Current Players

This section of the club features the codenames and real names of each player who is participating in the current season.  Remember, everyone is free to choose their own image.  Height should be 130 pixels (but we can resize it for you). Along with these features, the Current Players section also features a Career Highlights box (not currently uploaded as of 2018).  Career Highlights are not uploaded all at once, but added as the season goes on once we find out who is participating.  By mid-season, all current club members should be able to view their Career Highlights box.  Use your mouse to hover over the box and isolate one particular season at a time.  The career highlights include a recap of the codenames that you have used and teams that you have played on.  It also has Points for each season, ending rank, the number of weeks spent at #1, amount of MVP Awards, Super Bowl & Pro Bowl Tournament results, and Head to Head and Pro Bowl Weekly records.  In the future, more features will likely be added to this page.  But this is what we have as of the 2012 season.  Scroll down below to see which players already have their Career Highlights box posted.  (Note: the records are missing or incomplete for the years 1997, 1998, 2001, and 2002, so those seasons are not included in Career Highlights.)


    • Bob Swerski (James McGrath)
    • Captain Insano (Brian Olson)
    • Captain Jack Sparrow (Rich Contreras)
    • Drummer Boy (Joe Diorio)
    • Double-Double (Dave Pariani)
    • Fearless Tuna (Steve Hall)
    • Hoosier Daddy (Billy Dougan)
    • MJD Hogg (Matt Dougan)
    • Mr. T (Joe Turfa)
    • My Wife Loves Jimmy G (Cory Spencer)
    • New York City Sewer Rat (Jordan Jarak)
    • Rad Dad (Mike Calles)
    • The Rickster (Rick Lachmiller)
    • Roadrunner (Steve Hall Sr.)
    • Shaylene (Sally Hall)
    • Stinkerbell (Julie McGrath)
    • Viking Blood (Eydis Kitchel)
    • Young Tuna (Stefan Hall)