“Rad Dad & Drummer Boy are named co-MVP Award winners for Week 17!”

Week 17 MVP Award Winners –
Rad Dad (31 Points) & Drummer Boy (26 Points)


After the cancellation of the Buffalo – Cincinnati Monday night game and the terrible tragedy which took place on the field, an adjustment was made to the club for the Week 17 MVP Award.  For the week, Rad Dad was leading the way with 31 Points and a pick of Buffalo.  The next player behind him was Drummer Boy with 26 Points and a pick of Cincinnati.  So 1 of those 2 club members was going to win the MVP Award for the week based on the result of the Monday night game.  But as Steve Young tweeted today: “All lines disappear — there are no winners or losers, no records, no separation by teams” when a tragedy like this takes place.  Thus, since we don’t know which club member would have won the MVP Award being that the game was not finished (and it’s not important with a player’s health at stake), we are naming both Rad Dad & Drummer Boy as the Week 17 MVP Award co-winners.  Congratulations to both of them on having a great week in making picks.  And congratulations to Rad Dad for moving into 1st Place for the first time this season.  If and when the Buffalo – Cincinnati game is resumed, everyone’s original pick will stand and you will be credited with 6 Points if your team wins.  (Your original pick will not be able to be changed.)  As we head into the final week of the regular season, let’s see where the Top Five stands.  Our Top Five is currently #1 Rad Dad, #2 Roadrunner (1 Point back), #3 My Wife Loves Jimmy G (4 Points back), #4 Stinkerbell (13 Points back), and #5 The Sad Salmon (16 Points back).  Also within outside striking distance of winning the club title are Hoosier Daddy, Double-Double, Drummer Boy & Mr. T.  However, for 1 of those 4 players to win the title they would probably need to post a 40+ Point week.  The most likely scenario is that either Rad Dad, Roadrunner, or My Wife Loves Jimmy G will win the 2022 Club Championship and be awarded the Rhapsody Ralph Trophy.  And that means we will have a brand new first-time winner here in the club.  But I’m not counting anyone out.  Especially not consistently strong Stinkerbell or December Player of the Month Award winner The Sad Salmon.  The Club Champion will either be determined at the end of Week 18 or at the conclusion of the Buffalo – Cincinnati game if that is made up.  We will have to wait and see.  Pick wisely, everyone.  As is always the case with the final week of the season, there are a few adjustments to the Picks Sheet.  There is one additional Game of the Week and there is the return of Quadruple Jeopardy.

Moving on to the Super Bowl Tournament, the championship match has ended as (7) Rad Dad def. (9) The Sad Salmon 31-22.  The information that follows was copy and pasted over from the Super Bowl Tournament Page.   Two-time Super Bowl Champion – In a battle of Top Five club members, Rad Dad put up more offense to prevail by a final score of 31-22 over The Sad Salmon and become the 2022 Super Bowl Head to Head Champion.  While this match was cut short by the cancellation of the Monday night game, if that game had been finished it wouldn’t have changed the outcome.  If Cincinnati had won, Rad Dad would have won by a closer margin of 31-28.  If Buffalo had won, Rad Dad would have won by a larger margin of 37-22.  Thus, there is no need to wait and see if the game is made up and finished in the coming weeks before announcing the winner.  Rad Dad has now become a two-time Super Bowl Champion, having previously won the contest in 2011.  Also, Rad Dad has now won 2 of the last 7 Super Bowl Tournaments.  Rad Dad won this match by only getting 2 games wrong last week.  His only major blunder was picking Washington with Triple Jeopardy.  The Sad Salmon relied on his Dolphins to deliver the win for him.  Had the Dolphins won their game, The Sad Salmon actually would have won this match by a score of 27-26 (assuming the Monday night game was not factored in).  The Sad Salmon got a big boost to his score when he wisely picked Cleveland with Triple Jeopardy.  But it wasn’t quite enough to top the momentum Rad Dad has been moving forward with lately.  The Sad Salmon is no doubt disappointed in losing this match.  But he can hold his head high knowing that he has reached the Super Bowl final in both of the last two seasons.  And also knowing that he has been named the club’s December Player of the Month.  There are 19 other players in the club who wish that they had been able to make it as far as he did in the tournament.  But in the end, there can only be one winner.  And for our 20th Super Bowl championship match, that winner is Rad Dad.  Congrats to Rad Dad & The Sad Salmon for putting on a great and memorable match for all of us to enjoy.