2021 Club Champion: Drummer Boy

2021 Club Champion –
Drummer Boy (381 Points / 14 Weeks at #1 / Avg. 21.2 Points/week)

2021 Football Club winners-

Club Champion-  Drummer Boy (381 Points)
Club Champion Runner-Up-  Double-Double (374 Points)
Super Bowl XIX Champ-  Bob Swerski (def. The Sad Salmon, Captain Jack Sparrow, freespirit & Captain Insano)
Super Bowl Runner-Up-  The Sad Salmon (def. MJD Hogg, Slick Chick & Mr. T)
Pro Bowl XVIII Champs-  Wild Animals (teammates- Double-Double, freespirit & The Rickster)
Pro Bowl Runner-Ups-  Daddy & His Boys (teammates- Drummer Boy, Hoosier Daddy & MJD Hogg)

Rookie of the Year-  The Icelandic Cod (for winning 1 MVP Award Runner-Up)
Sportsmanship Award-  freespirit & Stinkerbell (for great courtesy and consideration to fellow club members in giving up their spots in league play)
Comeback Player of the Year-  Captain Insano (for improving from 17th Place finish in 2020 to 4th Place finish in 2021)
Player of the Month Award winners–  Bob Swerski (Sept.), Drummer Boy (Oct.), The Sad Salmon (Nov.), and Hoosier Daddy (Dec.)

Most MVP Awards-  The Sad Salmon (3 MVP Awards)
Best Week-  Hoosier Daddy (40 Points – Week 18)
Best Team Score-  Daddy & His Boys (99 Points – Week 2)
Most Games of the Week- Drummer Boy (27 out of 37 – 73% correct) tied Hall of Fame record
Most Triple Crowns-  Hoosier Daddy (7 out of 18 – 39% correct)
Most Double Stakes-  Double-Double, MJD Hogg, Bob Swerski & freespirit (9 out of 18 – 50% correct)
Most Sunday Night / 6 Point Games-  MJD Hogg & Bob Swerksi (10 out of 18 – 56% correct)
Best Triple Jeopardy Ratio-  New York City Sewer Rat (10 out of 17 – 59% correct)