Super Bowl Tournament 2012

Super Bowl XV Tournament 2012

Super Bowl XV Champ Bane (10-3-1)

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(The Super Bowl Tournament is a single elimination tournament.  Win and you move on, lose and you’re eliminated.  Higher seed means you have home field advantage and advance in case of a tie.  Note: Final tournament brackets are no longer set but adjusted each week so lowest seed plays highest seed.)

Super Bowl XV Match (Week 16):

New Champion–  Bane has capped off a very successful return to The Football Club with a stunning 20-15 victory over Double-Double to become the 2012 Super Bowl Head to Head Champion.  Both players gave it their all this past week and the deciding game proved to be NYG@Balt.  When the Sunday morning games were completed, Bane held a narrow 1 Point lead.  In the afternoon, the two finalists had opposite picks in the Double Stakes, with Double-Double selecting the slightly favored NY Giants and Bane selecting Baltimore.  Baltimore easily won that game, thus extending Bane’s lead to 5 Points.  But there was still one more game to play… the Sunday night showdown between SF and Seattle.  Both players originally picked San Francisco, and when kickoff arrived both players decided to stick with their original picks (not being aware, of course, of what their opponent had picked).  Thus, the match was concluded, sealing the biggest career achievement for Bane, as he has earned himself a permanent spot in The Hall of Fame as the 2012 Super Bowl Champ.  For Double-Double, he can hold his head high as he had a fine run through the tournament, knocking off such great players as Hoosier Daddy, Papa Tuna, and Captain Jack Sparrow.  That is a job well done.  But, Bane proved to be too difficult of a player to defeat in Head to Head competition this season, as Double-Double found out by losing to him twice, most importantly in this match.  Congratulations to Bane, our 2012 Champion and trophy winner in the Head to Head competition!


(4) Bane def. (4) Double-Double 20-15

What’s at stake:  A spot in The Football Club Hall of Fame as the 2012 Super Bowl Champion.

Super Bowl Tournament history:  This season’s Super Bowl Championship match between Double-Double and Bane is lining up to be one of the greatest finals of all-time.  These two long-time veteran players are both peaking at just the right time, with Bane winning all 3 of his tournament matches by 10 or more Points and Double-Double winning his last 2 tournament matches by 11 or more Points.  Despite being in different conferences, they actually played against each other back in Week 9, with Bane def. Double-Double 26-24 in what was a very narrow 2 point margin of victory.  Bane actually took the last 6 years off of the club and returned unexpectedly for this season.  And he has dominated Head to Head competition, only losing 3 matches all year.  Bane made it to the Super Bowl final one decade ago back in 2002, but lost the championship match by a field goal.  He seeks redemption against Double-Double, which is no easy task.  Double-Double has also excelled in Head to Head play this season and he did not have an easy path to the final.  He had to knock off Hoosier Daddy, Papa Tuna, and Captain Jack Sparrow.  So he earned his place in the final, just as Bane did by beating The Rickster, Iceman, and Dixie Slick.  Double-Double appears to have a slight edge in this match, being that he is a former Super Bowl Champion (2008).  However, that advantage is offset by the fact that Bane has home field advantage and will win the title if there is a tie.  Although they are both #4 seeds, Bane holds the higher rank due to a slightly better record.  This is no doubt going to come down to the wire, perhaps being decided by the Over/Under or which player is bold enough to pick Triple Jeopardy (or which player is smart enough not to).  Will Bane once again deliver back-breaking picks and drop Double-Double into a dungeon of despair?  Or will Double-Double go animal style with his picks and win his second Head to Head trophy?  All will be decided this weekend.

Conference Round Matches (Week 15):

(4) Double-Double def. (6) Captain Jack Sparrow 27-10
(4) Bane def. (6) Dixie Slick (9-4) 32-22

Divisional Round Matches (Week 14):

(6) Captain Jack Sparrow def. (1) Mr. T 29-12
(4) Double-Double def. (2) Papa Tuna 24-13

(4) Bane def. (8) Iceman 26-16
(6) Dixie Slick def. (7) The Cat 19-15

Wild Card Round Matches (Week 13):

(1) Mr. T def. (10) Annie-mal 19-14
(2) Papa Tuna ties (8) C Master V 19-19
(6) Captain Jack Sparrow def. (3) Rad Dad 25-12
(4) Double-Double def. (5) Hoosier Daddy 24-22

(8) Iceman def. (1) Catfish 17-14
(7) The Cat def. (2) Captain Insano 23-14
(6) Dixie Slick def. (3) Drummer Boy 19-14
(4) Bane def. (5) The Rickster 18-7

First Round Matches (Week 12):

(5) Hoosier Daddy def. (12) Bob Swerski 31-18
(6) Captain Jack Sparrow def. (11) steveluvsal 13-11
(10) Annie-mal def. (7) Nighthawk 17-14
(8) C Master V def. (9) MJD Hogg 25-18

(5) The Rickster def. (12) Caveman 23-18
(6) Dixie Slick def. (11) Jacuzzi Splot 30-23
(7) The Cat ties (10) Fuegoburns 14-14
(8) Iceman def. (9) The Beav 26-15

First Round Bye Weeks (Week 12):

(1) Mr. T (8-2)
(2) Papa Tuna (6-2-2)
(3) Rad Dad (6-4)
(4) Double-Double (6-4)

(1) Catfish (6-2-2)
(2) Captain Insano (7-3)
(3) Drummer Boy (7-3)
(4) Bane (6-3-1)

(Note–  Players with a bye week will first play during the Wild Card Round.  Top seed will play against the lowest ranked player to advance, second seed will play against the next lowest ranked player to advance, and so on.)

Tournament Entry Tiebreakers:

(#1) Head to Head record vs. each other
(#2) Division record (for players in same division)
(#3) Strength of schedule
(#4) Head to Head record vs. common opponents
(#5) Conference record

Tournament Seedings:

Conference One–

(1) Mr. T (8-2) (Division Two Champion)
(2) Papa Tuna (6-2-2) (Division One Champion)
(3) Rad Dad (6-4) (tiebreaker #3 over Double-Double)
(4) Double-Double (6-4) (Division Two Runner-Up)
(5) Hoosier Daddy (6-4)
(6) Captain Jack Sparrow (5-5)
(7) Nighthawk (4-5-1)
(8) C Master V (4-6) (tiebreaker #3 over MJD Hogg)
(9) MJD Hogg (4-6)
(10) Annie-mal (3-6-1)
(11) steveluvsal (3-7)
(12) Bob Swerski (2-8)

Conference Two–

(1) Catfish (6-2-2) (tiebreaker #3 over Captain Insano)
(2) Captain Insano (7-3) (Division Four Champion)
(3) Drummer Boy (7-3)
(4) Bane (6-3-1) (Division Four Runner-Up)
(5) The Rickster (6-3-1)
(6) Dixie Slick (6-4)
(7) The Cat (5-5)
(8) Iceman (4-6)
(9) The Beav (3-5-2)
(10) Fuegoburns (3-7)
(11) Jacuzzi Splot (2-7-1) (tiebreaker #3 over Caveman)
(12) Caveman (2-7-1)