“Captain Insano makes insanely good picks to win the Week 1 MVP Award!”

Week 1 MVP Award Winner –
Captain Insano (25 Points)

After Captain Insano finished last season in 17th Place, over 100 Points behind 2020 Club Champion Mr. T, he probably lowered his expectations for this season.  In fact, he mentioned at a press conference that “it’s been a while since I’ve had a great week”.  However, things have changed dramatically at the start of this season, as Captain Insano scored 25 Points to win the Week 1 MVP Award.  That means he debuts at #1 in the first Current Standings of the season.  The nice thing about that is no matter what happens the rest of the season, he will always own a Peak Position of #1.  But I have a feeling that he is going to end up having a stellar season in 2021 and challenge for the club title.  The key to Captain Insano’s very successful week was getting both Games of the Week correct with Sea and LAC, and the Monday night game correct with LV Raiders.  Insano had originally picked the Ravens.  But 1 1/2 days before kickoff, he e-mailed and said “Hope it’s not too late. Would like to change pick from Ravens to Raiders”.  Of course it wasn’t too late, as anybody can change any of their picks right up until kickoff of any games.  So, well done on the switch, Captain.  The Week 1 MVP Award Runner-Up went to freespirit, who scored 23 Points.  The key to her success was also picking the Raiders on Monday night.  In fact, 6 club members in all picked the Raiders and took home the huge prize of 6 Points – Captain Insano, freespirit, Mr. T, Fearless Tuna, New York City Sewer Rat, and Drummer Boy.  In taking our first look at the Top Five, we actually have 7 players who debuted in the Top Five to start the season.  Along with #1 Captain Insano and #2 freespirit (2 Points back), they are #3 Double-Double and Fearless Tuna (both 3 Points back), and #5 The Cat, Drummer Boy, and New York City Sewer Rat (all 3 Points back).  2020 Club Champion Mr. T began his title defense by struggling a bit on Sunday, but then coming up big on Monday to reach a total of 16 Points for the week, enough to put him into 13th Place.  On another note, somebody asked me why I changed my name back to Fearless Tuna.  Last season, I pretty much flopped and ended in 13th Place while only reaching a Peak Position of #9.  So I decided to return to the name I had used during the 2019 season when I won my only lifetime club title.  Last season, I was picking scared every week and going too conservative.  That backfired because the “experts” often got it wrong and I ended up losing a lot of Points.  (Kind of similar to how the “experts” really made some back picks in Week 1 of this season).  So I decided I needed to go back to picking fearlessly as Fearless Tuna, and it paid off in Week 1.  On a final note, we want to welcome two new players to the club.  First, our brand new rookie player The Icelandic Cod.  It is nice to have her in the club (playing along with her husband The Sad Salmon).  And second, Captain Jack Sparrow has returned after taking one full season off to rest.  Welcome back, Captain, and hopefully you’ve made some repairs to get the Black Pearl seaworthy once again.

Head to Head Weekly resumes this week.  Be sure to check out the Head to Head Weekly page here on the site under H2H & Team Play on the menu bar.  2020 Super Bowl Champion The Rickster begins his title defense and takes a stunning 9-game winning streak into this season.  That is simply amazing to think that he could have a 10-game winning streak after this week concludes.  Pro Bowl Team Weekly also resumes, so be sure to check out that page as well.  2020 Pro Bowl Team Champs The Gridiron Guardians begin their title defense. As you may recall, The Gridiron Guardians shocked McTriple Play in the Pro Bowl final with a stunning upset by a score of 84-72.  How will they fare this season as they deal with the return of Wild Animals, Daddy & His Boys, and McTriple Play, along with new teams Polar Bears and Tough Puffins?  We will soon find out.