“Double-Double Grills Up the Competition!” (Wk 8)

Week 7 MVP Award Winner –
Double-Double (33 Points)

Double-Double delivered his picks Animal Style this week as he grilled up the competition by scoring 33 Points, which is the highest score of the year so far.  Back in Week 2, Double-Double was way down in 10th Place.  But he has slowly been climbing the charts and has now moved into 2nd Place after winning the Week 7 MVP Award.  Double-Double, as most of you know, makes his picks from Omaha, Nebraska as he cheers on Big Red in college and the SF 49ers in the NFL.  Both teams have the same record this season at 1-6.  But Double-Double is determined not to follow in their path, as can be seen in the strong picks he made last week.  Double-Double’s strong picks included picking Detroit with TJ, getting the Double Stakes of Min-NE, and getting both Games of the Week correct with NO and Wash.  He has now become a serious challenger to Stinkerbell’s #1 spot.  Being a former Club Champion in 2005, he knows what it takes to get to the top and stay there.  Current #1 player Stinkerbell finally rebounded with a strong week herself, scoring 25 Points at a time when she needed it the most.  Her current lead in 1st Place now stands at 15 Points.  #3 player Rad Dad scored 26 Points, which he also badly needed to stay in the Top Five.  #4 player Captain Insano struggled a bit with 19 Points.  He might need to start picking Triple Jeopardy to help boost his Points total (if he can pick it right).  #5 player The Cat had 22 Points, which was just enough to keep himself in the Top Five for at least one more week.  Other than Double-Double’s super-strong week, the other big story in the club this week was the reemergence of Hoosier Daddy as a force to be reckoned with.  Hoosier Daddy scored 27 Points to claim the Week 7 MVP Award Runner-Up as he took over 6th Place.  Hoosier Daddy is now just a mere 4 Points from entering the Top Five for the first time this season.  You may recall that back in Week 1, Hoosier Daddy debuted in 18th Place.  Imagine what an amazing story it would be if Hoosier Daddy keeps making great picks and climbs all the way from Last Place to First Place to win the club title.

In Head to Head Weekly last week, Rad Dad completely took over Division One with a 4-1-1 record.  To do this, Rad Dad def. Captain Insano 26-19, which was a friendly battle between members of the Top Five.  It’s no surprise to see Stinkerbell leading Division Two with a 4-1-1 record.  Just behind her is Double-Double, who now has a record of 3-1-2.  Double-Double has now won 3 straight matches after beginning the season a dismal 0-1-2.  In what seems like an unfair match-up (for Hoosier’s sake), Double-Double def. Hoosier Daddy 33-27 last week as the MVP defeated the MVP Runner-Up.  Hoosier Daddy would have defeated any other player in the club had he been matched up against someone else.  Division Three has a two-way tie for 1st Place between The Rickster and freespirit, both with strong records of 4-2.  The Rickster has been really good at Head to Head play this season.  Last week, The Rickster def. Captain Jack Sparrow 26-19.  In Division Four, Captain Insano and Nighthawk both are on top with 4-2 records.  In a narrow victory, Nighthawk def. MJD Hogg 13-12.  As Nighthawk has struggled a bit in the Points Standings this season, he is surely glad to be dominating in Head to Head competition.  Over in Pro Bowl Team Weekly, Wild Animals sent a strong message to the rest of the club that they are the #1 team and top contenders for the Pro Bowl championship.  Wild Animals dominated Transformers and defeated them for the second time this season, this time by a score of 81-50.  That’s by far the highest team score of the season so far.  And it is also the second time that Transformers have taken a loss, with both losses coming at the paws of Wild Animals.  Wild Animals are two-time Pro Bowl Team Champs, having won the titles in 2011 and 2005.  Wild Animals also hold two team records in the Hall of Fame.  The records are Highest Team Score in a Week with 112 combined Points and Longest Undefeated Team Streak with 12 straight games undefeated.  This week, Wild Animals should have an easy match against The Mega Powers.  Or will this be a game on upset alert?