“Roadrunner & Shaylene celebrate their anniversary early with the Week 7 MVP Award!”

Week 7 MVP Award Winners –
Roadrunner & Shaylene (22 Points)


Husband and wife club members Roadrunner & Shaylene celebrated their 41st anniversary early this year by scoring 22 Points each to share the Week 7 MVP Award.  Roadrunner has been the dominant muscle car in the club for 2 straight years now, having finished last season in 3rd Place with 5 Weeks logged at #1.  But Roadrunner was not content to leave his car parked in the Plymouth garage as it has been full speed ahead once again.  He has now flipped the NOS switch and pulled ahead into 1st Place for the first time this season.  Shaylene also has been making solid picks for 2 straight years now, having finished last season with 1 MVP Award and a Peak Position of #3.  Much like Bob Swerski & Stinkerbell battle it out for bragging rights in the household, the same is true of Roadrunner & Shaylene.  However, their picks are usually somewhat closely aligned, which means they no doubt share their research and thoughts on who will win the games with each other.  Shaylene moves up into 3rd Place with her strong week.  The Week 7 MVP Award Runner-Up is shared by My Wife Loves Jimmy G & Captain Insano who both scored 13 Points.  13 Points doesn’t sound like very much, but on a tough week with lots of upsets, it was good enough to be second best.  Let’s not forget that My Wife Loves Jimmy G was our Club Champion Runner-Up last season, finishing only 8 Points behind Club Champion Rad Dad in the Final Standings.  Perhaps this is a sign that he has awakened this season and is ready to make another run at the title.  Captain Insano is having a successful season so far, currently sitting in 5th Place as I continue to patiently wait for his first attempt at Triple Jeopardy.  The Top Five currently consists of #1 Roadrunner (1 Week at #1), #2 Young Tuna (2 Points back), #3 Shaylene (13 Points back), #4 Fearless Tuna (15 Points back), and #5 Captain Insano (16 Points back).  And that means that all four members of the Tuna family who are playing once again occupy the top four spots.  Hopefully we won’t all stay there too long so that the club doesn’t look like it is rigged (lol).  Over in Head to Head Weekly, we are halfway through our 10 game regular season.  And so far, the three most dominant players have been Drummer Boy, Rad Dad & Viking Blood, who all have 4 wins and 1 loss.  Let’s see if they can keep up their momentum and win their divisions, or if other players will rise up to challenge their early-season dominance.  Speaking of dominance, over in Pro Bowl Team Weekly, Hulkamania is running wild, brother.  The Hulkamaniacs remain undefeated at 4 wins, 0 losses, and 1 tie.  All teams have now played each other once and the rotation begins again this week.