“The Rickster brews up 29 Points to win the Week 7 MVP Award!”

Week 7 MVP Award Winner –
The Rickster (29 Points)

Three-time Club Champion The Rickster enjoyed a pint from the Victory Brewing Company as he scored 29 Points to win the Week 7 MVP Award.  The key to his success was getting both Games of the Week correct with NY Giants and NY Jets, and then being 1 of only 2 players to correctly pick the Triple Crown of Tennessee, Las Vegas & Seattle.  The Rickster ignored the so-called “experts” who had Seattle as a 6-Point underdog in the game, and it was a good thing he did.  The Rickster is fighting for his legacy in the club so he has really stepped it up a notch lately.  As the Hall of Fame stands now, The Rickster is currently the only player in club history with 3 club titles (2001, 2004 & 2006).  However, two of the four players who have won 2 club titles are currently in the Top Five – Hoosier Daddy (2009 & 2012) and Double-Double (2005 & 2018).  If Hoosier Daddy or Double-Double were to claim the 2022 club title, they would catch up with and tie The Rickster for the all-time record.  On the other hand, if The Rickster were to claim the 2022 club title, he would secure his fourth title and have doubled the success of his next closest competitors.  Meanwhile, Drummer Boy has his own plans to become the first player in club history to win back-to-back titles.  So there is a lot at stake with all of these players battling it out at the top of the standings.  After winning the Week 7 MVP Award, The Rickster is now back in 5th Place (12 Points back).  The winner of the Week 7 MVP Award Runner-Up was Double-Double with 28 Points.  Double-Double was the other player to correctly pick the Triple Crown and the 7 Point prize that comes with it.  As a result, Double-Double climbs back up the standings into 4th Place (11 Points back).  But something else stunning has happened.  Two weeks ago, Double-Double had been made into minced meat by his main rival Stinkerbell, as she found herself 20 Points ahead of him.  He must have felt that he was as far away from her in standings as he is to the nearest In-N-Out Burger in Colorado which is over 500 miles from his house.  But the Current Standings reveal that in just two weeks time, he has made up 19 Points and is now only 1 Point behind her, as she sits in 3rd Place.  Rounding out the Top Five, my prediction is coming true about teammates Drummer Boy and Hoosier Daddy battling it out for the top spot.  Last week, Hoosier Daddy gained some ground as he picked up 5 more Points on Drummer Boy and is now a mere 5 Points behind him in 2nd Place.  Hoosier Daddy has now outplayed Drummer Boy for three consecutive weeks and has become a real threat to move into 1st Place.  Next week should prove to be very interesting with all of these players in the Top Five doing so well.  And also with the next five players (My Wife Loves Jimmy G, Rad Dad, Mr. T, Nighthawk & Shaylene) being just 10 Points or less away from entering the Top Five.  Further down the standings, I see a friendly rivalry coming into focus between Viking Blood and her husband The Sad Salmon.  Viking Blood has inched 1 Point ahead of him in the standings and is currently the best player in the family.  But with his team the Dolphins back on the rebound and winning some games, I expect to see the same from The Sad Salmon as he will likely be posting some huge numbers soon.  Finally, a shoutout to rookie player Young Tuna, who at 10 years old is leading the league in Triple Jeopardy at 86% (6-1).  He is just slightly behind my all-time club record of 87% (13-2) on picking Triple Jeopardy.  But I would be more than happy to see him pass me and claim that record for himself.