Super Bowl Tournament 2018

Super Bowl XVI Tournament 2018

Super Bowl XVI Champ Bob Swerski (10-4)

First R. (Wk 12)Wild Card (Wk 13)Divisional (Wk 14)Conference (W 15)S. Bowl (Wk 16)
(9) C Sparrow 24
(1) Hoosier D 14(9) C Sparrow 19
(7) MJD Hogg 24(3) Bob Swerski 21
(9) C Sparrow 28(2) Stinkerbell 21(5) Rad Dad 13
(8) B Nessie 14(6) F Tuna 25(3) Bob Swerski 13
(3) Bob Swerski 30(7) MJD Hogg 13
(5) Rad Dad 22(5) Rad Dad 20
(4) Double-D 20(3) Bob Swerski 22
(9) Slick Chick 14(1) The Rickster 20
(1) The Rickster 16(7) Drum Boy 14
(7) Drum Boy 22(1) The Rickster 21
(9) Slick Chick 26(2) Cap Insano 12(3) Nighthawk 17
(8) Rex Kwan 16(6) K Possible 13(1) The Rickster 17
(3) Nighthawk 18(5) The Cat 18
(5) The Cat 24(3) Nighthawk 25
(4) freespirit 22

(The Super Bowl Tournament is a single elimination tournament.  Win and you move on, lose and you’re eliminated.  Higher seed means you have home field advantage and advance in case of a tie.  Note: Final tournament brackets are no longer set but adjusted each week so lowest seed plays highest seed.)

Super Bowl XVI Match (Week 16):

Two-time Champion – Bob Swerski does the Super Bowl shuffle once again!  Bob Swerksi has completed an impressive run through the tournament and upset The Rickster to become our 2018 Super Bowl Head to Head Champion.  This match was a showdown between two heavyweights which went the distance and came down to the Over/Under on Monday night.  At the end of the day games on Sunday, Bob Swerski led the Rickster by a score of 21-11.  With only two games left (on Sunday night and Monday night), Bob Swerksi appeared to be cruising to an easy victory, being up by a touchdown and a field goal.  However, as chance would have it, Bob Swerksi and The Rickster had opposite picks on the three remaining picks that had to be made.  Those three picks (the Sunday night game, the Monday night game, and the Over/Under) totaled 10 Points.  Thus, if The Rickster would have gotten all three remaining picks correct, he could have tied the score 21-21 and claimed the trophy as the higher seed.  For the first pick on Sunday night, The Rickster correctly picked Seattle over KC.  The score was now Bob Swerski 21 and The Rickster 17.  For the second pick on Monday night, Oakland was dominating Denver and it was clear they were going to win the game from the outset.  Thus, the score would be Bob Swerski 21 and The Rickster 20.  That left only the Over/Under.  With a few seconds left in the actual football game, the Oakland Raiders running back almost broke free to score an extra touchdown.  But a Denver Broncos player somehow managed to tackle him just before he scored.  Had the running back made it into the endzone, the game would have ended with Over.  But with the tackle being made, the clock ran out and the game ended with Under.  With that, Bob Swerksi won the fiercely competitive Super Bowl championship match by a final score of 22-20.  Perhaps the key to Bob Swerski’s victory was that he selected Triple Jeopardy with his pick of Atlanta, while The Rickster did not.  That alone got Bob Swerski the extra 2 Points he needed to win.  Whatever the case, both players can hold their heads high and we thank them for putting on such an unforgettable championship match.  In route to his championship, Bob Swerski defeated Fearless Tuna, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Rad Dad.  Bob Swerski is now a two-time champion and his accomplishment has been added to the Hall of Fame.  Congratulations, Bob Swerski!


(3) Bob Swerski def. (1) The Rickster 22-20

What’s at stake:  A spot in The Football Club Hall of Fame as the 2018 Super Bowl Champion.

Super Bowl Tournament history:  This season’s Super Bowl Championship match between Bob Swerski and The Rickster is a showdown between past Super Bowl Head to Head champions.  Bob Swerski won the tournament back in 2009, while 3-time champ The Rickster won the tournament in 2010, 2006, and 2005.  Both players would love nothing more than to add one more trophy to their mantel.  Bob Swerski’s run through the tournament was a series of three very close matches.  In fact, he got past his opponents Fearless Tuna, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Rad Dad by a combined 7 Points.  In the Conference Final, Bob Swerksi tied Rad Dad 13-13 and advanced due to having a better record and higher seeding.  The Rickster likewise progressed through the tournament in close fashion, winning his three matches against Slick Chick, Drummer Boy, and Nighthawk by a combined 9 Points.  In the Conference Final, The Rickster tied Nighthawk 17-17 and advanced as the highest seed in Conference Two.  This was the first time in club history that both Conference Finals ended in tie games.  So who has the edge in this outstanding Super Bowl match between past champions?  These two players actually did not play during the Head to Head regular season.  However, The Rickster had two more wins and had the best record in the league (along with Captain Insano).  In taking a look through the club archives, I noticed that these two players have never met in past seasons despite both having extensive club history.  So that means there are no previous matches which might provide a glimpse of how this one will turn out.  Even so, an objective look at the match reveals that The Rickster has the edge and will be a slight favorite in this Super Bowl for three reasons. First, The Rickster had a stronger record this season as referenced earlier.  Second, he has three past championships in comparison to Bob Swerski’s one championship.  And third, The Rickster is the higher seed and will win the championship with a tie game.  Perhaps being the underdog will motivate Bob Swerski to turn in outstanding picks this week and defy the experts.  This match could possibly be decided by the Over/Under or which player is bold enough to pick Triple Jeopardy (or which player is wise enough not to).  Will The Rickster win an unprecedented 4th Super Bowl trophy and get to enjoy a victory pint at the end of this week’s match?  Or will Bob Swerski be performing the Super Bowl Shuffle once again as he celebrates a victory and becomes the champ?  We will all find out at the end of the Week 16 games.

Conference Round Matches (Week 15):

(3) Bob Swerski ties (5) Rad Dad 13-13
(1) The Rickster ties (3) Nighthawk 17-17

Divisional Round Matches (Week 14):

(3) Bob Swerski def. (9) Captain Jack Sparrow 21-19
(5) Rad Dad  def. (7) MJD Hogg 20-13

(1) The Rickster def. (7) Drummer Boy 21-14
(3) Nighthawk def. (5) The Cat 25-18

Wild Card Round Matches (Week 13):

(9) Captain Jack Sparrow def. (1) Hoosier Daddy 24-14
(7) MJD Hogg def. (2) Stinkerbell 24-21
(3) Bob Swerski def. (6) Fearless Tuna 30-25
(5) Rad Dad def. (4) Double-Double 22-20

(1) The Rickster def. (9) Slick Chick 16-14
(7) Drummer Boy def. (2) Captain Insano 22-12
(3) Nighthawk def. (6) Kip Possible 18-13
(5) The Cat def. (4) freespirit 24-22

First Round Matches (Week 12):

(9) Captain Jack Sparrow def. (8) Badwater Nessie 28-14
(9) Slick Chick def. (8) Rex Kwan Do 26-16

First Round Bye Weeks (Week 12):

(1) Hoosier Daddy (6-3-1)
(2) Stinkerbell (6-3-1)
(3) Bob Swerski (6-4)
(4) Double-Double (5-3-2)
(5) Rad Dad (4-3-3)
(6) Fearless Tuna (5-4-1)
(7) MJD Hogg (2-7-1)

(1) The Rickster (8-2)
(2) Captain Insano (8-2)
(3) Nighthawk (6-3-1)
(4) freespirit (6-3-1)
(5) The Cat (5-4-1)
(6) Kip Possible (4-5-1)
(7) Drummer Boy (4-6)

(Note–  Players with a bye week will first play during the Wild Card Round.  Top seed will play against the lowest ranked player to advance, second seed will play against the next lowest ranked player to advance, and so on.)

Tournament Entry Tiebreakers:

(#1) Head to Head record vs. each other
(#2) Division record (for players in same division)
(#3) Strength of schedule
(#4) Head to Head record vs. common opponents
(#5) Conference record

Tournament Seedings:

Conference One–

(1) Hoosier Daddy (6-3-1) (Division One Champion) (tiebreaker #1 over Stinkerbell)
(2) Stinkerbell (6-3-1) (Division Two Champion)
(3) Bob Swerski (6-4) (tiebreaker #1 over Double-Double)
(4) Double-Double (5-3-2)
(5) Rad Dad (4-3-3) (tiebreaker #1 over Fearless Tuna)
(6) Fearless Tuna (5-4-1)
(7) MJD Hogg (2-7-1)
(8) Badwater Nessie (2-8)
(9) Captain Jack Sparrow (0-9-1)

Conference Two–

(1) The Rickster (8-2) (Division Three Champion) (tiebreaker #3 over Captain Insano)
(2) Captain Insano (8-2) (Division Four Champion)
(3) Nighthawk (6-3-1) (tiebreaker #3 over freespirit)
(4) freespirit (6-3-1)
(5) The Cat (5-4-1)
(6) Kip Possible (4-5-1)
(7) Drummer Boy (4-6)
(8) Rex Kwan Do (2-6-2) (tiebreaker #3 over Slick Chick)
(9) Slick Chick (2-6-2)