“The Cat & MJD Hogg Share the Week 10 MVP Award!”

Week 10 MVP Award Winners –
The Cat & MJD Hogg (18 Points)


On yet another challenging week of picks with a number of upsets, two club members stepped up and delivered great picks – The Cat and MJD Hogg.  Both scored 18 Points to win a share of the Week 10 MVP Award.  The Cat won his second straight MVP Award by being the only player in the entire club to correctly pick Pittsburgh with TJ, by getting the Double Stakes of Balt-NYJ, and by getting both Games of the Week correct with Cleveland and Chicago.  MJD Hogg won his second MVP Award of the season by getting both Point Spread games correct with Atlanta and Miami, getting the Sunday night game correct with Minnesota, and being the only player in the entire club to get the Triple Crown of Ten-TB-GB.  For The Cat, the back-to-back MVPs have sent him up the charts and allowed him to sink his claws into 3rd Place.  For MJD Hogg, after debuting the season in 1st Place he has struggled a little bit, but this marks a return to form.  Our Week 10 MVP Award Runner-Up was freespirit, who scored 15 Points by making two brilliant upset picks with Minnesota and Seattle.  It is clear that she’s not picking conservatively, she’s picking to win.  And she now sits in 1st Place with a 8 Point lead over the competition.  The current Top Five now consists of #1 freespirit, #2 Halibut J-Bird (8 Points behind), #3 The Cat (10 Points behind), and #4 Bob Swerski & Double Double (12 Points behind).  Two players had especially low scores last week – Halibut J-Bird (3 Points on the week) and Captain Jack Sparrow (0 Points on the week).  But that happens sometimes and you can be sure that those two great players will pick themselves up and continue to battle for the club title.  An astounding 13 club members last week took -2 Points from their final score when they picked LA Rams with TJ.  That was a costly mistake which might cause some to reconsider selecting the Triple Jeopardy option in the future.  Two of the biggest upset games last week took place on Sunday night and Monday night.  Only 4 club members correctly picked Minnesota over Dallas on Sunday Night – MJD Hogg, Mr. T, Rad Dad, and freespirit.  Only 3 club members correctly picked Seattle over SF on Monday night – freespirit, Halibut J-Bird, and Bob Swerksi.

Head to Head Weekly wraps up the regular season of play this week.  We will soon find out which players win the four divisions, what the Conference seedings are for the Super Bowl Tournament (starting in Week 12), and which four players get stuck playing in the dreaded First Round.  We can be sure that 2018 Super Bowl Head to Head Champion Bob Swerksi is looking forward to defending his title once the tournament begins.