both personally and as part of long-time team Transformers.  Looking at The Beav’s picks, it is obvious that he started out brilliantly by picking Miami with DJ.  He followed this up by getting an extremely difficult Double Stakes of Buf-St.L, both Games of the Week with Phil & Indy, and then topping it off by nailing a Triple Crown with NYG-Sea-SD.  The MVP Award Runner-Up was fast charging Captain Insano with 27 Points.  Both these players have moved up into the Top Five and are putting extreme pressure on current club leader Papa Tuna who now stands at 50 Points with 2 Weeks at #1 after 2 weeks of play.  If Papa Tuna wants to match the amazing record of 17 Weeks at #1 that Unknown Artist pulled off back in 2007, he is going to need to make better picks than he did in Week 2.  Rounding out the Top Five, we have a couple of familiar faces that have decided to join the party.  Defending 2011 Club Champion Captain Jack Sparrow stepped back into the spotlight along with 3-time Club Champion The Rickster as they are now tied for 4th Place with 41 Points.  Looking back to Week 2, a lot of club members were frustrated when Seattle soundly beat Dallas to disrupt the Triple Crown.  However, 3 club members wisely had picked Seattle over Dallas and had also picked NYG and SD.  By doing this, they became our 3 Triple Crown winners for the week and scored 7 valuable Points– The Beav, freespirit, and Captain Insano.  As usual, I’m also going to post my list of shame for those who picked Oakland with Double Jeopardy and took a -1 Point from their final score– Papa Tuna, Hoosier Daddy, Drummer Boy, Bob Swerski, Captain Insano, The Rickster (who should have learned from last week when Oak burned him), Captain Jack Sparrow, and Fuegoburns.  The lesson learned is obvious, if you select DJ (now TJ), make sure that you get it right and don’t cost yourself valuable Points.

Head to Head Weekly started back up last week with a grudge match between Hoosier Daddy and Papa Tuna.  If you’ll recall, this heated rivalry started back in 2010, when Papa Tuna ruined Hoosier Daddy’s bid for a first-ever perfect 10-0 season by beating him 34-26.  That would be a tough loss to take, especially knowing that his only loss came when he scored 26 Points, good enough to beat just about anyone else.  Then, in 2011, Hoosier Daddy got sweet revenge when he beat Papa Tuna 3 times in one season– 23-22, 20-18, and 18-17 (SB Tournament).  So what would happen this season?  It was all decided on Monday night when Papa Tuna’s pick of Atlanta led him to victory over Hoosier Daddy by a score of 20-14.  Another interesting match took place between steveluvsal and 2011 defending Super Bowl champion Rad Dad.  Rad Dad took his winning streak from last season into this match and was hoping to get off to a good start.  But in a nail-biter, steveluvsal knocked off Rad Dad 18-17, thus sending him to his first defeat this season.  In other matches, C Master V’s return to the club was successful, as he beat Bob Swerksi 17-13.  And despite both scoring the second lowest Point totals this week, Catfish and Caveman pulled out a 10-10 tie with each other, which is much better than a defeat.

Pro Bowl Weekly also got under way, with all 8 teams competing against each other.  Since we have an even number of teams this season, there will be no bye weeks, but each team will play a full schedule of 12 games.  The 2011 defending Pro Bowl Champions Wild Animals got off to a good start by sinking The Black Pearl 58-47.  This was actually a rematch of last season’s Pro Bowl Championship game, which Wild Animals won by a score of 88-67.  Despite a name change and a promise by The Black Pearl’s captain that his team would find a “tasty” meal with Wild Animals, they proved to be too tough to tame.  The strongest Week 2 team was Transformers, who combined to score 66 Points and deliver a crushing blow to sentimental favorite Team Baby Tuna by over 20 Points.  I can already hear the sound of Baby Tuna crying in my ears after that devastating loss.  And in the battle of newly formed teams, Beasts of the Bay and Dark Lords of the NW battled to a 50-50 tie.