Club Champions


Club Championships are considered to be the highest achievement possible for a club member to win.  In order to win a club title, a player must endure intense stress for 18 weeks along with the knowledge that the entire club is chasing the player and trying to overtake them.  This means that the player must have very few bad weeks and needs to maintain an average of around 22.5 Points per week.  The lowest score that has ever won a club title is 359 Points.  So your target number should be 383 Points for the season if you are chasing the ultimate Football Club prize.  No player who has scored 383 Points in a season has failed to win the title (back when we played 17 week seasons).  A Club Championship is awarded to the person who has the highest total number of Points after all 18 weeks of the regular season are combined.  The winner of the Club Championship receives the Rhapsody Ralph Trophy (named in 2020 in honor of our beloved former club member and 2002 Club Champion Rhapsody Ralph).

As of the conclusion of the 2022 season, we have had 16 different Club Champions over the course of 22 seasons.  The Rickster is the only player to own 3 club titles.  Unknown Artist, Double-Double, Generation J-Bird, Hoosier Daddy & Drummer Boy own 2 club titles each. Drummer Boy has won 2 of the last 3 Club Championships as of 2023. Double-Double has the highest score of all-time with 428.5 Points when Bonus Points (for Head to Head and Pro Bowl wins) were included in the season total.  Hoosier Daddy has the highest score of all-time with 394 Points when Bonus Points were not included in the season total (for a 17 week season).  Unknown Artist is the only player to ever log all 17 Weeks at #1, as he started and ended the season in First Place.  Nighthawk is the only player to win both the Club Championship and Playoff Picks Championship in the same season.  To see our full list of Club Champions and those who finished in the Top Five through the years, look below.  (Note: some of our earlier records have been lost, so in some years we do not have information about Point totals or the Top Five other than who the Club Champion was.)


2023 22nd Year Champions Edition

Drummer Boy (Joe Diorio)
(394 Points  8 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Young Tuna 391 Points)
(3rd Place: Double-Double 386 Points)
(4th Place: Captain Jack Sparrow 382 Points)
(5th Place: Rad Dad 380 Points)


2022 21st Year freespirit Tribute Edition

Rad Dad (Mike Calles)
(394 Points  2 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: My Wife Loves Jimmy G 386 Points)
(3rd Place: Roadrunner 385 Points)
(4th Place: Double-Double 383 Points)
(5th Place: The Sad Salmon 379 Points)


2021 Twentieth Year Final Edition

Drummer Boy (Joe Diorio)
(381 Points  14 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Double-Double 374 Points)
(3rd Place: The Sad Salmon 372 Points)
(4th Place: Captain Insano 368 Points)
(5th Place: Stinkerbell 367 Points)


2020 Nineteenth Year Trophy Edition II

Mr. T: Social Distancing From Winning (Joe Turfa)
(391 Points  7 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: The Rickster 382 Points)
(3rd Place: Nighthawk 377 Points)
(4th Place: Halibut J-Bird 363 Points)
(5th Place: Double-Double 360 Points)


2019 Eighteenth Year International Edition

Fearless Tuna (Steve Hall)
(371 Points  2 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Halibut J-Bird 366 Points)
(3rd Place: Drummer Boy 362 Points)
(4th Place: Double-Double 360 Points)
(5th Place: Captain Insano & Hoosier Daddy 352 Points)


2018 Seventeenth Year Legacy Edition

Double-Double (Dave Pariani)
(359 Points  4 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Stinkerbell 354 Points)
(3rd Place: Captain Jack Sparrow 353 Points)
(4th Place: Fearless Tuna 338 Points)
(5th Place: Captain Insano 336 Points)


2012 Sixteenth Year Family Edition

Hoosier Daddy (Billy Dougan)
(394 Points  8 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: MJD Hogg 379 Points)
(3rd Place: Rad Dad 367 Points)
(4th Place: Dixie Slick 362 Points)
(5th Place: Captain Insano 361 Points)


2011 Fifteenth Year Trophy Edition

Captain Jack Sparrow (Rich Contreras)
(376 Points  9 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Double-Double 356 Points)
(3rd Place: Mean Tuna 348 Points)
(4th Place: AnnieSweet 341 Points)
(5th Place: Captain Insano 340 Points)


2010 Fourteenth Year Legends Edition

Slick Chick (Marsha Ziff)
(366 Points  7 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Speak Now Tuna 359 Points)
(3rd Place: The Rickster 357 Points)
(4th Place: Hoosier Daddy 352 Points)
(5th Place: Drummer Boy 351 Points)


2009 Thirteenth Year Sportsmanship Edition

Hoosier Daddy (Billy Dougan)
(377 Points  12 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: MJD Hogg 366 Points)
(3rd Place: The Rickster 360 Points)
(4th Place: Fearless Tuna 359 Points)
(5th Place: Nighthawk & Dark Knight 357 Points)


2008 Twelfth Year Podcast Edition

Nighthawk (Brandon McGrath)
(383 Points  2 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Dark Knight 378 Points)
(3rd Place: Fearless Tuna 371 Points)
(4th Place: Double-Double 369 Points)
(5th Place: The Rickster 366 Points)


2007 Eleventh Year Michelin Man Edition

Unknown Artist (John Leidel)
(383 Points  17 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Sweet Misery Tuna 362 Points)
(3rd Place: Hoosier Daddy 360 Points)
(4th Place: Boris Badenov 358 Points)
(5th Place: Double-Double 333 Points)


2006 Tenth Year Anniversary Edition

Eastside Brewer (Rick Lachmiller)
(402 Points  10 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Unknown Artist 372.5 Points)
(3rd Place: Stop the Clocks Tuna 362 Points)
(4th Place: Captain Insano 346.5 Points)
(5th Place: The Transporter 344 Points)


2005 Ninth Year Pro-Bowl Edition

Double-Double (Dave Pariani)
(428.5 Points  5 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Mike Z 426.5 Points)
(3rd Place: Dylan’s Dad 419.5 Points)
(4th Place: Unknown Artist 415 Points)
(5th Place: The Tick 413 Points)


2004 Eighth Year All-Stars Edition

Papa Rickster (Rick Lachmiller)
(395.5 Points  11 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Inspector Clouseau 394.5 Points)
(3rd Place: Sugar n Spice 386.5 Points)
(4th Place: Unknown Artist 376 Points)
(5th Place: Cat Man 369.5 Points)


2003 Seventh Year Full Edition

Papa J-Bird (Justin Naber)
(414 Points  6 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: The Rickster 405 Points)
(3rd Place: The Duck 378 Points)
(4th Place: The European 366 Points)
(5th Place: Moltar 364 Points)


2002 Sixth Year Limited Edition

Rhapsody Ralph (Ralph Casale Sr.)
(Point total unknown)
(Runner-Up: unknown)
(3rd Place: unknown)
(4th Place: unknown)
(5th Place: unknown)


2001 Fifth Year Anniversary Edition

The Rickster (Rick Lachmiller) &
Matinee Pioneer (John Leidel)
(Runner-Up: unknown)
(3rd Place: unknown)
(4th Place: unknown)
(5th Place: unknown)


2000 Fourth Year Edition

Cat Man (Gary Kennedy)
(396 Points  6 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Annie-mole 364 Points)
(3rd Place: Hoosier Daddy 349 Points)
(4th Place: Rhapsody Ralph 338 Points)
(5th Place: Tuna 331 Points)


1999 Third Year Edition

Millennium J-Bird (Justin Naber)
(374 Points  2 Weeks at #1)
(Runner-Up: Crack Wagon Rickster 363 Points)
(3rd Place: Cuda 353 Points)
(4th Place: Mr. T 339 Points)
(5th Place: C Master V 338 Points)


1998 Second Year Edition

Schloppy Joe (Luke Hirschmugl)
(Point total unknown)
(Runner-Up: unknown)
(3rd Place: unknown)
(4th Place: unknown)
(5th Place: unknown)


1997 First Year Edition

Big Wiggle (Teddy Attell)
(Point total unknown)
(Runner-Up: unknown)
(3rd Place: unknown)
(4th Place: unknown)
(5th Place: unknown)