“Captain Crunch & Drummer Boy Share MVP!” (Divisional)

Wild Card MVP Award Winners–
Captain Crunch & Drummer Boy (28.5 Points)

Last week, the Playoff Picks got off to a great start with huge weeks by both Captain Crunch and Drummer Boy.  They both scored 28.5 Points to win the Wild Card MVP Award and start out sharing 1st Place.  Drummer Boy is the 2009 Playoff Picks Champion looking to repeat and win another title.  Captain Crunch is a rookie player making his club debut here in the Playoff Picks.  But Captain Crunch (Jim Lunsford) is no stranger to football and he knows everything about the league.  And he proved it this week by delivering huge picks to debut in the club as an MVP Award winner.  That’s a great way to start out.  The same can be said for new rookie player Parkour (can you guess his real name?) who also posted great picks to score 27.5 Points.  Parkour and Yo Grandmama shared the Wild Card MVP Award Runner-Up and are both very close to 1st Place (Bonus Points are not factored into MVP Awards).  Rounding out the Top Five is Stefan’s Dad (who changed his name from Papa Tuna for the Playoff Picks in honor of Dylan’s Dad and Rad Dad) with 24.5 Points.  Keep in mind that there are 2 Hall of Fame Records up for grabs during the Playoff Picks– Most Playoff Games Correct (current record is 9 of 11) and Most Stat Questions Correct (currently record is 35).  So let’s keep making great picks!