“Yo Grandmama Wins Super Bowl MVP!”

Super Bowl MVP Award Winner–
Yo Grandmama (49 Points)

Yo Grandmama (a.k.a. freespirit) had the best Playoff Picks week the club has ever seen, scoring 49 Points to easily fly away with the Super Bowl MVP Award.  This surpassed MJD Hogg’s Hall of Fame record 47+1 Points week from a few years ago.  And her prediction in the Final Score Challenge of Baltimore 35 and San Francisco 31 is the closest that I have seen anyone ever come.  She was only 1 point off from picking it perfectly.

And the winner of the 2012-13 Playoff Picks is… The Rickster!  Congratulations to The Rickster on winning the only minor title that had previously eluded him in the club.  Well done!  The Top Three– The Rickster, Captain Crunch, and Parkour just proved to be too strong at picking during the Playoff Picks for any of the rest of us to keep up with them.  That’s what is known as domination.