“Rad Dad Sweeps the Big Games to Claim the Week 4 MVP Award!”

Week 4 MVP Award Winner –
Rad Dad (33 Points)

On a week when 14 players scored 20 Points or more in the club, Rad Dad stood out above the pack.  Rad Dad swept all the big games (including both Games of the Week, the Double Stakes, Triple Crown, and Sunday Night game) to score 33 Points and win the Week 4 MVP Award.  The huge week has propelled Rad Dad into the Top Five for the first time this season, as he made a 9 position jump from 13th Place to 4th Place in a single week.  Rad Dad is sending a message to the rest of the club that he is not going to be taken lightly this season.  Over the past three years, he has steadily improved his season ending standing, finishing in 16th Place, then 14th Place, and finally in 13th Place in 2021.  He clearly has his sights set on a Top Five finish or perhaps even a Club Championship.  The Week 4 MVP Award Runner-Up went to The Rickster, who scored just 1 Point less than Rad Dad with 32 Points.  Like Rad Dad, The Rickster also swept all the big games and he jumped 9 positions in the standings.  The Rickster moved up from 12th Place to 3rd Place and now stands just 12 Points away from reaching 1st Place.  Being that his last Club Championship was in 2006, The Rickster would love nothing more than to raise the Rhapsody Ralph Trophy at the end of this season.  Choosing the Player of the Month for September 2022 was a difficult decision to make.  There were 8 different players who won the MVP Awards and MVP Award Runner-Ups through the first 4 weeks.  And the main player holding onto 1st Place did not win any of those awards.  So all of these great players were kind of even with each other.  Thus, in considering everything, the Player of the Month has been announced as Roadrunner.  Roadrunner was absent from the club for the past 11 years.  And as he reentered the club this season, he walked onto a field of All-Stars.  Yet, 4 weeks into the season, he finds himself in the Top Five.  That is really hard to do and I couldn’t ignore the great skill it takes to accomplish that.  So congratulations to Roadrunner on being our Player of the Month.  The current Top Five includes #1 Drummer Boy, #2 Stinkerbell (6 Points back), #3 The Rickster (12 Points back), #4 Rad Dad (13 Points back), and tied for #5 Hoosier Daddy, Mr. T & Roadrunner (16 Points back).  Also, I wanted to give a shoutout to My Wife Loves Jimmy G.  He proclaimed before the start of Week 4 that he would be the “Top Scorer this Week, I’m calling my shot! 😂”.  While he didn’t quite achieve that goal of winning the MVP Award, he did score 26 Points and show some flashes of brilliance while making his picks.  That included being 1 of only 2 players in the entire club to correctly pick Atlanta with Triple Jeopardy.  Keep up the good picks, My Wife Loves Jimmy G, as you are only 5 Points away from getting into the Top Five.