“Halibut J-Bird Sinks His Talons Into 1st Place!” (Wk 8)

Week 7 MVP Award Winner –
Halibut J-Bird (32 Points)

When Halibut J-Bird announced that he was returning to the club after an 11 year absence, it was a happy moment for many club members who missed having him as part of the group.  Halibut J-Bird (full official name Just For the Halibut! J-Bird) is a two-time Club Champion, having won the club title back in 1999 and 2003.  But since he had not made any picks since 2008, some wondered if he would still be able to make great picks as he had in the past.  These past two weeks have provided a clear answer to that question, as last week he won the MVP Award Runner-Up and this week he scored 32 Points to win the Week 7 MVP Award.  This very strong week has propelled Halibut J-Bird all the way into 1st Place where he now enjoys a 4 Point lead.  Now that he has returned to his perch at the top, we will see how Halibut J-Bird responds to the pressure of having everybody chasing after him.  Our Week 7 MVP Award Runner-Up was Stinkerbell, who scored 29 Points and has been making consistently strong picks lately.  She now sits in 3rd Place, a mere 5 Points out of the top spot.  Rounding out the Top Five, we have freespirit at #2, Double-Double at #4, and Bob Swerski at #5.

Over in Head to Head Weekly, Double-Double continues to dominate the competition.  Last week, he forced Captain Jack Sparrow to walk the plank in a fierce battle 25-20.  This week, he has to face off against one of the players in the club who has been picking the best lately – Badwater Nessie.  In Pro Bowl Weekly, The Supernovas defeated Wild Animals 69-60 in an upset.  It looks like The Supernovas are going to be the achilles’ heel of Wild Animals, as they have now handed them both of their losses on the season.  Meanwhile, McTriple Play has returned to the top spot with another win, this time over Alhambra by a score of 67-46.  And I couldn’t help but notice that all 3 of the members of McTriple Play are in the Top Six in the standings, which shows why they are such a great team.