“The Cat Claws Another MVP Award!” (Wk 7)

Week 6 MVP Award Winner –
The Cat (28 Points)

Last week, The Cat had a very impressive week as he scored 28 Points to win the Week 6 MVP Award.  That was 8 Points better than the next best score.  When The Cat turned in his picks last Saturday night, he had just finished up a 9-hour day in the ministry and he had studied his magazine for the meeting with the Hansens (from San Rafael), who are currently visiting The Cat out in Ecuador.  The Cat was frustrated with his struggles in the club during the past couple of weeks, so he employed a special picking strategy that he uses on rare occasions.  I’m not allowed to reveal his secret strategy, but it paid off big time and he ended up scoring a lot more Points than the rest of us did.  The Cat’s best picks came in the Triple Crown, where he picked Atl-Mia-Dal to win the 7 Points (which nobody else got).  Did you know that only 7 Triple Crowns have been captured in total over the course of the first 6 weeks?  If you can correctly pick a Triple Crown, you are an immediate front-runner to win an MVP Award.  The Week 6 MVP Award Runner-Up was Hoosier Daddy, who scored 20 Points and jumped all the way up to 9th Place, now sitting a mere 9 Points out of the prestigious Top Five.  Drummer Boy has also been picking very solidly lately and now finds himself tied with Hoosier Daddy in 9th Place.  I also wanted to give a shout out to Slick Chick, who does a great job in keeping Club Chat active and interesting every week.  Slick Chick has been struggling, but she finally picked up a big Triple Jeopardy win thanks to trusting the NY Jets to win it for her.  In looking at the current Top Five, Stinkerbell had another subpar week as she only scored 14 Points, yet it was good enough to increase her 1st Place lead to 17 Points.  That might sound like a lot, but it could actually be erased in one single week if she struggles greatly and someone has a huge high-scoring week.  For the moment, though, she is sitting pretty at the top.  We now have a two-way tie for 2nd Place between Captain Insano and Kip Possible.  Captain Insano had a rough week, while Kip Possible did slightly better and that moved him up a notch.  At #4 we have Rad Dad and at #5 we have the return of The Cat to the Top Five.

Over in Head to Head Weekly, it’s hard to believe but we have now played half of the 10-game regular season of Head to Head competition.  Keep in mind that you do not want to be one of the two players who have the worst records in each conference, as those players will end up having to play in the First Round of the Super Bowl Tournament later this season.  Division One currently has a 3-way tie for 1st Place between Fearless Tuna, Hoosier Daddy, and Rad Dad (3-1-1 records).  Division Two is being dominated by Stinkerbell (3-1-1) but Double-Double (2-1-2) is not far behind.  Division Three is being fiercely contested between Drummer Boy, freespirit, and The Rickster (3-2 records).  The leaders of Division Four are Captain Insano and Nighthawk (4-1 records), who are tied with the best records in the league.  Pro Bowl Weekly now has five games in the books, and that means that all teams have played each other once.  Where do we stand after the early season dust has settled?  The same place we stood at the end of the 2012 season, with Transformers and Wild Animals being the top two teams.  Both teams are now 4-1 and due to an automatic scheduling quirk, will play each other next week in a battle for sole possession of 1st Place.  It should be a great match.  Meanwhile, The Black Pearl has essentially been shipwrecked at 1-4 and  The Mega Powers have proven to be mega weaklings as they also fell to 1-4.  Let’s hope both teams can pick it up next week and begin to play better.