“Badwater Nessie Has Been Sighted!” (Wk 12)

Week 11 MVP Award Winner –
Badwater Nessie (27 Points)

After swimming beneath the surface for the first 10 weeks, Badwater Nessie has emerged from the depths and been sighted with the Week 11 MVP Award.  Badwater Nessie did this by scoring 27 Points, helped in part by being the only club member to successfully pick the difficult Triple Crown combination of Pit-Hou-Det last week.  The Week 11 MVP Award Runner-Up was a tie between Captain Jack Sparrow and The Cat, who both scored 26 Points.  Within the Top Five, Stinkerbell scored 1 more Point than Double-Double last week, which allowed her to move back into a tie for 1st Place with him.  However, Stinkerbell warned Double-Double on Club Chat that: “It’s time for Double Double to move his buns over I’m coming back“.  Captain Insano continued to hold steady in 3rd Place with another solid week.  Meanwhile, The Rickster and Hoosier Daddy traded places but both stayed in the Top Five.

Head to Head Weekly wrapped up last week with some fantastic finishes.  Starting with Conference One, Hoosier Daddy knocked off Fearless Tuna 18-15 to claim the Division One title and the #1 seed in the Super Bowl Tournament.  In Division Two, Stinkerbell beat Double-Double 22-21 to claim the title and become the #2 seed.  Moving on to Conference Two, The Rickster squeaked by freespirit 20-18 to win the Division Three title and #1 seed.  And Captain Insano punished Nighthawk 21-2, only allowing a safety in route to the Division Four title and #2 seed.  In a cruel twist of fate, Captain Jack Sparrow ended up winless at 0-9-1 even though he was the MVP Award Runner-Up last week.  He lost his match because he was playing again the player who was MVP (and also the only player who could possibly beat him).  The legendary Super Bowl Tournament starts up this week with two First Round matches.  The Super Bowl Tournament page can be found under the menu for H2H & Team Play.  The winners of this week’s First Round matches get the prize of playing against the two #1 seeds next week in the Wild Card Round.  The first match is (9) Captain Jack Sparrow (0-9-1) at (8) Badwater Nessie (2-8). This is the third time these two players will be meeting this season.  In Week 5, Badwater Nessie def. Captain Jack Sparrow 19-18.  And in Week 11, Badwater Nessie def. Captain Jack Sparrow 27-26.  As you can see, both matches were decided by a single Point.  This First Round match, with the loser going home from Head to Head play, should be just as close.  The second match is (9) Slick Chick (2-6-2) at (8) Rex Kwan Do (2-6-2).  These two players did not meet this season, but Rex Kwan Do had a slightly more challenging strength of schedule and that’s why he was the higher seed.  Don’t forget that the higher seed advances in case of a tie.  Over in Pro Bowl Team Weekly last week, we had a major upset.  The upset was The Black Pearl def. Wild Animals 73-67.  It was definitely surprising to see the worst team beat the best team, but being that The Black Pearl is stacked with talented shipmates, perhaps they have righted the ship.  And that’s good timing with only two weeks left before the Pro Bowl Tournament starts.

Fearless Tuna’s Week 11 picks

Here are the Week 11 picks for Fearless Tuna – Sea (good pick to stay with the Autopicker), Balt TJ, Den, NO, Min over, Atl, Arz, TB, Ten, LAR, Pit, Hou, Car.  (Note: I originally picked Cin TJ but switched over Saturday night at 8:45pm Nashville time to Balt TJ.  Hope that switch doesn’t backfire.)

“Fearless Tuna Swims Upstream!” (Wk 11)

Week 10 MVP Award Winner –
Fearless Tuna (27 Points)

One of the reasons I ended up bringing the club back after a five-year hiatus was being inspired during a family trip to American Samoa last year.  During that trip, we would drive by the StarKist Tuna factory nearly every day and I would see a statue out front of Charlie the Tuna.  Seeing the statue kept reminding me of the club and fun times that we all had, being that Charlie the Tuna has always been my club logo.  Fast forward 11 months later and the club was restarted, but I (like many other club members) struggled a lot to shake off the rust after not making picks for a half decade.  After getting MVP Award Runner-Ups in Weeks 4 and 5, I started to make better picks.  But my breakthrough finally came this past week when I was able to claim the Week 10 MVP Award with 27 Points.  In addition to getting all 3 Point Spread Games and both Games of the Week, I was 1 of only 4 players to correctly pick NYG over SF on Monday night (with the others being Hoosier Daddy, freespirit, and Badwater Nessie).  On Club Chat, I had proclaimed before the games started that: “The tuna is swimming upstream this week, planning to pass a few other fish on the way.”  And surprisingly, it turned to to be true.  The Week 10 MVP Award Runner-Up was freespirit with 26 Points.  She would have won the MVP Award had she not decided to bail on the 10-0 Autopicker and switch over to Carolina on Thursday night.  But she is to be commended for making such outstanding picks last week.  On the flip side in thinking about bad picks, a really bad pick was made last week by 10 club members when they picked NYJ with Triple Jeopardy.  All these players took a -2 Points from their final score.  In contrast, only 1 brilliant club member picked Buffalo with TJ and that was Bob Swerski.  Along with all of this, the big story this week is the changing of the guard at the top.  After enjoying 8 consecutive weeks at #1, Stinkerbell has finally been passed up by Double-Double.  Double-Double continues to post strong weeks every single week, and last week was no exception.  He now has a 1 Point lead in 1st Place, thanks to the Over/Under pick (Double-Double had Over and Stinkerbell had Under).  Only 12 Points separate the #1 and #5 players, so suddenly the Club Championship is starting to look wide open.  This week, Double-Double will look to solidify and extend his lead in 1st Place, while Stinkerbell will try to reclaim the top spot by returning to form and making some better picks.  Stinkerbell proclaimed on Club Chat: “Congrats to Double. Great picks!! But don’t get use to my spot. I’m coming back!”  3rd Place player Captain Insano continues to pick very steadily.  In fact, he was 1 of only 2 players in the club to correctly pick Tennessee over NE last week.  Granted, the pick didn’t help him, but it just shows the kind of brilliant picks he is coming up with.  Captain Insano realizes that you can’t just pick conservatively every single time.  You have to take a risk every once in a while and hope that it pays off.  This week we have a new member of the Top Five for this season, and that is #4 player Hoosier Daddy.  Hoosier Daddy has been quiet but steady when it comes to making picks.  And now he finds himself just 11 Points away from taking over 1st Place.  That’s amazing after remembering that he debuted the season in 18th Place back in Week 1.  In 5th Place we have The Rickster, who also is picking very consistently and is a real threat to become Club Champion once again.

Over in Head to Head Weekly, we have reached the final week of the regular season.  All four division championships are on the line this week because nobody was able to clinch early.  In Division One, we have a fierce showdown coming up between Hoosier Daddy and Fearless Tuna for the division title.  Should these two players end up with a tie score and Rad Dad wins his match over Slick Chick, Rad Dad would claim the title.  Also, Captain Jack Sparrow has one last opportunity to avoid a history-making winless season, but he needs to win his match (which is likely a preview match for the following week).  In Division Two, it’s only appropriate that we have Double-Double and Stinkerbell squaring off for the division title.  What a great match-up between the club’s top two players.  You never know, these two players may end up battling it out somewhere in the Super Bowl Tournament as well, which will be getting started next week.  In Division Three, The Rickster and freespirit will square off for the division title.  freespirit is 1 of only 3 players in the club who hasn’t lost a match in their own division (with the others being Rad Dad and Stinkerbell).  In Division Four, Captain Insano and Nighthawk will meet to decide the division title.  Captain Insano and The Rickster both currently have 7-2 records, which is leading the league in Head to Head standings.  After all the dust settles this week, the two players in each conference with the lowest records will meet in the First Round of the Super Bowl Tournament in Week 12.  Over in Pro Bowl Team Weekly, the most interesting match was Daddy & His Boys def. Wild Animals 55-50.  So, Wild Animals finally lost their second game.  And Daddy & His Boys improved to 5-4 and are starting to play better together as a team.  Let’s hope they can keep this up.

“Double-Double Puts the Competition Out of Business!” (Wk 10)

Week 9 MVP Award Winner –
Double-Double (26 Points)

Double-Double had another strong week as he won the Week 9 MVP Award by scoring 26 Points.  Double-Double won his second MVP award in the last three weeks, further solidified his #2 position, and is now within legitimate striking distance of 1st Place.  Double-Double has whittled Stinkerbell’s lead down to a mere 7 Points as we arrive at the halfway point in the season.  Double-Double’s success last week came by correctly picking the Double Stakes of Miami-Pit, getting both Point Spread Games correct with Carolina and KC, and getting both Games of the Week correct with LA Chargers and NO.  And he did this despite starting the week with the terrible decision to bail on the Autopicker and instead go with Oak over SF, which did not even come close to panning out.  The battle for the top spot in the club this week should be absolutely fierce with Double-Double currently on fire and Stinkerbell plateauing a bit these past few weeks.  The Week 9 MVP Award Runner-Up was Kip Possible, who scored 24 Points and continues to impress by picking strongly all season long.  In looking at the Top Five, #1 player Stinkerbell scored 18 Points and has now logged an astounding 8 Weeks at #1, quite an impressive feat for the club’s only rookie player this season.  But how will she deal with the pressure of knowing that she is being chased down by Double-Double and the rest of the Top Five?  It’s time for her to step up and deliver some brilliant picks this week if she wants to stay at the top.  Tied for 3rd Place are Captain Insano and The Cat.  Captain Insano had a strong week with 22 Points and made some really good picks, including getting the Triple Crown of Chi-Min-Atl.  Only 3 other club members got the Triple Crown last week: Hoosier Daddy, Badwater Nessie, and Nighthawk.  Captain Insano’s costly mistake last week was picking Den with TJ, but other than that he did really well.  The Cat also made the mistake of picking Den with TJ, but he still managed to score 21 Points.  Both of these great players are now only 14 Points out of 1st Place.  Tied for 5th Place are Rad Dad and new member of the Top Five The Rickster.  Rad Dad really struggled last week, only scoring 15 Points.  He needs to step it up if he doesn’t want to fall out of the Top Five.  The Rickster fared much better, scoring 23 Points to finally break through into the upper echelon that most club members just hope to be part of in the Top Five.  Rad Dad and The Rickster are both currently 19 Points out of 1st Place.  Surely, they are happy with how the first half of the season has turned out for them.  For everyone else, keep in mind that only half the season has gone by.  If you are struggling don’t give up and make extremely risky picks just to try to get ahead or catch up.  Consistency is the key as it is a long season of 17 weeks and we are only at Week 10.  During the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen a couple of players make high-risk picks that have not panned out.  This week, it cost someone the MVP Award when they made three last-second switches that were a total disaster.  Last week, it cost someone’s team a victory in the Pro Bowl Weekly competition when they made one of the riskiest picks I have ever seen in a last-second switch.  Don’t give up, everyone.  I’m struggling real bad myself but I’m going to keep trying my best.

In Head to Head Weekly, we only have two weeks left in the regular season before the Super Bowl Tournament begins with the First Round of competition.  Division One is coming down to a battle between three players: Rad Dad, Fearless Tuna, and Hoosier Daddy.  Division Two finds Double-Double, Stinkerbell, and Bob Swerski all still with a shot to claim the division title.  Division Three has The Rickster and freespirit battling it out at the top.  And Division Four has  a four-way battle between Captain Insano, Nighthawk, The Cat, and Kip Possible.  Let’s see who can step up and win their matches this week before we have our final matches of Head to Head Weekly next week to decide the final standings and seeds in the Super Bowl Tournament.  Over in Pro Bowl Weekly, Wild Animals continue to absolutely dominate as they are now 7-1.  Wild Animals have three teammates who are all in the Top Five, so you can see why they are doing so well.  On the flip side, The Black Pearl has lost 7 straight matches and let’s see if they can right the ship this week.