“Slick Chick Rises to 1st Place and wins the Week 7 MVP Award!”

Week 7 MVP Award Winner –
Slick Chick (29 Points)

Slick Chick stepped up and delivered some fantastic picks during Week 7 to score 29 Points and win the Week 7 MVP Award.  Stinkerbell was quick to congratulate Slick Chick on Club Chat, saying: “Awesome Slick Chick“.  No stranger to success, Slick Chick at some point each season establishes herself solidly in the Top Five and usually wins some MVP Awards.  In fact, she holds one of the most cherished records in The Football Club, which is Most MVP Awards in One Season with 5 MVPs.  That record has never been matched and most likely won’t be matched this season.  (We have had 8 different MVP Award winners through the first 7 weeks.)  Slick Chick won her Club Championship back in the 2010 season.  And now one decade later, she seems to have her sights set on adding a second trophy to her case.  On a difficult week to score a lot of Points, she did this by getting 1 Game of the Week, the Double Stakes, Triple Crown, and Sunday Night game all correct.  Slick Chick was 1 of only 4 players to get the Triple Crown of Cle-Wash-LAC.  (The others were Stinkerbell, Drummer Boy, and Double-Double.)  With her strong week, Slick Chick has moved into 1st Place for the first time this season, holding a narrow 2 Point lead over #2 player Nighthawk, who himself continues to pick very well consistently every week.  The Week 7 MVP Award Runner-Up was Drummer Boy, who scored 28 Points.  This helped Drummer Boy hit a high note as he moved up the standings from 16th Place to 10th Place in a single week.  Drummer Boy was 1 of only 5 players to get both Games of the Week correct with Pit and SF.  (The others were Bob Swerski, Nighthawk, Halibut J-Bird, and MJD Hogg.)  Drummer Boy had to overcome some adversity in order to accomplish this.  As the games got started last week, his drums were out of tune as he lost -2 Points by picking Atlanta with TJ.  In fact, a stunning 9 club members in total made this bad pick and lost 2 valuable Points from their final score.  But despite that setback, Drummer Boy did great with everything else and that’s why he is on the move up the standings.  On a personal note, I happened to be the only player in the entire club to pick Detroit with TJ and thus I increased my perfect TJ record to 6-0.  Not that the rest of my picks were any good, but at least I had something to feel good about.  Our Current Top Five consists of #1 Slick Chick, #2 Nighthawk (2 Points back), #3 Stinkerbell (3 Points back), #4 Halibut J-Bird (6 Points back), and tied for #5 Double-Double & Mr. T: SDFW (both 11 Points back).

Moving over to Head to Head Weekly, our Division Leaders are currently Captain Insano (4-1-1), Halibut J-Bird (4-2), Low Fat Tuna (4-2), and The Rickster & Slick Chick (both 4-2).  Head to Head Weekly is truly the great equalizer, as players who might be struggling in the Points Standings can be doing really well at Head to Head play.  Last week our defending Super Bowl Champion Hoosier Daddy picked up a nice win over Low Fat Tuna 20-15 to pick up his 2nd straight win.  Well done, Hoosier Daddy and keep it up!  In Pro Bowl Team Weekly, the two teams currently tied for 1st Place are McTriple Play and The Supernovas (both 4-2).