Pro Bowl Tournament 2021

Pro Bowl XVIII Tournament 2021

Pro Bowl XVIII Champs Wild Animals (10-3-2)

First RoundFinal FourPro Bowl
(6) Polar Bears 60(6) Polar Bears 75
(3) McTriple Play 56(1) Wild Animals 85(2) Daddy & His Boys 54
(5) Tough Puffins 66(5) Tough Puffins 78(1) Wild Animals 61
(4) Gridiron Guardians 49(2) Daddy & His Boys 79

(The Pro Bowl Tournament is a single elimination tournament.  Win and your team moves on, lose and your team is eliminated.  Higher seed means your team has home field advantage and advances in case of a tie.)

Team Information:

Daddy & His Boys (Drummer Boy, Hoosier Daddy & MJD Hogg)
The Gridiron Guardians (Captain Jack Sparrow, Mr. T & Rad Dad)
McTriple Play (Bob Swerski, Nighthawk & Stinkerbell)
The Polar Bears (Captain Insano, Fearless Tuna & New York City Sewer Rat)
Tough Puffins (The Icelandic Cod, The Sad Salmon & Slick Chick)
Wild Animals
(Double-Double, freespirit & The Rickster)

Pro Bowl XVIII Match (Week 17):

Four-time Pro Bowl Team Champs – Top-seeded Wild Animals have defeated second-seeded Daddy & His Boys by a final score of 61-54 to win their fourth team title.  This victory establishes Wild Animals as the greatest Pro Bowl team of all time in The Football Club as they have now won more team titles than anybody else.  The team trophies held high by Wild Animals span three decades with wins in 2005, 2011, 2018, and now in 2021.  Wild Animals established their 2021 dominance right at the beginning of the Pro Bowl Team Weekly regular season.  They started out the season by winning six consecutive matches to send a message to the entire club with a perfect 6-0 record.  Some wondered if they were going to break their own Hall of Fame record for the Longest Undefeated Team Streak (11 wins, 0 losses, 0 ties in 2005-6 seasons).  But midway through the season, they faltered and lost a few matches.  In fact, as the regular season closed out, they went 1-3-1 over the final 5 games, because team captain The Cat was distracted with moving into a new house.  The Cat wisely realized that he was being a detriment to his team’s success and thus he stepped aside and retired for the season.  This allowed Wild Animals to pick up free agent player freespirit and add her to the team.  freespirit had been the only player in the entire club who did not participate in Pro Bowl team play since we had one too many players participating this season.  So this free agent signing was a fitting way to end the season, allowing freespirit a chance to participate in team play and make a lasting impact that otherwise would not have happened.  In the Pro Bowl Championship match, Wild Animals combined to score 61 Points.  This included 25 Points by The Rickster, 23 Points by freespirit, and 13 Points by Double-Double.  On the other side, Daddy & His Boys combined to score 54 Points.  This included 20 Points by MJD Hogg, 17 Points by Hoosier Daddy, and 17 Points by Drummer Boy.  Both teams are to be commended for putting forth such a great match and for making the final as the top two seeds.  But the victory goes to Wild Animals, who won by a touchdown and are now officially our 2021 Pro Bowl Team Champions!


(1) Wild Animals def. (2) Daddy & His Boys 61-54

What’s at stake:  A spot in The Football Club Hall of Fame as the 2021 Pro Bowl Team Champions.

Pro Bowl Tournament history: The 2021 Pro Bowl Team Championship match is a showdown for the ages which will settle the debate about who is the greatest Pro Bowl team of all time in the club.  This is because Daddy & His Boys and Wild Animals are the only two Pro Bowl teams to each have won 3 titles.  Daddy & His Boys raised the trophies in 2000, 2007 & 2010, while Wild Animals raised the trophies in 2005, 2011 & 2018.  Despite having six championships between them, these two teams actually only squared off in the Pro Bowl title match one time – in 2007 when Daddy & His Boys def. Runner-Up Wild Animals 61-57.  However, they have met one other time in the tournament, and that was just last year in 2020 when (6) Wild Animals def. (3) Daddy & His Boys 60-38 in the First Round.  To get an idea as to who might have the edge in this 2021 championship match, let’s take a look back at their meetings during the regular season.  This season in Pro Bowl Team Weekly, they played against each other twice.  And they split those meetings, with Wild Animals (barely) winning the first match 74-73 and Daddy & His Boys winning the second match 54-43.  There is not much we can glean from that, except that these are two very good teams which don’t lose by much when they do lose.  And that is exactly what we would expect from the top two seeds in the tournament.  Daddy & His Boys consists of (current ranking) #1 Drummer Boy, #8 MJD Hogg, and team captain #10 Hoosier Daddy.  Wild Animals consists of (current ranking) #3 Double-Double, #7 The Rickster, and late addition #15 freespirit.  That might sound odd, but the team went through a recent change when team captain The Cat retired for the season and thus Wild Animals signed freespirit (who was a free agent not on any Pro Bowl team) for the tournament.  In the Final Four, both teams faced surprisingly stiff competition from the lowest seeds as (1) Wild Animals def. (6) Polar Bears 85-75 and (2) Daddy & His Boys def. (5) Tough Puffins 79-78.  But they both got the job done and advanced to square off against each other in an epic title match that will probably never be topped.  I’m not sure who I would give a slight edge to, as these two teams are quite evenly matched.  The argument could be made that Wild Animals may struggle and collapse having added a new teammate for the tournament run.  But the argument could also be made that Daddy & His Boys could implode with the tremendous pressure on Drummer Boy’s shoulders trying to win not only this trophy but also the Club Championship.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think all six players will bring their “A” game and that this match will be settled by 5 Points or less.  Let’s get this championship match started and see what happens.

Final Four Matches (Week 16):

(1) Wild Animals def. (6) Polar Bears 85-75
(2) Daddy & His Boys def. (5) Tough Puffins 79-78

First Round Matches (Week 15):

(6) Polar Bears def. (3) McTriple Play 60-56
(5) Tough Puffins def. (4) The Gridiron Guardians 66-49

First Round Bye Weeks (Week 15):

(1) Wild Animals (8-3-2)
(2) Daddy & His Boys (7-5-1)

Tournament Seedings:

(1) Wild Animals (8-3-2)
(2) Daddy & His Boys (7-5-1)
(3) McTriple Play (5-6-2) (tiebreaker #2 over The Gridiron Guardians)
(4) The Gridiron Guardians (5-6-2)
(5) Tough Puffins (5-7-1)
(6) Polar Bears (4-7-2)