Super Bowl Tournament 2021

Super Bowl XIX Tournament 2021

Super Bowl XIX Champ Bob Swerski (9-6)

First R. (Wk 13)Wild Card (Wk 14)Divisional (Wk 15)Conference (W 16)S. Bowl (Wk 17)
(9) Hoosier 18
(1) Drummer 28(7) Cap Jack 20
(7) Cap Jack 22(1) Drummer 19
(9) Hoosier 17(2) Double 19(7) Cap Jack 26
(8) F Tuna 10(6) The Cat bye(5) B Swerski 32
(3) freespirit 18(5) B Swerski 24
(5) B Swerski 38(3) freespirit 15
(4) C Insano 22(5) B Swerski 11
(9) Slick C 25(4) S Salmon 9
(1) Rickster 20(9) Slick C 16
(7) M Hogg 31(4) S Salmon 26
(9) Slick C 13(2) Iceland C 16(7) MJD Hogg 19
(8) NYC Rat 9(6) Nighthawk 23(4) S Salmon 33
(3) Rad Dad 19(7) M Hogg 25
(5) Mr. T 10(6) Nighthawk 4
(4) S Salmon 25

(The Super Bowl Tournament is a single elimination tournament.  Win and you move on, lose and you’re eliminated.  Higher seed means you have home field advantage and advance in case of a tie.  Note: Final tournament brackets are no longer set but adjusted each week so lowest seed plays highest seed.)

Super Bowl XIX Match (Week 17):

Three-time Super Bowl Champion – In a defensive struggle never before seen in a Super Bowl final, Bob Swerski emerged victorious by a final score of 11-9.  11 Points is the lowest score ever to win a title match, with the previous lowest being 16 Points in 2007.  Bob Swerki has now won Super Bowl Head to Head titles in three decades, having won in 2009, 2018, and now in 2021.  He now trails all-time Super Bowl wins leader The Rickster by only one title.  This match was actually decided by a penalty flag at the end of the game.  Which could very well be another first.  Both players happened to have very similar picks, having picked the same on the Games of the Week, Double Stakes, Sunday night, and Triple Crown.  For the Point Spread games, they had two differences, which they ended up splitting and each getting one right.  However, there was one very significant difference in their picks and that’s what decided the game.  For the Regular game with Triple Jeopardy option, Bob Swerski selected Dallas with no TJ, while The Sad Salmon selected Dallas with TJ.  So when Dallas lost, a penalty flag was thrown by the refs and -2 Points were taken away from The Sad Salmon’s final score.  Had he not selected Triple Jeopardy, the game would have ended in a tie and The Sad Salmon would have won the tiebreaker by virtue of being the higher seed.  It was a very costly choice indeed but that’s the risk that goes along with selecting Triple Jeopardy.  Bob Swerski’s path to his third lifetime Super Bowl title was not an easy one.  In the Head to Head regular season, he played subpar and ended with a losing record of 5 wins and 6 losses.  As the #5 seed  in Conference One, he wasn’t expected to advance very far.  But he captured momentum during the tournament and went on a run, capping things off by spearing the hottest player in the club The Sad Salmon.  Bob Swerski will now drive his boat straight across Lake Michigan into Burnham Harbor and get out at Solider Field to celebrate with a plate of Polish sausages, ribs, and beer.  Well done to both players on having an outstanding Head to Head season and congrats to Bob Swerski on winning the 2021 Super Bowl Championship!


(5) Bob Swerski def. (4) The Sad Salmon 11-9

What’s at stake:  A spot in The Football Club Hall of Fame as the 2021 Super Bowl Champion.

Super Bowl Tournament history:  The Super Bowl Championship match between Bob Swerski and The Sad Salmon promises to be a thrilling conclusion to the Head to Head season.  In this match, we have a seasoned veteran who is a past champion taking on a second-year player who has exceeded all expectations in the club and become a force to be reckoned with.  Bob Swerski has a strong Super Bowl Tournament resume that clearly establishes him as the second best Head to Head player of all-time, behind only The Rickster.  While The Rickster is the only player to own 4 Super Bowl titles, Bob Swerski is not far behind with 2 titles of his own.  If Bob can win this match, that would allow him to reach 3 Super Bowl titles (adding to his previous wins in 2009 & 2018).  The Sad Salmon’s only previous experience in the Super Bowl Tournament took place in 2020, when he reached the Divisional Round before falling to eventual champion The Rickster by a score of 22-20.  In looking at Head to Head results for this season, how do these two great players stack up?  During the Head to Head regular season, both players finished in 3rd Place in their respective divisions.  So you could say that they played fairly mediocre.  However, both excelled and took their play into another gear once the tournament got underway.  Bob Swerski began his tournament by crushing Captain Insano 38-22 in the Wild Card Round to send a message to everyone else that he came to play.  Then in the Divisional Round he made quick work of freespirit 24-15 to move on.  Finally, in the Conference Round, Bob defeated Captain Jack Sparrow by two field goals 32-26 to reach the championship match.  What can we take away from these matches?  One thing that is noticeable is that the margin of victory has shrunk in every round as the competition has gotten stiffer, but Bob has still gotten the job done every time.  The Sad Salmon delivered an absolute spanking as he began his tournament in the Wild Card Round when he ousted defending Club Champion Mr. T by over two touchdowns 25-10.  So while Bob Swerski won his first match by 16 Points, The Sad Salmon pretty much matched him as he won his first match by 15 Points.  In the Divisional Round, Salmon handled the frustrating situation of having to battle a teammate with class, as he beat Slick Chick by a touchdown and a field goal 26-16.  Finally, in the Conference Round, he met up with MJD Hogg, who himself had been obliterating every opponent in his path by large margins.  But The Sad Salmon gave MJD a dose of his own medicine as he soundly thumped him by two touchdowns 33-19.  Salmon’s average margin of victory in his three matches was a whopping 13 Points, while Bob’s was also a very respectable 10.3 Points.  So what can we expect when these two players collide?  They have met only one time in Head to Head play during their careers.  It was in Week 6 of the 2020 season and it was won by Bob Swerski when he defeated The Sad Salmon by a touchdown 18-11.  That victory will give Bob a slight mental edge going into this one, knowing that he has beat Salmon before.  However, this will be an extremely close match.  Just last week in the club, The Sad Salmon scored 33 Points and Bob Swerski scored 32 Points.  I think this Super Bowl championship match will be settled by 3 Points or less.  I don’t think we will see a blowout victory by either player.  And we could see a potential tie game, which would give the victory to the higher seed.  It sure will be interesting to see what happens and who raises the trophy and becomes the 2021 Super Bowl Head to Head Champion.

Conference Round Matches (Week 16):

(5) Bob Swerski def. (7) Captain Jack Sparrow 32-26
(4) The Sad Salmon def. (7) MJD Hogg 33-19

Divisional Round Matches (Week 15):

(7) Captain Jack Sparrow def. (1) Drummer Boy 20-19
(5) Bob Swerski def. (3) freespirit 24-15

(4) The Sad Salmon def. (9) Slick Chick 26-16
(7) MJD Hogg def. (6) Nighthawk 25-4

Wild Card Round Matches (Week 14):

(1) Drummer Boy def. (9) Hoosier Daddy 28-18
(7) Captain Jack Sparrow def. (2) Double-Double 22-19
(3) freespirit def. (6) The Cat 18-bye week
(5) Bob Swerski def. (4) Captain Insano 38-22

(9) Slick Chick def. (1) The Rickster 25-20
(7) MJD Hogg def. (2) The Icelandic Cod 31-16
(6) Nighthawk def. (3) Rad Dad 23-19
(4) The Sad Salmon def. (5) Mr. T 25-10

First Round Matches (Week 13):

(9) Hoosier Daddy def. (8) Fearless Tuna 17-10
(9) Slick Chick def. (8) New York City Sewer Rat 13-9

First Round Bye Weeks (Week 13):

(1) Drummer Boy (9-2)
(2) Double-Double (7-3-1)
(3) freespirit (6-3-1)
(4) Captain Insano (6-5)
(5) Bob Swerski (5-6)
(6) The Cat (5-6)
(7) Captain Jack Sparrow (4-6-1)

(1) The Rickster (8-3)
(2) The Icelandic Cod (6-4-1)
(3) Rad Dad (7-4)
(4) The Sad Salmon (7-4)
(5) Mr. T (5-6)
(6) Nighthawk (4-6-1)
(7) MJD Hogg (4-7)

(Note: Players with a bye week will first play during the Wild Card Round.  Top seed will play against the lowest ranked player to advance, second seed will play against the next lowest ranked player to advance, and so on.)

Tournament Entry Tiebreakers:

(#1) Head to Head record vs. each other
(#2) Division record (for players in same division)
(#3) Strength of schedule
(#4) Head to Head record vs. common opponents
(#5) Conference record

Tournament Seedings:

Conference One–

(1) Drummer Boy (9-2) (Division One Champion)
(2) Double-Double (7-3-1) (Division Two Champion)
(3) freespirit (6-3-1)
(4) Captain Insano (6-5)
(5) Bob Swerski (5-6) (tiebreaker #2 over The Cat)
(6) The Cat (5-6)
(7) Captain Jack Sparrow (4-6-1)
(8) Fearless Tuna (3-6-2)
(9) Hoosier Daddy (3-8)

Conference Two–

(1) The Rickster (8-3) (Division Four Champion)
(2) The Icelandic Cod (6-4-1) (Division Three Champion)
(3) Rad Dad (7-4) (tiebreaker #1 over The Sad Salmon)
(4) The Sad Salmon (7-4)
(5) Mr. T (5-6)
(6) Nighthawk (4-6-1)
(7) MJD Hogg (4-7)
(8) New York City Sewer Rat (3-7-1)
(9) Slick Chick (2-7-2)