Super Bowl Tournament 2022

Super Bowl XX Tournament 2022

Super Bowl XX Champ Rad Dad (4-0)

First R. (Wk 13)Wild Card (Wk 14)Divisional (Wk 15)Conference (W 16)S. Bowl (Wk 17)
(21) Young T 24
(21) Young T 30(1) Roadrun 17(21) Young T 18
(12) Shaylene 29(19) Cap Jack 13(2) Hoosier D 18
(2) Hoosier D 13(9) S Salmon 33
(20) Slick C 23(17) M Hogg 17(2) Hoosier D 26
(13) Viking B 24(3) Double-D 14(17) M Hogg 22
(15) B Swerski 18(5) MWL JG 30
(19) Cap Jack 27(4) Stinkerbell 12(9) S Salmon 22
(14) F Tuna 12(13) Viking B 6(7) Rad Dad 31
(5) MWL JG 11(15) B Swerski 9
(18) C Insano 29(11) Nighth 19(7) Rad Dad 19
(15) B Swerski 30(6) Mr. T 14(7) Rad Dad 32
(10) Drum B 10(5) MWL JG 26
(17) M Hogg 33(7) Rad Dad 18(11) Nighth 17
(16) NYC Rat 2(9) S Salmon 16(9) S Salmon 34
(8) Rickster 14

(The Super Bowl Tournament is a single elimination tournament.  Win and you move on, lose and you’re eliminated.  Higher seed means you have home field advantage and advance in case of a tie.  Note: Final tournament brackets are no longer set but adjusted each week so lowest seed plays highest seed.)

Super Bowl XX Match (Week 17):

Two-time Super Bowl Champion – In a battle of Top Five club members, Rad Dad put up more offense to prevail by a final score of 31-22 over The Sad Salmon and become the 2022 Super Bowl Head to Head Champion.  While this match was cut short by the cancellation of the Monday night game, if that game had been finished it wouldn’t have changed the outcome.  If Cincinnati had won, Rad Dad would have won by a closer margin of 31-28.  If Buffalo had won, Rad Dad would have won by a larger margin of 37-22.  Thus, there is no need to wait and see if the game is made up and finished in the coming weeks before announcing the winner.  Rad Dad has now become a two-time Super Bowl Champion, having previously won the contest in 2011.  Also, Rad Dad has now won 2 of the last 7 Super Bowl Tournaments.  Rad Dad won this match by only getting 2 games wrong last week.  His only major blunder was picking Washington with Triple Jeopardy.  The Sad Salmon relied on his Dolphins to deliver the win for him.  Had the Dolphins won their game, The Sad Salmon actually would have won this match by a score of 27-26 (assuming the Monday night game was not factored in).  The Sad Salmon got a big boost to his score when he wisely picked Cleveland with Triple Jeopardy.  But it wasn’t quite enough to top the momentum Rad Dad has been moving forward with lately.  The Sad Salmon is no doubt disappointed in losing this match.  But he can hold his head high knowing that he has reached the Super Bowl final in both of the last two seasons.  And also knowing that he has been named the club’s December Player of the Month.  There are 19 other players in the club who wish that they had been able to make it as far as he did in the tournament.  But in the end, there can only be one winner.  And for our 20th Super Bowl championship match, that winner is Rad Dad.  Congrats to Rad Dad & The Sad Salmon for putting on a great and memorable match for all of us to enjoy.


(7) Rad Dad def. (9) The Sad Salmon 31-22

What’s at stake:  A spot in The Football Club Hall of Fame as the 2022 Super Bowl Champion.

Super Bowl Tournament history:  The Super Bowl Championship match between The Sad Salmon and Rad Dad is going to be an epic battle for the ages between two of the strongest players in the league this season.  It will be a fitting conclusion to the shortened Head to Head season as the current #3 and #6 players in the club collide with so much on the line.  These two players have both had a lot of success in Head to Head play as well as during past Super Bowl Tournaments.  Rad Dad, the #7 seed this season, won the Super Bowl Championship in 2011 when he crushed Runner-Up Pider Man 19-3.  And The Sad Salmon, the #9 seed, made the Super Bowl Final last season in 2021.  He only lost to Bob Swerski 11-9 as a result of incorrectly picking Triple Jeopardy and having a penalty flag thrown which cost him -2 Points from his final score.  But here we are one year later and he is back in the final once again.  In looking at Super Bowl Tournament results for this season, how do these two great players stack up?  In the Wild Card Round, The Sad Salmon started out by getting revenge for his loss to The Rickster in the tournament 2 years ago by a score of 22-20.  This time the result was different, as The Sad Salmon flipped the script and def. The Rickster 16-14.  Meanwhile, Rad Dad knocked off last year’s Club Champion Drummer Boy 18-10.  That win definitely made waves in the club and caused everyone to stand up and take notice.  In the Divisional Round, The Sad Salmon def. Nighthawk 34-17 by doubling his score.  And Rad Dad def. Bob Swerski 19-9 to knock the defending Super Bowl Champ out of the tournament by a touchdown and a field goal.  So for Rad Dad, that was two matches and two defending champions eliminated.  That brings us finally to the Conference Round which took place last week.  If you look at the results for both players, they are eerily similar.  The Sad Salmon def. Hoosier Daddy 33-26 and Rad Dad def. My Wife Loves Jimmy G 32-26.  You can’t get much closer than that when it comes to results.  It is really hard for me to pick a potential winner in this match when we have an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.  As with the Super Bowl Final last season, this match could once again come down to who does (or who doesn’t) pick Triple Jeopardy, and whether or not they are right or wrong.  It could also come down to whether or not The Sad Salmon’s Dolphins win and whether or not Rad Dad’s 49ers can cover the spread.  Because it is highly likely that both will pick their favorite teams to win.  Or maybe they will take a page from Bob Swerski’s playbook last week and pick against their teams.  We will have to wait and see.  It sure will be interesting to see what happens and who becomes the 2022 Super Bowl Head to Head Champion.

Conference Round Matches (Week 16):

(9) The Sad Salmon def. (2) Hoosier Daddy 33-26
(7) Rad Dad def. (5) My Wife Loves Jimmy G 32-26

Divisional Round Matches (Week 15):

(2) Hoosier Daddy ties (21) Young Tuna 18-18
(5) My Wife Loves Jimmy G def. (17) MJD Hogg 30-22
(7) Rad Dad def. (15) Bob Swerski 19-9
(9) The Sad Salmon def. (11) Nighthawk 34-17

Wild Card Round Matches (Week 14):

(21) Young Tuna def (1) Roadrunner 24-17
(2) Hoosier Daddy ties (19) Captain Jack Sparrow 13-13
(17) MJD Hogg def. (3) Double-Double 17-14
(15) Bob Swerski def. (4) Stinkerbell 18-12
(5) My Wife Loves Jimmy G def. (13) Viking Blood 11-6
(11) Nighthawk def. (6) Mr. T 19-14
(7) Rad Dad def. (10) Drummer Boy 18-10
(9) The Sad Salmon def. (8) The Rickster 16-14

First Round Matches (Week 13):

(21) Young Tuna def. (12) Shaylene 30-29
(13) Viking Blood def. (20) Slick Chick 24-23
(19) Captain Jack Sparrow def. (14) Fearless Tuna 27-12
(15) Bob Swerski def. (18) Captain Insano 30-29
(17) MJD Hogg def. (16) New York City Sewer Rat 33-2

First Round Bye Weeks (Week 13):

(1) Roadrunner
(2) Hoosier Daddy
(3) Double-Double
(4) Stinkerbell
(5) My Wife Loves Jimmy G
(6) Mr. T
(7) Rad Dad
(8) The Rickster
(9) The Sad Salmon
(10) Drummer Boy
(11) Nighthawk

(Note: Players with a bye week will first play during the Wild Card Round.  Top seed will play against the lowest ranked player to advance, second seed will play against the next lowest ranked player to advance, and so on.)

Tournament Entry Tiebreakers (for players tied in the Current Standings):

(#1) Peak Position
(#2) Most Games of the Week
(#3) Most Double Stakes
(#4) Most Triple Crowns
(#5) Most SNF/MNF 6 Point Games

Tournament Seedings:

(1) Roadrunner
(2) Hoosier Daddy
(3) Double-Double
(4) Stinkerbell
(5) My Wife Loves Jimmy G
(6) Mr. T
(7) Rad Dad
(8) The Rickster
(9) The Sad Salmon
(10) Drummer Boy
(11) Nighthawk
(12) Shaylene
(13) Viking Blood
(14) Fearless Tuna
(15) Bob Swerski
(16) New York City Sewer Rat
(17) MJD Hogg
(18) Captain Insano
(19) Captain Jack Sparrow
(20) Slick Chick
(21) Young Tuna