“Rookie Sensation Stinkerbell!” (Wk 3)

Week 2 MVP Award Winner –
Stinkerbell (22 Points)

Having not made football picks for the past five years, nearly all veteran club members have really struggled during the first two weeks of the season.  Going into the Monday night game last week, 14 out of 18 club members had single-digit scores.  I’m not really sure what has caused making picks once again to be so difficult, but many players have a total score in the Current Standings that is well below their past averages.  As one example of the struggles club members have been going through, last week 10 club members picked NY Jets with Triple Jeopardy.  Meanwhile, zero club members picked Miami with TJ.  Thus, 10 players ended up taking -2 Points from their final scores when Miami won the game.  As a second example, many club members continue to bail on the Autopicker when it comes to the Thursday night game.  The Autopicker is now 2-0 at picking games, but 8 club members switched over to Baltimore and started the week off on a very bad note by not getting the gimme 2 Points.  One club member who has been immune from the plague of bad picks is new rookie sensation Stinkerbell, who followed up a strong debut in Week 1 with another outstanding week in Week 2.  Stinkerbell did this by avoiding TJ, getting 2 out of 3 Point Spread games correct, correctly picking the Monday night game and Over/Under, getting 1 Game of the Week, and picking the Sunday night game correctly.  All of this resulted in her scoring 22 Points and winning the Week 2 MVP Award.  It also catapulted her into 1st Place in the standings with a huge 6 Point early season lead over current #2 player The Cat.  Stinkerbell’s success is quite impressive when you think about how she joined the club just a couple of weeks ago and was thrown into the mix with a large group of veteran players who have been making successful football picks for 10-15 years.  Many of these players are Club Champions.  Obviously the long layoff between Football Club seasons has not affected her negatively since she is new to our friendly competition.  Well done, Stinkerbell.  Now it is time to see how she will deal with the immense pressure of holding onto 1st Place.  Will she manage to stay in 1st Place for another week or will she fold under the pressure?  The Week 2 MVP Award Runner-Up was Captain Insano with 16 Points.  On most weeks, 16 Points would be considered a somewhat poor showing.  But on a challenging week with upsets everywhere, the good Captain had a strong showing.  Captain Insano is one of the few players who has not shown much rust when it comes to making picks.  Along with Stinkerbell being our new #1 player, The Cat staying strong at #2, and Captain Insano being tied for 3rd Place, the Top Five also includes Rad Dad (tied for 3rd) and Nighthawk sitting in 5th Place.

Head to Head Weekly got off to a good start last week with a few interesting results.  In Division One, Hoosier Daddy and Rad Dad picked up wins and started out 1-0.  In Division Two, Bob Swerski and Stinkerbell won and also began 1-0.  In Division Three, The Rickster won to start out 1-0.  And in a defensive struggle, freespirit managed to beat Drummer Boy by a final score of 4-3.  I don’t think we’ve ever seen a result that crazy with such low scores by both players.  In Division Four, Captain Insano and Nighthawk both picked up wins and began 1-0.  In the only cross-conference match, Captain Jack Sparrow tied Slick Chick 6-6.  These two friendly rivals are both active posters on Club Chat, with both of them making very entertaining posts on a regular basis.

Pro Bowl Team Weekly also started off last week with three team matches.  In the first match, The Black Pearl def. Daddy & His Boys 30-23.  Captain Jack had proclaimed that “It appears the Black Pearl has been grounded on a slick reef. Shiver me timbers I hope I can do better next week. Must
wait for high tide.
”  However, even though the ship’s captain was indeed grounded with a tie, his ship’s cannons had enough firepower to still win their team match.  In the second match, McTriple Play def. The Mega Powers 43-36.  McTriple Play features three family members playing all together, led by 2008 Club Champion Nighthawk.  And in the third match, which was a rematch of the last Pro Bowl Final in 2012, Wild Animals got revenge for their championship loss by beating Transformers 35-19.  These two teams are the biggest rivals the club has ever seen and every time they play each other, it is a true grudge match.