Sunday Games 10/7

Things returned to normal in The Football Club for many members this week, as we had many people with high scores upon the conclusion of the Sunday games.  Leading the way was Iceman, Mr. T, and Catfish, all with 29 Points heading into the Monday night game.  8 players correctly picked both Games of the Week with Pit & Sea– Iceman, Mr. T, Catfish, Fuegoburns, Rad Dad, freespirit, The Beav, and Staubach.  20 players nailed the Triple Crown with Atl-Balt-Min, too many to list out individually.  But I’m sure they are all glad that they were able to take home the 7 Point prize.  This week, we had two brilliant and fearless minds in the club– The Beav and The Cat.  These two players both picked Miami with TJ and scored 3 huge Points that nobody else did.  In contrast, 16 players flopped miserably and took a devastating -2 Points from their final score by picking Cin TJ.  I won’t list them all, but you know who you are.  All of you (including me) better be more careful with the Triple Jeopardy option next time.  Bad news for Papa Tuna.  His efforts to match Unknown Artist’s 17 Weeks at #1 have come to an end.  Iceman picked up 5 Points on him when Sea def. Car, thus ending Papa Tuna’s control of the top spot.  Since they have the same picks for Monday night (Hou und), it is a mathematical certainty that Iceman will become our new #1 player with a 1 Point lead over Papa Tuna.  Nice job, Iceman.