Pro Bowl Tournament 2018

Pro Bowl XV Tournament 2018

Pro Bowl XV Champs Wild Animals (10-4)

First RoundFinal FourPro Bowl
(6) The Mega Powers 67(4) McTriple Play 43
(3) Transformers 71(1) Wild Animals 50(3) Transformers 45
(5) The Black Pearl 62(3) Transformers 45(1) Wild Animals 67
(4) McTriple Play 65(2) Daddy & His Boys 43

(The Pro Bowl Tournament is a single elimination tournament.  Win and your team moves on, lose and your team is eliminated.  Higher seed means your team has home field advantage and advances in case of a tie.)

Team Information:

The Black Pearl (Badwater Nessie, Captain Jack Sparrow & Rad Dad)
Daddy & His Boys
(Drummer Boy, Hoosier Daddy & MJD Hogg)
McTriple Play (Bob Swerski, Nighthawk & Stinkerbell)
The Mega Powers (Captain Insano, Fearless Tuna & Rex Kwan Do)
Transformers (freespirit, Kip Possible & Slick Chick)
Wild Animals (The Cat, Double-Double & The Rickster)

Pro Bowl XV Match (Week 16):

Three-time Champions – Wild Animals claw their way to a dominant victory!  2005 and 2011 Pro Bowl Team Champions Wild Animals have defeated their arch-rivals Transformers by more than 3 touchdowns to win the 2018 Pro Bowl Team Championship.  In doing so, Wild Animals have matched Daddy & His Boys as the only two Pro Bowl teams to win three championships in The Football Club.  Wild Animals also have avenged their 67-59 loss to Transformers in the previous Pro Bowl championship match held six years ago back in 2012.  This time the match wasn’t really close, as Wild Animals stepped up their game during just the right week and won by a final score of 67-45.  It was a celebration of sorts for Wild Animals, who really dominated the club this season as they finished with a record of 10 wins and 4 losses as the #1 seed in the tournament.  It also was the fourth win over Transformers this season alone as Wild Animals went 4-0 when playing against Transformers over the course of the regular season and tournament.  As mentioned, Wild Animals are now three-time champions as a team.  But let’s take a closer look at the individual players on Wild Animals’ squad.  Team Captain The Cat posted 17 Points last week and really helped his team by getting both Games of the Week correct.  The Cat is happy to now be a three-time team champion.  The Rickster also had strong picks to help his team, posting 20 Points including brilliant picks of Seattle on Sunday night and Oakland on Monday night.  The Rickster is now a four-time team champion.  But Double-Double came through the most for his team as he posted 30 Points and was the Week 16 Co-MVP Award winner.  Double-Double is also now a four-time team champion.  On Transformers side, Team Captain Slick Chick did her best to lead her team to victory as she posted 19 Points.  Kip Possible pitched in with a strong showing of 18 Points, capped off by being the only player in the entire club to get the Triple Crown correct with Cle-Dal-Jax.  But freespirit struggled and only managed to put up 8 Points.  However, even if she had posted 30 Points, it wouldn’t have been enough to help Transformers win it all.  So congratulations to our 2018 Pro Bowl Team Champions Wild Animals!  The Hall of Fame has now been updated with their great accomplishment.


(1) Wild Animals def. (3) Transformers 67-45

What’s at stake:  A spot in The Football Club Hall of Fame as the 2018 Pro Bowl Team Champions.

Pro Bowl Tournament history:  We couldn’t have scripted a better ending to the return of The Football Club with a Pro Bowl team competition championship match between the two biggest rivals in club history.  This will be the staggering seventh time that these two teams are meeting each other at some point during the tournament.  Here is a brief recap of the six previous times that these two great teams have met and the results of the tournament matches.

Transformers def. Wild Animals 78-74 (2006 Final Four)
Transformers def. Wild Animals 78-74 (2008 Final Four exact same score)
Wild Animals def. Transformers 71-66 (2009 First Round)
Transformers def. Wild Animals 76-63 (2010 Final Four)
Wild Animals def. Transformers 43-35 (2011 Final Four)
Transformers def. Wild Animals 67-59 (2012 Pro Bowl Championship)

The above recap reveals some interesting details about the historic battles which have taken place between these two teams.  First of all, they have met four times in Final Four matches, one time in the First Round, and one time in a Pro Bowl Championship match.  Second, in tournament elimination matches, Transformers now hold a 4-2 edge over their main rivals Wild Animals.  That’s four times that Transformers have knocked Wild Animals out of the tournament and perhaps cost them a Pro Bowl team trophy.  Third, and perhaps most interesting, is that this championship match is actually a rematch of the very last championship match which was held back in 2012.  These two teams squared off that season with Transformers emerging victorious and winning their first team title together as a squad.  Wild Animals previously won team titles in 2011 and 2005.   In breaking down this historic rematch, let’s take a closer look at both teams.  Wild Animals consist of Double-Double, The Rickster, and team captain The Cat.  Transformers consist of freespirit, Kip Possible, and team captain Slick Chick.  In looking at this season’s results for both teams, they had very similar records during the 2018 regular season with Wild Animals going 8-4 and Transformers going 7-5.  However, those records are misleading as they conceal a shocking fact.  3 of the 5 losses that Transformers took during the regular season came at the hands (or claws) of Wild Animals.  In Week 2, Wild Animals def. Transformers 35-19.  In Week 7, Wild Animals def. Transformers 81-50.  And in Week 12, Wild Animals def. Transformers 63-58.   Thus, the combined margin of victory this season for Wild Animals over Transformers is 52 Points (or 179-127).  That’s a fairly large number, but don’t count out Transformers.  They have a pattern of delivering their best picks on the biggest stage.  And while Wild Animals are the clear favorites in this championship match (as well as the #1 seed), Transformers are the defending champions.  #3 seed Transformers advanced to the final by knocking off The Mega Powers 71-67 in the First Round and then beating Daddy & His Boys 45-43 in the Final Four.  Those were two very close matches.  #1 seed Wild Animals advanced to the final by earning a bye week for the First Round and then beating McTriple Play 50-43 in the Final Four.  This will truly be another match for the ages.  Wild Animals-Transformers VII for the championship trophy.  Which team will hold the trophy high next week and celebrate?

Final Four Matches (Week 15):

(1) Wild Animals def. (4) McTriple Play 50-43
(3) Transformers def. (2) Daddy & His Boys 45-43

First Round Matches (Week 14):

(3) Transformers def. (6) The Mega Powers 71-67
(4) McTriple Play def. (5) The Black Pearl 65-62

First Round Bye Weeks (Week 14):

(1) Wild Animals (8-4)
(2) Daddy & His Boys (7-5)

Tournament Seedings:

(1) Wild Animals (8-4)
(2) Daddy & His Boys (7-5) (tiebreaker #1 over Transformers and McTriple Play)
(3) Transformers (7-5) (tiebreaker #1 over McTriple Play)
(4) McTriple Play (7-5)
(5) The Black Pearl (4-8)
(6) The Mega Powers (3-9)