Sunday Games 11/18

As I mentioned on the Club Shoutbox, The Cat had perfect picks going into the Sunday night game.  He got the Thursday night game right and all 11 Sunday games.  And that brings us to Sunday night where he picked… The Ravens.  Well done, Cat!  The Cat is now 13/13 on his picks this week with only 1 game and the Over/Under left.  Will The Cat make history and match The Rickster’s career highlight and the club’s greatest achievement ever by recording another Perfect Week?  We will find out on Monday night.  In case any of you want to cheer him on, The Cat has picked SF Over for Monday night.  That’s probably not going to sit well with Dixie Slick, as she and 4 other players have picked Chicago on Monday night.  It should be a very close game.

The picks today were quite interesting.  The scores going into the Monday night game range from a low of 3 Points to a high of 37 Points.  In fact, 5 players have 30+ Points heading into Monday– Papa Tuna, Captain Insano, Double-Double, The Rickster & The Cat.  21 out of 28 players correctly picked the Triple Crown of GB-Atl-NO.  Only 3 players got both Games of the Week correct with NYJ & TB– The Cat, TK-421 & freespirit.  I must say that I feel ashamed that I picked against my Jets in an important Game of the Week that they ended up dominating.  Bring on the Monday night game!