Super Bowl Tournament 2019

Super Bowl XVII Tournament 2019

Super Bowl XVII Champ Hoosier Daddy (10-4)

First R. (Wk 12)Wild Card (Wk 13)Divisional (Wk 14)Conference (W 15)S. Bowl (Wk 16)
(9) Rad Dad 18
(1) Double-D 21(7) MJD Hogg 18
(7) MJD Hogg 24(1) Double-D 35
(9) Rad Dad 31(2) F Tuna 19(3) Hoosier D 33
(8) Stinkerbell 23(6) B Nessie 13(1) Double-D 21
(3) Hoosier D 22(4) B Swerski 14
(5) C Sparrow 11(3) Hoosier D 17
(4) B Swerski 22(8) Drum Boy 21
(8) Drum Boy 27(3) Hoosier D 22
(1) The Cat 25(8) Drum Boy 25
(7) Hal J-Bird 14(2) Rickster 19
(9) Cap Insano 22(2) Rickster 14(8) Drum Boy 36
(8) Drum Boy 22(6) Slick Chick 25(6) Slick Chick 14
(3) Nighthawk 9(6) Slick Chick 22
(5) Mr. T 23(5) Mr. T 18
(4) freespirit 15

(The Super Bowl Tournament is a single elimination tournament.  Win and you move on, lose and you’re eliminated.  Higher seed means you have home field advantage and advance in case of a tie.  Note: Final tournament brackets are no longer set but adjusted each week so lowest seed plays highest seed.)

Super Bowl XVII Match (Week 16):

Daddy Defeats One of His Boys – Hoosier Daddy has completed an incredible comeback victory to narrowly defeat his teammate Drummer Boy by a final score of 22-21.  It was another Super Bowl final for the ages as two teammates from Daddy & His Boys squared off in the Super Bowl Tournament Head to Head championship match.  Hoosier Daddy was playing from behind the entire time and only pulled out the victory after the final game ended.  The match got underway on Saturday, when Drummer Boy scored an early touchdown and took a 7-0 lead after he correctly picked the Triple Crown of Hou-NE-SF while Hoosier Daddy missed it.  Then, the Sunday games took place and Hoosier Daddy made up some ground, but still found himself behind by a score of 21-16.  Due to the club’s Flex-Scheduling Rule, the Monday night game was flexed into the 6 Point value as it was deemed more likely to be competitive.  Thus, Hoosier Daddy was down by 5 Points, but there were still 6 Points up for grabs.  Just by chance, Hoosier Daddy and Drummer Boy both had different picks for Monday night.  So that set up a Monday night showdown to determine the 2019 Super Bowl Champion.  Green Bay ended up defeating Minnesota, which delivered the 6 Points to Hoosier Daddy and secured his first-ever Super Bowl championship.  In his path to the title, Hoosier Daddy defeated Badwater Nessie, Bob Swerski, Double-Double, and Drummer Boy.  But at the same time, we need to make special mention of Drummer Boy’s incredible effort and run through the tournament.  Drummer Boy survived the First Round and defeated Captain Insano, The Cat, The Rickster, and Slick Chick in route to the final.  He just ended up coming up 2 Points short of being able to raise the trophy this time.  So we would like to thank both players for putting on an incredible championship match and also for their commendable sportsmanship.  Prior to kickoff, Hoosier Daddy stated on Club Chat that “I’d love to win the Super Bowl, but I’m happier with the team trophy, so I’m rooting for my friend and teammate, Drummer Boy!”  Drummer Boy replied “Awww, thank you ‘Daddy’! I feel the same.”  Congratulations to Hoosier Daddy on becoming our 2019 Super Bowl Head to Head Champion!


(3) Hoosier Daddy def. (8) Drummer Boy 22-21

What’s at stake:  A spot in The Football Club Hall of Fame as the 2019 Super Bowl Champion.

Super Bowl Tournament history:  This season’s Super Bowl Championship match between Drummer Boy and Hoosier Daddy is a showdown between two Daddy & His Boys teammates.  It also features two club members who have never before won the Super Bowl Tournament Head to Head competition.  Being that both Drummer Boy and Hoosier Daddy are original club members from the late 1990s, winning this tournament for the first time will be especially thrilling for one of them.  However, despite never actually winning, Drummer Boy and Hoosier Daddy have both made it to Super Bowl finals before.  Hoosier Daddy played in Super Bowl III (in 1999) where he lost to champion Cuda by a score of 18-14.  Drummer Boy played in Super Bowl X (in 2007) where he lost to champion Captain Jack Sparrow 16-10.  Being that they are in different conferences and are also teammates, these two players haven’t really matched up against each other much (if at all) in the past.  Generally, teammates don’t play against each other unless they are in the same division and are required to.  But the Super Bowl Tournament is a different story.  One player must win and raise the trophy high while one must go home in disappointment, so the match must be played.  At this time, let’s take a closer look at how both players have done in Head to Head play this season.  Starting with Hoosier Daddy (#3 seed in Conference One), he had a solid regular season, as he always seems to do.  He finished with a regular season record of 6 wins and 4 losses, and narrowly lost out on winning his division title by 1/2 game.  In the Super Bowl Tournament, Hoosier Daddy defeated Badwater Nessie, Bob Swerski, and Double-Double to advance to the final.  That was no easy task defeating the defending champion Bob Swerski and #1 seed Double-Double.  So clearly, Hoosier Daddy has earned this shot at winning the championship.  As for Drummer Boy (#8 seed in Conference Two), he had a regular season to forget.  He finished at the bottom of his division with a record of 3 wins and 7 losses.  His prospects for making a deep run in the tournament did not look good when he got stuck playing for his life in the dreaded First Round.  But then the Super Bowl Tournament started and he pulled off a tie with Captain Insano 22-22 which allowed him to advance out of the First Round due to being the higher seed.  Since then, he has not looked back.  Drummer Boy went on to shock #1 seed The Cat, #2 seed The Rickster, and #6 seed Slick Chick to reach the final.  Drummer Boy now finds himself with an overall season record of 7-7 and is just one match away from completing the greatest tournament run that the club has ever seen.  Adding to the drama of this match is that not only are these two players battling each other, but they are also going into battle together as a team (along with MJD Hogg) in the Pro Bowl Team Championship match.  So they have to root for each other to do well and have a high score, while at the same time trying to somehow win the match.  Let’s hope that this quandary doesn’t adversely affect their team match and cause Daddy & His Boys to fall apart.  It’s impossible to know who will win this ultimate showdown with everything on the line between Daddy & His Boys teammates, but we will soon find out.

Conference Round Matches (Week 15):

(3) Hoosier Daddy def. (1) Double-Double 33-21
(8) Drummer Boy def. (6) Slick Chick 36-14

Divisional Round Matches (Week 14):

(1) Double-Double def. (7) MJD Hogg 35-18
(3) Hoosier Daddy def. (4) Bob Swerski 17-14

(8) Drummer Boy def. (2) The Rickster 25-19
(6) Slick Chick def. (5) Mr. T 22-18

Wild Card Round Matches (Week 13):

(1) Double-Double def. (9) Rad Dad 21-18
(7) MJD Hogg def. (2) Fearless Tuna 24-19
(3) Hoosier Daddy def. (6) Badwater Nessie 22-13
(4) Bob Swerski def. (5) Captain Jack Sparrow 22-11

(8) Drummer Boy def. (1) The Cat 27-25
(2) The Rickster ties (7) Halibut J-Bird 14-14
(6) Slick Chick def. (3) Nighthawk 25-9
(5) Mr. T def. (4) freespirit 23-15

First Round Matches (Week 12):

(9) Rad Dad def. (8) Stinkerbell 31-23
(8) Drummer Boy ties (9) Captain Insano 22-22

First Round Bye Weeks (Week 12):

(1) Double-Double (8-1-1)
(2) Fearless Tuna (6-3-1)
(3) Hoosier Daddy (6-4)
(4) Bob Swerski (5-4-1)
(5) Captain Jack Sparrow (5-5)
(6) Badwater Nessie (5-5)
(7) MJD Hogg (5-5)

(1) The Cat (7-3)
(2) The Rickster (5-3-2)
(3) Nighthawk (4-4-2)
(4) freespirit (4-4-2)
(5) Mr. T (5-5)
(6) Slick Chick (5-5)
(7) Halibut J-Bird (3-5-2)

(Note–  Players with a bye week will first play during the Wild Card Round.  Top seed will play against the lowest ranked player to advance, second seed will play against the next lowest ranked player to advance, and so on.)

Tournament Entry Tiebreakers:

(#1) Head to Head record vs. each other
(#2) Division record (for players in same division)
(#3) Strength of schedule
(#4) Head to Head record vs. common opponents
(#5) Conference record

Tournament Seedings:

Conference One–

(1) Double-Double (8-1-1) (Division Two Champion)
(2) Fearless Tuna (6-3-1) (Division One Champion)
(3) Hoosier Daddy (6-4)
(4) Bob Swerski (5-4-1)
(5) Captain Jack Sparrow (5-5) (tiebreaker #3 over MJD Hogg)
(6) Badwater Nessie (5-5) (tiebreaker #3 over MJD Hogg)
(7) MJD Hogg (5-5)
(8) Stinkerbell (4-6)
(9) Rad Dad (1-8-1)

Conference Two–

(1) The Cat (7-3) (Division Four Champion)
(2) The Rickster (5-3-2) (Division Three Champion)
(3) Nighthawk (4-4-2) (tiebreaker #3 over freespirit)
(4) freespirit (4-4-2) (tiebreaker #3 over Slick Chick)
(5) Mr. T (5-5) (tiebreaker #3 over Slick Chick)
(6) Slick Chick (5-5)
(7) Halibut J-Bird (3-5-2)
(8) Drummer Boy (3-7) (tiebreaker #1 over Captain Insano)
(9) Captain Insano (2-6-2)