“Annie-mal Charges Up the Standings!” (Wk 5)

Week 4 MVP Award Winner–
Annie-mal (30 Points)

Last season, Annie-mal finished with an outstanding Top Five ranking in 4th Place at the end of the season.  The question was– was this an anomaly or had she truly become a power player?  Annie-mal stepped up and answered that question in a big way this week as she dominated the competition to score 30 Points and become our Week 4 MVP Award winner.  Annie-mal’s 30 Points was a huge 5 Points more than the MVP Award Runner-Up, which was shared by rookie sensation Iceman, Rad Dad, and Dixie Slick.  Thus, Annie-mal was only the fourth player this season to score 30 Points in a week.  With this great showing, she has charged up the standings from 22nd Place to 10th Place.  Her next plan– to jump into the Top Five where she belongs.  We will see what this week holds.  Speaking of the Top Five, we had a bit of shuffling take place there this week.  Papa Tuna managed to hold on for a 4th Week at #1, but his plans to match Unknown Artist’s 17 Weeks at #1 appear to be doomed to failure.  The competition has gotten a lot stiffer and the rest of the club has closed the gap with him after he posted a low scoring 17 Point week this past week.  And now, Iceman is sitting in the No. 2 position, only 4 Points behind him.  The way Iceman has been picking these past two weeks, I would have to say that he is actually the favorite to take over the club’s top spot after this coming week.  The only thing that might hold him back is the seemingly lack of competitive games on the picks sheet this week, which means that many players will be picking the same for many of the games.  Currently tied for 3rd Place are the two good captains– Captain Insano and Captain Jack Sparrow, both with 84 Points.  They now stand a mere 8 Points out of 1st Place.  With Captain Jack Sparrow as our defending champion, you can be sure that he is firing the cannons to take back control of his rightful position.  Just making the Top Five this week is The Beav with 82 Points, as he snuck by freespirit and Nighthawk by a single digit.  Looking a little further down the standings, I have to send out an alert to the club to watch out for Rad Dad and Dixie Slick.  They are coming on strong and may find themselves in the Top Five by next weekend.

In Head to Head Weekly, Papa Tuna got embarrassed by Rad Dad 25-17.  As a result, there is now a 3-way tie for 1st Place in Division One between Papa Tuna, Rad Dad, and Captain Jack Sparrow.  Division Two featured a battle of the titans in which Mr. T prevailed over Double-Double 18-16.  Costing Double-Double the match was his mistake of switching from Chicago to Dallas just before kickoff on Monday night.  Knowing that this brought on a Head to Head loss will no doubt sting Double-Double and perhaps haunt him the rest of this season.  With that, Mr. T is now the only remaining perfect player in Head to Head with a 3-0 mark.  Mr. T stands 7 wins away from reaching the elusive perfect 10-0 Head to Head regular season. That’s a tall order, but if anyone can do it, it would be Mr. T.  Division Three actually features two undefeated players, but they both have their records slightly marred by ties.  The Rickster is 2-0-1 and Catfish is 1-0-2.  Even so, if these two great players can stay undefeated it will be an amazing feat.  Finally, in Division Four, Captain Insano and Dixie Slick are currently on top of the division with matching 2-1 records.  Dixie Slick is celebrating after she declawed The Cat last week with ease 21-9.  Moving over to Pro Bowl Team Weekly, we had two absolute shockers last week.  The biggest surprise was when Team Baby Tuna shocked Wild Animals and utterly dominated them 70-41.  That ended Wild Animals’ 5 game winning streak dating back to last season in dramatic fashion.  The other was C Master V’s Dark Lords of the NW knocking off Daddy & His Boys 51-44 and handing them their first loss of the season.  Daddy & His Boys’ team captain Hoosier Daddy has to be frustrated with his bad week last week, but I am sure he will step up and contribute in a big way to his team this coming week.  The other two team matches this week featured narrow 2 Point victories.  And that just goes to show that every Point counts when it comes to helping your team.