Sunday Games 10/14

Today we had quite a few surprising results across the league that caused club members to struggle for the most part.  In fact, 11 club members are struggling with single digits going into the Monday night game.  The only two players who did really well were Staubach and freespirit, who will be battling out on Monday night to settle the MVP Award winner for the week.  Only one player got the Triple Crown of Det-Balt-Wash and that was Fuegoburns.  And nobody got the Double Stakes of Cle-NYG.  Three players picked Cleveland and four players picked NY Giants, but nobody picked them together.  10 club members got both Games of the Week right with NYJ & Miami– Captain Jack Sparrow, Catfish, freespirit, Captain Insano, Papa Tuna, The Cat, TK-421, Double-Double, Annie-mal & Staubach.  And while 16 people correctly picked TB with TJ, two players took a 2 Point loss when they picked KC with TJ– The Beav & Fuegoburns.  The Monday night game will settle a lot, including deciding who will be in 1st Place.  For the Monday night game, 13 players have Denver, 14 players have San Diego, and 1 player remains undecided.  It should be a big game that will shake up the club standings quite a bit.