Sunday Games 9/23

As the Sunday games concluded with the big Baltimore win over NE, 6 club members found themselves with 20+ Points– Drummer Boy, Hoosier Daddy, freespirit, Iceman, Papa Tuna, and Captain Jack Sparrow.  Several of these players are in the running to be the Week 3 MVP, depending on what happens on Monday night.  Looking over today’s games, sadly 4 club members picked Cleveland with TJ and took a -2 from their score– Caveman, Rad Dad, Staubach, and The Beav.  Triple Jeopardy is so dangerous, I can never say that enough.  If you select it, make sure you get the game right.  The Point Spread games were tough this week.  Only one player swept all 3 of them and that was Jacuzzi Splot.  The Double Stakes of Dal-Arz proved to be tough for most of the club.  Only 7 out of 28 club members got it– Nighthawk, Bob Swerski, Papa Tuna, Captain Jack Sparrow, Double-Double, Drummer Boy, and steveluvsal.  Only 4 players got both Games of the Week right with Atl & Hou– Drummer Boy, Hoosier Daddy, Rad Dad, and Iceman.  And so that’s where we stand going into Monday night.  I am happy to report that Papa Tuna has clinched a 3rd Week at #1 no matter what happens.  But Monday night’s game will be interesting.  About 1/3 of the club (9 players) have picked Seattle and 2/3 of the club has picked GB (19 players).  We will see who is right and who picks up 3 Points tomorrow night.