Super Bowl Tournament 2020

Super Bowl XVIII Tournament 2020

Super Bowl XVIII Champ The Rickster (12-2)

First R. (Wk 12)Wild Card (Wk 13)Divisional (Wk 14)Conference (W 15)S. Bowl (Wk 16)
(8) Double 18
(1) freespirit 24(5) Drum Boy 9
(7) The Cat 4(1) freespirit 6
(9) B Nessie 7(2) C Insano 12(5) Drum Boy 24
(8) Double 18(6) Hoosier D 26(3) Hal J-Bird 27
(3) Hal J-Bird 32(3) Hal J-Bird 16
(5) Drum Boy 29(2) C Insano 9
(4) B Swerski 16(3) Hal J-Bird 17
(9) Stinkerb 7(1) Rickster 27
(1) Rickster 28(6) S Salmon 20
(7) M Hogg 13(1) Rickster 22
(9) Stinkerb 19(2) LF Tuna 26(2) LF Tuna 24
(8) Rad Dad 17(6) S Salmon 16(1) Rickster 28
(3) Slick Chick 12(4) Mr. T 18
(5) Nighthawk 26(2) LF Tuna 19
(4) Mr. T 30

(The Super Bowl Tournament is a single elimination tournament.  Win and you move on, lose and you’re eliminated.  Higher seed means you have home field advantage and advance in case of a tie.  Note: Final tournament brackets are no longer set but adjusted each week so lowest seed plays highest seed.)

Super Bowl XVIII Match (Week 16):

Four-time Super Bowl Champion – One decade after winning his 3rd Super Bowl championship back in 2010, The Rickster stepped up and claimed his 4th trophy by defeating Halibut J-Bird by a touchdown and a field goal 27-17.  Despite the seemingly lopsided final score, this match was actually very close and came down to a single game.  Going into the Sunday night game, The Rickster was leading Halibut J-Bird by a score of 17-13.  The difference between them having been that The Rickster claimed the Double Stakes of Car-LAC earlier in the day, while Halibut J-Bird did not.  Since they both had the exact same picks on Monday night, that meant that the Sunday night game between Ten and GB would decide the winner, since that was worth 6 Points.  In the end, Green Bay easily beat Tennessee 40-14, and thus the Super Bowl Head to Head title was delivered to The Rickster once again.  The Rickster has now won the Super Bowl title in 2005, 2006, 2010 & 2020.  And this year’s title was well deserved because The Rickster was clearly our best Head to Head player all season.  He was the #1 seed in the entire tournament, entering with a record of 8-2.  And with his four wins in the tournament (over Stinkerbell, The Sad Salmon, Low Fat Tuna & Halibut J-Bird), that improved his season record to 12 wins and 2 losses.  That’s actually an incredible Head to Head record to have over the course of a season.  The only player to do better (which is also our Hall of Fame all-time record) was The Cat, who went 13-1 in the 2000 season.  So, The Rickster had the second best Head to Head season in league history.  At the same time, we want to make special mention of our runner-up Halibut J-Bird, who was a single game away from winning the title (for what would have been his second time).  Halibut J-Bird also had an outstanding Head to Head regular and postseason, finishing with a record of 9-5.  So, a hearty well done to Halibut J-Bird as well!  The Rickster, as mentioned earlier, now holds 4 Super Bowl Head to Head championships.  The next closest competitor to him, Bob Swerski, holds 2 Super Bowl titles.  Thus, The Rickster’s record is something that will likely never be surpassed or even equaled.  I’m sure The Rickster will pour a brew and enjoy this sweet victory for some time to come.


(1) The Rickster def. (3) Halibut J-Bird 27-17

What’s at stake:  A spot in The Football Club Hall of Fame as the 2020 Super Bowl Champion.

Super Bowl Tournament history:  The Super Bowl Championship match between Halibut J-Bird and The Rickster promises to be one of the club’s greatest matches of all time.  These two long-time friends originally from Novato are going to collide head-on, with only one emerging to become our new champion.  It is a match that could have easily taken place in the late 1990s, during the early years of the club, and been just as exciting as it is now.  The Rickster has been the club’s best Head to Head player this season as he was the #1 seed in Conference Two and won 11 matches while losing only 2.  In the Conference Round, (1) The Rickster def. (2) Low Fat Tuna 28-24, continuing his long record of mastery over the fish out of water.  But going a little further, The Rickster is actually the most decorated Super Bowl Head to Head player in league history.  This appearance in the championship match is actually his 6th all-time.  That means that on average, The Rickster finds a way to at least reach the Super Bowl final 1 out of every 3 seasons.  In addition, as noted on the Super Bowl H2H Champs page here on the site, The Rickster is the only player to own 3 titles (2005, 2006 & 2010) and he is also the only player ever to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles.  On his path to the final, The Rickster beat Stinkerbell, The Sad Salmon, and Low Fat Tuna.  Now that he has reeled in two fish already by beating Salmon and Tuna, The Rickster has his sights set on a third fish with Halibut.  This will be the third straight week he is battling a fish.  Halibut J-Bird also had an outstanding season playing Head to Head, being the #3 seed in Conference One while racking up 9 wins and only 4 losses.  In the Conference Round, (3) Halibut J-Bird def. (5) Drummer Boy 27-24, thus ending Drummer Boy’s dream to make it back to the Super Bowl for a second straight season.  Back in 2003, Halibut J-Bird def. Runner-Up The Duck 33-23 to win his lone Super Bowl title.  That was 17 years ago, so Halibut J-Bird must be really stretching his wings, ready to take flight and snatch another trophy with his talons.  On his path to the final, Halibut J-Bird beat Hoosier Daddy, Captain Insano & Drummer Boy.  As far as past matches between these two great players, I had to look way back into the archives to find the last time that they played against each other.  As it turns out, it was during Week 10 of the 2008 season.  In that match, The Rickster def. Super J-Bird 26-19.  That was a long time ago and really means nothing for this match.  I fully expect this to be a showdown of epic proportions.  And I have no idea who will emerge as the victor and raise the trophy high, but it will be exciting to find out.  The whole club will be on edge awaiting the outcome of this historic match.

Conference Round Matches (Week 15):

(3) Halibut J-Bird def. (5) Drummer Boy 27-24
(1) The Rickster def. (2) Low Fat Tuna 28-24

Divisional Round Matches (Week 14):

(5) Drummer Boy def. (1) freespirit 9-6
(3) Halibut J-Bird def. (2) Captain Insano 16-9

(1) The Rickster def. (6) The Sad Salmon 22-20
(2) Low Fat Tuna def. (4) Mr. T: SDFW 19-18

Wild Card Round Matches (Week 13):

(1) freespirit def. (8) Double-Double 24-18
(2) Captain Insano def. (7) The Cat 12-4
(3) Halibut J-Bird def. (6) Hoosier Daddy 32-26
(5) Drummer Boy def. (4) Bob Swerski 29-16

(1) The Rickster def. (9) Stinkerbell 28-7
(2) Low Fat Tuna def. (7) MJD Hogg 26-13
(6) The Sad Salmon def. (3) Slick Chick 16-12
(4) Mr. T: SDFW def. (5) Nighthawk 30-26

First Round Matches (Week 12):

(8) Double-Double def. (9) Badwater Nessie 18-7
(9) Stinkerbell def. (8) Rad Dad 19-17

First Round Bye Weeks (Week 12):

(1) freespirit (7-3)
(2) Captain Insano (5-3-2)
(3) Halibut J-Bird (6-4)
(4) Bob Swerski (5-5)
(5) Drummer Boy (4-4-2)
(6) Hoosier Daddy (4-6)
(7) The Cat (4-6)

(1) The Rickster (8-2)
(2) Low Fat Tuna (6-4)
(3) Slick Chick (6-4)
(4) Mr. T: SDFW (5-4-1)
(5) Nighthawk (5-5)
(6) The Sad Salmon (5-5)
(7) MJD Hogg (4-5-1)

(Note: Players with a bye week will first play during the Wild Card Round.  Top seed will play against the lowest ranked player to advance, second seed will play against the next lowest ranked player to advance, and so on.)

Tournament Entry Tiebreakers:

(#1) Head to Head record vs. each other
(#2) Division record (for players in same division)
(#3) Strength of schedule
(#4) Head to Head record vs. common opponents
(#5) Conference record

Tournament Seedings:

Conference One–

(1) freespirit (7-3) (Division Two Champion)
(2) Captain Insano (5-3-2) (Division One Champion)
(3) Halibut J-Bird (6-4)
(4) Bob Swerski (5-5) (tiebreaker #1 over Drummer Boy)
(5) Drummer Boy (4-4-2)
(6) Hoosier Daddy (4-6) (tiebreaker #1 over The Cat)
(7) The Cat (4-6)
(8) Double-Double (3-7) (tiebreaker #1 over Badwater Nessie)
(9) Badwater Nessie (3-7)

Conference Two–

(1) The Rickster (8-2) (Division Four Champion)
(2) Low Fat Tuna (6-4) (Division Three Champion)
(3) Slick Chick (6-4)
(4) Mr. T: SDFW (5-4-1)
(5) Nighthawk (5-5) (tiebreaker #3 over The Sad Salmon)
(6) The Sad Salmon (5-5)
(7) MJD Hogg (4-5-1)
(8) Rad Dad (4-6)
(9) Stinkerbell (3-7)