“Drummer Boy snares 1st Place with the Week 11 MVP Award!”

Week 11 MVP Award Winner –
Drummer Boy (30 Points)

Drummer Boy is back at it again, picking up the tempo and showing the dynamics of making great picks.  You could say that he is no longer playing ghost notes in a soundproof room, but is jamming loudly outdoors in full view of everyone.  And by so doing, he has broken the club streak of 10 straight weeks with different MVP Award winners.  Drummer Boy did this by scoring 30 Points to win the Week 11 MVP Award, his second of the season.  This allowed him to snare 1st Place and hit the kick drum to bump Young Tuna down into 2nd Place.  Drummer Boy’s outstanding week was nearly perfect as he only missed two games – the Chargers and the Chiefs.  It was definitely a week to remember and the club congratulates him on his success.  Back in Week 4, Drummer Boy was 22 Points back.  But he has now made up all that ground and taken a 6 Point lead at the top.  And he has scored a combined total of 106 Points in the last 4 weeks.  The Week 11 MVP Award Runner-Up was MJD Hogg, who impressed with a strong 28 Point performance.  The Hoggster had really solid picks despite being 1 of only 2 players who bailed on the Autopicker on Thursday night and lost that game.  He is now only 8 Points away from getting into the Top Five and has picked up some huge momentum.  Despite their great weeks, both Drummer Boy and MJD Hogg joined 12 other club members in making the abysmal decision to trust the LA Chargers with Triple Jeopardy.  In fact, this may have been the worst Triple Jeopardy week in club history.  14 players missed TJ and nobody at all got it right.  However, there were 4 smart club members who did not select TJ and thus avoided losing 2 Points.  They were Captain Insano, Double-Double, The Rickster & Mr. T.  Well done, players!  In looking at the Current Top Five, we have new #1 Drummer Boy, #2 Young Tuna (6 Points back), tied for #3 Rad Dad & Roadrunner (14 Points back), and #5 Captain Insano (20 Points back).  As you can see, the Tuna dynasty from the first half of the season has completely fallen apart, with both Fearless Tuna & Shaylene sent packing from the Top Five in recent weeks.  And Young Tuna & Roadrunner are dropping down the standings.  Perhaps one or more of them can recover this week and make a comeback before it is too late.

This is the final week of Head to Head Weekly and there are two division titles on the line.  Drummer Boy has already clinched the Division One title and Viking Blood has clinched the Division Four title.  That leaves us with MJD Hogg vs. Fearless Tuna (for Division 2 title) and Rad Dad vs. New York City Sewer Rat (for Division 3 title).  But there are other important matches to be played as well, with players battling for positions within the final standings in order to avoid playing in the dreaded First Round of the Super Bowl Tournament which starts next week.  So be sure to check out where you currently stand and try to post a win this week to help your seeding in the tournament.  Over in Pro Bowl Team Weekly, there are still three weeks of play left.  The current top two teams are Wild Animals (6-2-1) and Daddy & His Boys (6-3).