“Bane Delivers Punishment!” (Wk 16)

Week 15 MVP Award Winner–
Bane (32 Points)

When Bane announced at the beginning of the season that he was returning to the club after a 6 year absence, the club was very happy to have him back.  Although he did show some early season rust when it came to making picks, he showed no rust as he terrified one Head to Head opponent after another by beating nearly everyone who stood in his way.  And now, on a week when he needed to make his best picks, Bane did just that by scoring 32 Points and narrowly edging MJD Hogg out to become the Week 15 MVP Award winner.  Bane’s picks were well rounded this past week.  He wisely skipped over picking Triple Jeopardy with his failed pick of the Rams, he picked all 3 Point Spread games correct, and he got 1 Game of the Week, the Double, the Triple, and the Monday Night game.  Now that is a good week of picking.  With yet another excellent week, Bane has jumped up to 6th Place and is looking to finish off this season in the Top Five.  It shouldn’t be too difficult for him in view of the way he has been picking lately.  In fact, maybe he can take over Papa Tuna’s spot, as the former #2 player continues to struggle and tumble down the standings.  The new #2 player this week is Rad Dad, who continues to make great picks one week after another.  Rad Dad currently stands 22 Points behind 1st Place player Hoosier Daddy.  In order to catch up to him, Rad Dad is going to need to score 11 more Points than him in each of the final two weeks.  That’s nearly impossible.  It would require a complete collapse by Hoosier Daddy with a couple of 10 Point weeks.  It’s beginning to feel like 2009 all over again, with Hoosier Daddy heading for the club title and MJD Hogg rising up the standings attempting to become the Club Champion Runner-Up.  MJD Hogg had a 31 Point week to win the Week 15 MVP Award Runner-Up and move into 3rd Place.  MJD is next looking to pass up Rad Dad during this upcoming week.  I should also take a moment to make special mention of all those who picked Minnesota TJ last week– Mr. T, Dixie Slick (now 9-0), C Master V, MJD Hogg, TK-421 & freespirit (now 6-0).  That’s about it for this week.  My Super Bowl Tournament and Pro Bowl Tournament write-ups for this week can be found on the club pages for each of those.  Be sure and check them out, because there are some very interesting matches and I have written up and shared some background information on what we can expect to see with Double-Double vs. Bane and Wild Animals vs. Transformers.