“Captain Insano and Double-Double Win MVP Awards!” (Wk 4)

Week 2 MVP Award Winner –
Captain Insano (36 Points)

Week 3 MVP Award Winner –
Double-Double (24 Points)

The Football Club has returned to normal operations upon my return from vacation this evening.  We have two week’s worth of updates to catch up on, so let’s get started.  In Week 2, Captain Insano posted a massive 36 Point week to claim the MVP Award and catapult up the standings from 17th Place to 2nd Place.  That was the highest score of the year so far.  Captain Insano is obviously serious about challenging for the club title this year.  The Week 2 MVP Award Runner-Ups were 8 Points behind him, and that was both Drummer Boy and Stinkerbell with 28 Points.  Thus, Drummer Boy opened the season with back-to-back Runner-Up MVPs, which provided an early 7 Point lead over the rest of the club for the current #1 player at the conclusion of Week 2.  Rounding out the Top Five after Drummer Boy and Captain Insano were #3 MJD Hogg and tied for #4 Stinkerbell and Slick Chick.  The Sunday night game was a tough one to get right, as only 3 players correctly picked Atl over Phil: Hoosier Daddy, Captain Insano, and The Rickster.

Week 3 then arrived, which shook things up once again.  Our defending 2018 Club Champion Double-Double delivered notice that he has arrived on the scene by posting 24 Points (on a very challenging week to make picks) to claim the Week 3 MVP Award.  That helped Double-Double move up from 13th Place to 6th Place in a single week, and he now stands only 1 Point away from joining the prestigious Top Five.  The Runner-Up MVP went to club legend Mr. T, who scored 23 Points.  After Mr. T shed his previous year’s codename of Rex Kwan Do, it has resulted in inspired play and he is zooming toward the top of the charts while showing no pity for the fools.  Mr. T jumped from 16th to 8th in a single week.  10 of the club’s 18 players last week failed to reach 15 Points, which shows how hard the picks were to make.  In fact, Double-Double and Slick Chick were the only two players to correctly pick the Triple Crown of Det-GB-Hou and win the 7 Point prize.  Drummer Boy managed to hold onto the top spot in 1st Place for a second consecutive week but things are starting to get dicey.  #2 player Stinkerbell is only 4 Points behind him now.  She is showing that her rookie season last year in which she dominated the club was no fluke.  She knows how to deliver good picks even when under pressure.  Rounding out the Top Five are #3 Captain Jack Sparrow, #4 Hoosier Daddy, and #5 MJD Hogg.

The first two weeks of Head to Head Weekly and Pro Bowl Team Weekly have been completed.  We have 6 individual players off to an undefeated start in Head to Head play and 2 teams which are perfect so far in team play.  But we will get more into discussing those aspects of the club next week.  Until then, make sure to check out those specific pages for more details.  And for those of you who are having trouble reaching the Current Standings tables (which are meant to be viewed on large computer screens), copies of the charts will be posted below the Main Page Column each week.  Scroll down to view them as screenshots.