“Roadrunner speeds off with the Week 10 MVP Award!”

Week 10 MVP Award Winner –
Roadrunner (24 Points)

Returning club member Roadrunner has been playing fantastic all season and this week he took it to another gear as he scored 24 Points to win the Week 10 MVP Award.  Despite participating in the club off and on since 1999, his best season end finish to date has been 13th Place in 2003.  Which means that he has never finished in the Top Ten.  Currently, he is in 9th Place with 196 Points so far.  But he is part of what I am calling a Top Ten logjam, because all players in the Top Ten are only 14 Points or less out of 1st Place.  I must say, it is nice to have a season like this where so many club members are playing well and have a realistic shot at raising the Rhapsody Ralph trophy at the end of the season as the Club Champion.  Roadrunner’s highway to victory this week included getting both Games of the Week, Washington on Monday night, Detroit with Triple Jeopardy, and switching away from the Autopicker on Thursday night to take Carolina.  The Week 10 MVP Award Runner-Up went to Young Tuna, who similarly made a series of incredible picks on a difficult week and only scored 1 Point less than Roadrunner with 23 Points.  Young Tuna continues to lead the league in Triple Jeopardy at 7-1.  If he keeps this up, he could earn a spot in the Hall of Fame during his rookie season.  Although, I have to share something that I did which cost Young Tuna dearly.  For the one and only time this season, I interfered with Young Tuna’s picks when I thought I saw a glaring mistake on his picks sheet.  I noticed that he had picked Washington over Philadelphia and thus I called him over to the computer and showed him the Eagles perfect record, that they were playing at home, and that they were 11 point favorites.  And I asked him if he was sure that he wanted to stick with the Commanders.  After some internal back and forth, he decided to take daddy’s advice and switch to the Eagles.  As a result, he lost his MVP Award when the Eagles lost the game.  I feel terrible about costing him what is likely his only chance at winning an MVP Award this season, so from now on I’m not saying anything.  Had I not said anything, he would have been the MVP.  Sorry about that, Young Tuna.  On a positive note, Young Tuna did enjoy attending his very first football game last Sunday night (see picture down below).  He had a great time and was kind of in awe at the whole experience.  The Top Five saw a massive shake-up this week, as has been the custom lately.  For the fourth straight week, we have a different player in 1st Place in the standings.  This week, Hoosier Daddy has taken over the top spot.  Let’s not forget that Hoosier Daddy has been the most dominant player in the club during the past decade, as he has won 2 of the last 8 titles and been the only player who has won two titles in that span.  Can you imagine the legendary status that Hoosier Daddy would achieve if he won the title this season and made it 3 out of the last 9?  Only 1 Point behind him in 2nd Place is My Wife Loves Jimmy G.  Perhaps the player with the most unique codename the club has ever seen, My Wife Loves Jimmy G is establishing himself as the strongest rookie player to enter the club since Stinkerbell joined in 2018.  Only one week ago, after not scoring as many Points as he hoped during Week 9, My Wife Loves Jimmy G shared some words of reflection at a press conference.  He said: “My picks are looking terrible today.  My hot streak was short lived.  So since my predictions are looking trash, am I out of the running to win the league if I lose this week?”  The answer to his question, as revealed after resuming his hot streak once again in Week 10, is a resounding no.  He is completely in the running to win the league and could take over the top spot as early as next week if his hot streak continues.  Rounding out the Top Five, we have Double-Double & The Rickster tied for 3rd Place (4 Points back) and Stinkerbell in 5th Place (6 Points back).  In a shocking development, Drummer Boy fell out of the Top Five for the first time since Week 1, although at 8 Points back, he could easily return to 1st Place with a single strong week.  I do feel bad about challenging Drummer Boy to win an MVP Award earlier this season and possibly disrupting his rhythm.  But just as he lost his drum kit before and got a new one, he can return back to the top again.

The First Round of the Pro Bowl Tournament took place last week, and we had some interesting results in the three matches played.  First, (7) Daddy & His Boys def. (2) McTriple Play 44-24, winning by nearly three touchdowns.  Daddy & His Boys thus advances to play against (1) Gridiron Guardians in the Final Four this week.  Second, (3) Tuna Generations def. (6) Tough Puffins 55-43.  Having both the MVP and Runner-Up MVP on Tuna Generations made that team unbeatable as they had the highest Point total of any team in the First Round.  Third, (4) The Hulkamaniacs ties (5) Wild Animals 40-40, and that means our defending champions are eliminated early in a shock exit from the tournament.  Wild Animals struggled in qualifying last week and that set the stage for them to be bounced by the higher seed.  So the other Final Four match will be (4) The Hulkamaniacs at (3) Tuna Generations.