“Hoosier Daddy & Double-Double Find the Secret Menu to Success!” (Wk 17)

Week 16 MVP Award Winner –
Hoosier Daddy & Double-Double (30 Points)

Last week, Hoosier Daddy & Double-Double both had huge weeks and scored 30 Points to share the Week 16 MVP Award.  Hoosier Daddy is actually our defending Club Champion, having won the title during our last season back in 2012 when he finished with 394 Points and 8 Weeks at #1.  This season, Hoosier Daddy has been a fairly strong player who reached a peak of #4 and was the MVP Award Runner-Up in weeks 6 and 7.  But this past week he caught fire by picking both Games of the Week correct with GB and Phil, getting the Sunday night game with Seattle, and getting the Monday night game with Oakland.  It looks like Hoosier Daddy is trying to send a message to the rest of the club that he is going to be a serious contender when the club returns in 2019.  Double-Double has been playing very well lately and it was no surprise to see him win his third MVP Award of the season.  Like Hoosier Daddy, he also got both Games of the Week, the Sunday night game, and the Monday night game correct.  For Double-Double, the MVP Award couldn’t have come at a better time.  For the past 8 weeks, he has been locked in a fierce battle with Stinkerbell for the top spot in the club Points standings.  They’ve been tied for the lead and traded places a couple of times, with Double-Double trailing slightly behind much of the time.  With his MVP week, Double-Double moved back into 1st Place with a 4 Point lead and has now logged 3 Weeks at #1.  The Week 16 MVP Award Runner-Up was Captain Insano, who scored 27 Points in impressive fashion.  Captain Insano was in the Top Five for most of the season until he began picking weekly upsets that did not pan out most of the time.  But last week, he returned to form, which was good to see.  Captain Insano actually had 26 Points going into the Sunday night game.  Had he gotten the Sunday night game, Monday night game, and Over/Under correct, he could have ended with 36 Points on the week.  But with the Seattle upset of KC and Oakland upset of Denver, Captain Insano’s momentum was bodyslammed.  In looking at the current Top Five, Double-Double sits at #1 and Stinkerbell at #2.  As mentioned earlier, only 4 Points separates these two great players, which is nearly nothing in view of the always chaotic Week 17 Picks Sheet.  This is going to be a great showdown between the two most deserving players this season.  In seeing that she had been knocked off her perch, Stinkerbell said on Club Chat: “Got taken down by my favorite burger.”  Not to be forgotten are the other three players in the Top Five, who all have a legitimate shot at stealing the club title in the final week.  #3 player Captain Jack Sparrow is 9 Points behind, #4 player Fearless Tuna is 10 Points behind, and #5 player The Cat is 15 Points behind.  It would be an epic comeback for the ages if one of these players claimed 1st Place and held the trophy high when the Final Standings are released.  The Week 17 picks are always the most fun and challenging of the season, with Quadruple Jeopardy making its only appearance and 3 Games of the Week that need to be picked.  Absolutely anything can happen.  Many Club Championships have been won and lost in the final week.  In the past, Quadruple Jeopardy has been a factor in winning and losing the title.  What will this week hold and who will emerge to become The Football Club 2018 Club Champion?  We will find out this Sunday night.

The Super Bowl Tournament wrapped up last week and a new Super Bowl Head to Head Champion was crowned.  The information below is copy and pasted over from the Super Bowl Tournament Page.  Two-time Champion – Bob Swerski does the Super Bowl shuffle once again!  Bob Swerksi has completed an impressive run through the tournament and upset The Rickster to become our 2018 Super Bowl Head to Head Champion.  This match was a showdown between two heavyweights which went the distance and came down to the Over/Under on Monday night.  At the end of the day games on Sunday, Bob Swerski led the Rickster by a score of 21-11.  With only two games left (on Sunday night and Monday night), Bob Swerksi appeared to be cruising to an easy victory, being up by a touchdown and a field goal.  However, as chance would have it, Bob Swerksi and The Rickster had opposite picks on the three remaining picks that had to be made.  Those three picks (the Sunday night game, the Monday night game, and the Over/Under) totaled 10 Points.  Thus, if The Rickster would have gotten all three remaining picks correct, he could have tied the score 21-21 and claimed the trophy as the higher seed.  For the first pick on Sunday night, The Rickster correctly picked Seattle over KC.  The score was now Bob Swerski 21 and The Rickster 17.  For the second pick on Monday night, Oakland was dominating Denver and it was clear they were going to win the game from the outset.  Thus, the score would be Bob Swerski 21 and The Rickster 20.  That left only the Over/Under.  With a few seconds left in the actual football game, the Oakland Raiders running back almost broke free to score an extra touchdown.  But a Denver Broncos player somehow managed to tackle him just before he scored.  Had the running back made it into the endzone, the game would have ended with Over.  But with the tackle being made, the clock ran out and the game ended with Under.  With that, Bob Swerksi won the fiercely competitive Super Bowl championship match by a final score of 22-20.  Perhaps the key to Bob Swerski’s victory was that he selected Triple Jeopardy with his pick of Atlanta, while The Rickster did not.  That alone got Bob Swerski the extra 2 Points he needed to win.  Whatever the case, both players can hold their heads high and we thank them for putting on such an unforgettable championship match.  In route to his championship, Bob Swerski defeated Fearless Tuna, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Rad Dad.  Bob Swerski is now a two-time champion and his accomplishment has been added to the Hall of Fame.  Congratulations, Bob Swerski!

Also, the Pro Bowl Tournament wrapped up last week and a new Pro Bowl Team Champion was crowned.  The information below is copy and pasted over from the Pro Bowl Tournament Page.  Three-time Champions – Wild Animals claw their way to a dominant victory!  2005 and 2011 Pro Bowl Team Champions Wild Animals have defeated their arch-rivals Transformers by more than 3 touchdowns to win the 2018 Pro Bowl Team Championship.  In doing so, Wild Animals have matched Daddy & His Boys as the only two Pro Bowl teams to win three championships in The Football Club.  Wild Animals also have avenged their 67-59 loss to Transformers in the previous Pro Bowl championship match held six years ago back in 2012.  This time the match wasn’t really close, as Wild Animals stepped up their game during just the right week and won by a final score of 67-45.  It was a celebration of sorts for Wild Animals, who really dominated the club this season as they finished with a record of 10 wins and 4 losses as the #1 seed in the tournament.  It also was the fourth win over Transformers this season alone as Wild Animals went 4-0 when playing against Transformers over the course of the regular season and tournament.  As mentioned, Wild Animals are now three-time champions as a team.  But let’s take a closer look at the individual players on Wild Animals’ squad.  Team Captain The Cat posted 17 Points last week and really helped his team by getting both Games of the Week correct.  The Cat is happy to now be a three-time team champion.  The Rickster also had strong picks to help his team, posting 20 Points including brilliant picks of Seattle on Sunday night and Oakland on Monday night.  The Rickster is now a four-time team champion.  But Double-Double came through the most for his team as he posted 30 Points and was the Week 16 Co-MVP Award winner.  Double-Double is also now a four-time team champion.  On Transformers side, Team Captain Slick Chick did her best to lead her team to victory as she posted 19 Points.  Kip Possible pitched in with a strong showing of 18 Points, capped off by being the only player in the entire club to get the Triple Crown correct with Cle-Dal-Jax.  But freespirit struggled and only managed to put up 8 Points.  However, even if she had posted 30 Points, it wouldn’t have been enough to help Transformers win it all.  So congratulations to our 2018 Pro Bowl Team Champions Wild Animals!  The Hall of Fame has now been updated with their great accomplishment.