“Double-Double Puts the Competition Out of Business!” (Wk 10)

Week 9 MVP Award Winner –
Double-Double (26 Points)

Double-Double had another strong week as he won the Week 9 MVP Award by scoring 26 Points.  Double-Double won his second MVP award in the last three weeks, further solidified his #2 position, and is now within legitimate striking distance of 1st Place.  Double-Double has whittled Stinkerbell’s lead down to a mere 7 Points as we arrive at the halfway point in the season.  Double-Double’s success last week came by correctly picking the Double Stakes of Miami-Pit, getting both Point Spread Games correct with Carolina and KC, and getting both Games of the Week correct with LA Chargers and NO.  And he did this despite starting the week with the terrible decision to bail on the Autopicker and instead go with Oak over SF, which did not even come close to panning out.  The battle for the top spot in the club this week should be absolutely fierce with Double-Double currently on fire and Stinkerbell plateauing a bit these past few weeks.  The Week 9 MVP Award Runner-Up was Kip Possible, who scored 24 Points and continues to impress by picking strongly all season long.  In looking at the Top Five, #1 player Stinkerbell scored 18 Points and has now logged an astounding 8 Weeks at #1, quite an impressive feat for the club’s only rookie player this season.  But how will she deal with the pressure of knowing that she is being chased down by Double-Double and the rest of the Top Five?  It’s time for her to step up and deliver some brilliant picks this week if she wants to stay at the top.  Tied for 3rd Place are Captain Insano and The Cat.  Captain Insano had a strong week with 22 Points and made some really good picks, including getting the Triple Crown of Chi-Min-Atl.  Only 3 other club members got the Triple Crown last week: Hoosier Daddy, Badwater Nessie, and Nighthawk.  Captain Insano’s costly mistake last week was picking Den with TJ, but other than that he did really well.  The Cat also made the mistake of picking Den with TJ, but he still managed to score 21 Points.  Both of these great players are now only 14 Points out of 1st Place.  Tied for 5th Place are Rad Dad and new member of the Top Five The Rickster.  Rad Dad really struggled last week, only scoring 15 Points.  He needs to step it up if he doesn’t want to fall out of the Top Five.  The Rickster fared much better, scoring 23 Points to finally break through into the upper echelon that most club members just hope to be part of in the Top Five.  Rad Dad and The Rickster are both currently 19 Points out of 1st Place.  Surely, they are happy with how the first half of the season has turned out for them.  For everyone else, keep in mind that only half the season has gone by.  If you are struggling don’t give up and make extremely risky picks just to try to get ahead or catch up.  Consistency is the key as it is a long season of 17 weeks and we are only at Week 10.  During the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen a couple of players make high-risk picks that have not panned out.  This week, it cost someone the MVP Award when they made three last-second switches that were a total disaster.  Last week, it cost someone’s team a victory in the Pro Bowl Weekly competition when they made one of the riskiest picks I have ever seen in a last-second switch.  Don’t give up, everyone.  I’m struggling real bad myself but I’m going to keep trying my best.

In Head to Head Weekly, we only have two weeks left in the regular season before the Super Bowl Tournament begins with the First Round of competition.  Division One is coming down to a battle between three players: Rad Dad, Fearless Tuna, and Hoosier Daddy.  Division Two finds Double-Double, Stinkerbell, and Bob Swerski all still with a shot to claim the division title.  Division Three has The Rickster and freespirit battling it out at the top.  And Division Four has  a four-way battle between Captain Insano, Nighthawk, The Cat, and Kip Possible.  Let’s see who can step up and win their matches this week before we have our final matches of Head to Head Weekly next week to decide the final standings and seeds in the Super Bowl Tournament.  Over in Pro Bowl Weekly, Wild Animals continue to absolutely dominate as they are now 7-1.  Wild Animals have three teammates who are all in the Top Five, so you can see why they are doing so well.  On the flip side, The Black Pearl has lost 7 straight matches and let’s see if they can right the ship this week.