Head to Head Weekly

Featuring the 2020 Super Bowl Champ:  The Rickster (12 wins 2 losses)

Final Standings:



1st**Drummer Boy9204-0L1
2nd*Captain Insano6503-2W1
3rd*Bob Swerski5603-3L1
4th*The Cat5601-4W1
5th*Cap Jack Sparrow4611-3W2


3rdFearless Tuna3621-0-2L4
4thHoosier Daddy3801-2L3



1st**Icelandic Cod6414-0W3
2nd*Mr. T5601-3L3
3rd*MJD Hogg4702-2L1
4thNYC Sewer Rat3711-3T1


1st**The Rickster8305-1W3
2nd*Rad Dad7402-3L2
3rd*Sad Salmon7403-2W1
5thSlick Chick2721-3-1T1
  • ** Clinched Division Title and Bye Week in Super Bowl Tournament
  • * Clinched Bye Week in Super Bowl Tournament
  • The two lowest ranked players in each Conference have to play in the First Round.
  • Tiebreakers are determined by (1) Head to Head record vs. player you are tied with, (2) Divisional record, (3) Strength of schedule, (4) Win-loss record vs. common opponents.  A tie counts as 1/2 win and 1/2 loss in determining Rank.

Complete Results:

Week 12 –

The Sad Salmon def. Drummer Boy 23-17
Double-Double def. freespirit 20-18
The Icelandic Cod def. Mr. T 22-20
The Rickster def. Rad Dad 13-8
Captain Insano def. Bob Swerski 19-6
Captain Jack Sparrow def. Hoosier Daddy 18-14
The Cat def. Fearless Tuna 23-16
New York City Sewer Rat ties Slick Chick 12-12
Nighthawk def. MJD Hogg 25-15

Week 11 –

Captain Jack Sparrow def. Hoosier Daddy 29-19
Bob Swerski def. The Cat 25-14
MJD Hogg def. New York City Sewer Rat 33-20
The Rickster def. The Sad Salmon 24-23
Nighthawk def. Slick Chick 19-13
freespirit def. Captain Insano 26-20
The Icelandic Cod def. Fearless Tuna 19-11
Double-Double def. Rad Dad 34-21
Drummer Boy def. Mr. T 27-24

Week 10 –

Drummer Boy def. New York City Sewer Rat 18-14
MJD Hogg def. Bob Swerski 17-2
Captain Insano def. Mr. T 21-13
The Icelandic Cod def. The Cat 21-9
The Sad Salmon def. Captain Jack Sparrow 24-18
freespirit def. Slick Chick 11-10
Double-Double def. Nighthawk 14-12
The Rickster def. Hoosier Daddy 20-19
Rad Dad def. Fearless Tuna 11-7

Week 9 –

The Cat def. Slick Chick 15-14
Drummer Boy def. Fearless Tuna 15-14
Double-Double def. Captain Jack Sparrow 18-17
Hoosier Daddy def. Captain Insano 21-16
freespirit def. Bob Swerski 21-20
Mr. T def. The Rickster 15-12
Nighthawk def. The Icelandic Cod 15-12
The Sad Salmon def. New York City Sewer Rat 23-13
Rad Dad def. MJD Hogg 12-9

Week 8 –

Drummer Boy def. Double-Double 20-19
Fearless Tuna def. Bob Swerski 16-12
Captain Jack Sparrow def. Hoosier Daddy 28-23
The Cat def. freespirit 20-12
Captain Insano def. Nighthawk 25-14
Slick Chick def. Mr. T 15-13
Rad Dad def. The Icelandic Cod 25-22
The Sad Salmon def. MJD Hogg 21-15
The Rickster def. New York City Sewer Rat 18-16

Week 7 –

Nighthawk def. Drummer Boy 19-15
Bob Swerski def. Slick Chick 14-12
Captain Insano def. The Sad Salmon 22-4
Rad Dad def. The Cat 23-15
Captain Jack Sparrow ties The Icelandic Cod 13-13
Fearless Tuna def. The Rickster 23-15
Mr. T def. freespirit 20-19
Double-Double def. MJD Hogg 21-7
New York City Sewer Rat def. Hoosier Daddy 17-13

Week 6 –

The Cat def. Bob Swerski 22-12
Drummer Boy def. Captain Jack Sparrow 19-12
Rad Dad def. Captain Insano 21-15
MJD Hogg def. Fearless Tuna 33-14
Double-Double def. New York City Sewer Rat 18-16
freespirit def. The Icelandic Cod 21-8
Mr. T def. Hoosier Daddy 29-25
The Sad Salmon def. Nighthawk 18-17
The Rickster def. Slick Chick 16-15

Week 5 –

The Cat def. The Sad Salmon 20-17
Drummer Boy def. Captain Insano 31-17
Bob Swerski def. Captain Jack Sparrow 24-18
New York City Sewer Rat def. Fearless Tuna 22-21
Mr. T def. Double-Double 27-21
Hoosier Daddy def. The Icelandic Cod 24-20
freespirit def. MJD Hogg 23-18
Slick Chick def. Rad Dad 32-18
The Rickster def. Nighthawk 33-26

Week 4 –

Captain Insano def. Captain Jack Sparrow 25-24
Drummer Boy def. The Cat 19-17
Bob Swerski def. Nighthawk 20-13
Fearless Tuna def. Hoosier Daddy 20-16
Double-Double def. freespirit 21-9
The Icelandic Cod def. Mr. T 25-9
New York City Sewer Rat def. MJD Hogg 31-17
The Rickster def. Rad Dad 22-21
The Sad Salmon def. Slick Chick 21-14

Week 3 –

Bob Swerski def. Captain Insano 28-14
Captain Jack Sparrow def. The Cat 14-12
Drummer Boy def. Slick Chick 18-13
Double-Double ties Fearless Tuna 16-16
freespirit def. Hoosier Daddy 15-14
The Icelandic Cod def. MJD Hogg 12-11
Mr. T def. New York City Sewer Rat 19-12
Rad Dad def. Nighthawk 15-12
The Sad Salmon def. The Rickster 23-21

Week 2 –

Drummer Boy def. Bob Swerski 32-26
Captain Insano def. The Cat 20-18
The Rickster def. Captain Jack Sparrow 24-22
Hoosier Daddy def. Double-Double 29-21
Fearless Tuna ties freespirit 26-26
The Icelandic Cod def. New York City Sewer Rat 26-23
MJD Hogg def. Mr. T 38-24
Nighthawk ties Slick Chick 18-18
Rad Dad def. The Sad Salmon 26-18