“Kip Possible Dominates!” (Wk 4)

Week 3 MVP Award Winner –
Kip Possible (28 Points)

Kip Possible had a dominating showing last week, scoring 7 Points more than the next closest competitors.  This resulted in him taking a huge jump in the standings from 13th Place all the way to 4th Place.  Kip’s massive 27 Point week included getting the challenging Double Stakes of Wash-Car correct (the only other two players to get that correct were Stinkerbell and freespirit).  Kip also was the only player in the entire club to get the Triple Crown of Phil-NYG-Ten.    Then, he added one Game of the Week with Seattle and the Monday Night game of Pittsburgh.  Well done, Kip.  And in case anyone was wondering, he designed his own official club logo as seen above.  The Runner-Up MVP was a tie between three outstanding players: Bob Swerski, Double-Double, and Stinkerbell, who all scored 21 Points.  Bob Swerski now finds himself in 6th Place, Double-Double in 8th Place, and Stinkerbell remains in 1st Place.  After 3 weeks played, Stinkerbell has a commanding 11 Point lead over 2nd Place players Captain Insano and Nighthawk.  But one bad week can change everything, so Stinkerbell is hoping to find a way to continue making remarkable picks.  I’m not sure how she is doing it, but it’s been quite impressive to behold.  Stinkerbell has gotten all of the possible Games of the Week correct this season, picking 5 out of 6 correct (the only one she missed was the tie game which nobody got).  As a side note, Double-Double was dismayed last week to see the news that Raising Cane’s has been named California’s top fast food restaurant instead of In-N-Out.  Perhaps the slight will inspire Double-Double to make great picks once again this week.  Hopefully those of us who are currently bottom feeders (including myself) will have a better week this week, but we’ll see.

In Head to Head Weekly this past week, Hoosier Daddy tied Rad Dad 14-14 in a battle of great Head to Head players.  Another tie match happened when Club #1 player Stinkerbell tied Double-Double 21-21.  After two weeks, the remaining undefeated Head to Head players include Hoosier Daddy, Rad Dad, Bob Swerski, Stinkerbell, freespirit, The Rickster, Captain Insano, and Nighthawk.  That’s 2 players from each division for a total of 8 players.  In Pro Bowl Team Weekly, McTriple Play and Wild Animals both continued their hot starts and moved to 2-0.  Meanwhile, Daddy & His Boys and The Mega Powers are both struggling, starting out 0-2.