“The Sad Salmon Swims into 2nd Place with the Week 13 MVP Award!”

Week 13 MVP Award Winner –
The Sad Salmon (32 Points)

The Sad Salmon continued his unbelievable swim up the charts last week by scoring 32 Points to win the Week 13 MVP Award.  The next best score for the week was a stunning 9 Points less than what he got.  As a result, The Sad Salmon has now won either the MVP Award or MVP Runner-Up in 4 of the past 5 weeks.  I’m not sure if we’ve ever see a player on such a sustained hot streak in the club before.  Slick Chick, owner of the Hall of Fame record 5 MVP Awards in One Season, has to be getting really nervous about holding onto her record now that The Sad Salmon has 3 MVP Awards with 5 weeks to go.  It wasn’t that long ago that The Sad Salmon was in 16th Place and 33 Points behind 1st Place Drummer Boy back in Week 8.  Yet here we are 5 weeks later and The Sad Salmon has become the clear favorite to swim past Drummer Boy and claim the club title.  It will be interesting to see how these next 5 weeks play out to see if The Sad Salmon can reach 1st Place, and then stay there if he does.  Or if he will run into a dam that stops his upstream momentum perhaps by getting caught in the net of making bad picks.  One thing we can say for sure is that The Sad Salmon knows how to pick Triple Jeopardy games.  Last week, we had a record 14 people take -2 Points by selecting SF 49ers with TJ.  But The Sad Salmon was the only one in the entire club who picked Seattle with TJ.  The Week 13 MVP Award Runner-Up went to Bob Swerski, who scored 23 Points.  The Top Five currently consists of #1 Drummer Boy (10 Weeks at #1), #2 The Sad Salmon (3 Points back), tied for #3 Double-Double & Stinkerbell (7 Points back), and #5 Captain Insano (10 Points back).  #6 player The Rickster is 10 Points behind Captain Insano, which shows we have some separation between the Top Five and other players for the first time this season.  One of the most interesting things club members have been watching this season is the rematch battle transpiring between Double-Double and Stinkerbell.  Three years ago, these two great players battled for the club title right down to the final week of the season.  Stinkerbell had logged 13 Weeks at #1 during the season.  But in the end, Double-Double got ahead of her in Week 16 and held on in Week 17 to win the 2018 Club Championship by a margin of 5 Points.  So, seeing these two players tied in the standings and having friendly banter on Club Chat about beating each other is reminding us of what happened in the 2018 club.

The Super Bowl Tournament got underway last week with two First Round matches.  In those two matches, (9) Hoosier Daddy def. (8) Fearless Tuna 17-10 and (9) Slick Chick def. (8) New York City Sewer Rat 13-9.  And now we are on to the Wild Card Round with the 16 remaining players.  The match of the week has to be (9) Hoosier Daddy (4-8) at (1) Drummer Boy (9-2).  It is a battle between Daddy & His Boys teammates.  But even more thrilling, it is a rematch of the historic 2019 Super Bowl Final from two years ago.  You might recall the headline from that match.  It said: “Daddy Defeats One of His Boys – Hoosier Daddy has completed an incredible comeback victory to narrowly defeat his teammate Drummer Boy by a final score of 22-21.”  And now these two are meeting again, but much earlier in the tournament.  Will Drummer get revenge and continue advancing through the tournament as the #1 seed in addition to being the best player in the Points Standings, or will Hoosier Daddy have an encore victory and pull of a major upset as the #8 seed?  Another match that caught my attention is (7) MJD Hogg (4-7) at (2) The Icelandic Cod (6-4-1).  The Icelandic Cod comes in as the #2 seed and is about to play her first-ever tournament match.  But she is playing against one of the all-time greats MJD Hogg.  It will be interesting to see who comes out ahead in this battle and advances to the Divisional Round.  Also, this is the final week of Pro Bowl Team Weekly before the team tournament begins.  The Wild Animals have grown their claws back and clinched the #1 seed with a record of 8-2-2 so far.  But check out this exciting match which will take place this week: Daddy & His Boys vs. Gridiron Guardians (for #2 seed and bye week in tournament).