Pro Bowl Tournament 2012

Pro Bowl XIV Tournament 2012

Pro Bowl XIV Champs Transformers (9-6)

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(The Pro Bowl Tournament is a single elimination tournament.  Win and your team moves on, lose and your team is eliminated.  Higher seed means your team has home field advantage and advances in case of a tie.)

Team Information:

Beasts of the Bay (Bob Swerksi, Captain Insano & Nighthawk)
The Black Pearl
(Captain Jack Sparrow, Cave Man & Rad Dad)
Daddy & His Boys
(Drummer Boy, Hoosier Daddy & MJD Hogg)
Dark Lords of the NW (C Master V, Mr. T & steveluvsal)
Mighty Megalodons (Catfish, Fuegoburns & Iceman)
Team Baby Tuna (Annie-mal, Bane & Papa Tuna)
Transformers (The Beav, Dixie Slick & Jacuzzi Splot)
Wild Animals (The Cat, Double-Double & The Rickster)

Pro Bowl XIV Match (Week 16):

New Champions–  They finally did it!  After suffering through the heartbreak of losing 3 Pro Bowl finals in the last 6 years, Transformers delivered huge picks when it mattered the most to defeat their arch-rivals and become the 2012 Pro Bowl Team Champions of The Football Club.  The fierce and bitter rivalry between Transformers and Wild Animals has been well documented in the club through the years.  But their rivalry grew to an even higher degree when it was determined that these two teams would meet in the Pro Bowl final for the first time ever.  There was no question that both teams and every player from each team would bring everything they had into this match.  Neither team wanted to be on the losing end of this one, knowing how hard it is to win Pro Bowl championships and realizing that a loss would probably sting for years to come.  On Wild Animals side, The Cat delivered the best picks, as he should being Team Captain.  His 23 Points was nearly matched by The Rickster, who added 21 Points in a valiant effort.  But Double-Double struggled, being the only teammate to select SF on Sunday night and thus ending with only 15 Points.  As for Transformers, Team Captain Dixie Slick did her job, winning the Week 16 MVP Award Runner-Up and scoring 24 Points.  So the score of both team captains was nearly identical.  The big question on everyone’s minds was how would The Beav & Jacuzzi Splot do, in view of their week-in and week-out hard work in behalf of the RBC.  The Beav arrived home Sunday from another day of hard work at an RBC build and turned in his picks.  He was surely happy to find out that he matched Dixie Slick’s score of 24 Points and became the Week 16 Co-MVP Award Runner-Up along with her.  Jacuzzi Splot added a solid score of his own with 19 Points, thus bringing the team total to 67 Points.  That was enough for an 8 Point victory by Transformers over Wild Animals.  Congratulations to Transformers on winning their very first Pro Bowl Team Championship and earning a permanent spot in The Hall of Fame.


(5) Transformers def. (6) Wild Animals 67-59

What’s at stake:  A spot in The Football Club Hall of Fame as the 2012 Pro Bowl Team Champions.

Pro Bowl Tournament history:  This season’s Pro Bowl Championship game is guaranteed to be a titanic showdown between the two biggest rivals that our league has ever seen.  Wild Animals and Transformers… just hearing those two team names next to each other brings back a flood of memories of many memorable Pro Bowl Tournament matches.  It is unbelievable that they are finally playing against each other in a Pro Bowl final with so much on the line.  Just to recap the Pro Bowl Tournament history between these two great teams in case you aren’t aware of it–

Transformers def. Wild Animals 78-74 (2006 Final Four)
Transformers def. Wild Animals 78-74 (2008 Final Four exact same score)
Wild Animals def. Transformers 71-66 (2009 First Round)
Transformers def. Wild Animals 76-63 (2010 Final Four)
Wild Animals def. Transformers 43-35 (2011 Final Four)

As you can see from the above recap, these teams have met 5 times in Pro Bowl Tournament matches.  4 of those 5 times were Final Four matches.  In tournament elimination matches, Transformers hold a lifetime 3-2 mark against their main rivals.  It’s safe to say that Transformers are the single reason that Wild Animals have only won 2 Pro Bowl championships so far instead of many more.  But, Wild Animals have bragging rights because they have won 2 titles, while Transformers haven’t won any.  Transformers have been to 3 Pro Bowl finals (2006, 2008 & 2010… notice a pattern?), but they have not yet delivered a win when it mattered the most.  And now they have an opportunity to do just that on the biggest stage against their biggest rivals.  Wild Animals consist of Double-Double, The Rickster, and team captain The Cat.  Transformers consists of The Beav, Jacuzzi Splot, and team captain Dixie Slick.  And Wild Animals have extra motivation, as The Cat is looking to get revenge on Dixie Slick for knocking him out of the Super Bowl Tournament.  So, on one side we have The Cat looking for revenge, The Rickster looking to deliver MVP picks in behalf of his team, and Double-Double trying to make huge picks since he is in the Super Bowl Final.  On the other side, we have Dixie Slick playing very good with TJ perfection, and we have The Beav and Jacuzzi Splot a bit weary and distracted as they have been doing Saturday overnighters as RBC security detail.  However, many times The Beav and Jacuzzi Splot pick very well on short notice.  But this week, they will need to step up with MVP quality picks.  I know they can do it.  I just have no idea who is going to win this match.  But it’s going to be a great one for the ages.  Wild Animals-Transformers VI for the trophy.

Final Four Matches (Week 15):

(5) Transformers def. (8) Beasts of the Bay 46-33
(6) Wild Animals def. (7) The Black Pearl 68-47

First Round Matches (Week 14):

(8) Beasts of the Bay def. (1) Daddy & His Boys 62-58
(7) The Black Pearl def. (2) Team Baby Tuna 71-63
(6) Wild Animals def. (3) Dark Lords of the NW 69-58
(5) Transformers def. (4) Mighty Megalodons 72-60

Tournament Seedings:

(1) Daddy & His Boys (10-1-1)
(2) Team Baby Tuna (7-5)
(3) Dark Lords of the NW (6-5-1)
(4) Mighty Megalodons (6-5-1)
(5) Transformers (6-6)
(6) Wild Animals (5-7)
(7) The Black Pearl (5-7)
(8) Beasts of the Bay (1-10-1)