“Badwater Nessie Has Been Sighted!” (Wk 12)

Week 11 MVP Award Winner –
Badwater Nessie (27 Points)

After swimming beneath the surface for the first 10 weeks, Badwater Nessie has emerged from the depths and been sighted with the Week 11 MVP Award.  Badwater Nessie did this by scoring 27 Points, helped in part by being the only club member to successfully pick the difficult Triple Crown combination of Pit-Hou-Det last week.  The Week 11 MVP Award Runner-Up was a tie between Captain Jack Sparrow and The Cat, who both scored 26 Points.  Within the Top Five, Stinkerbell scored 1 more Point than Double-Double last week, which allowed her to move back into a tie for 1st Place with him.  However, Stinkerbell warned Double-Double on Club Chat that: “It’s time for Double Double to move his buns over I’m coming back“.  Captain Insano continued to hold steady in 3rd Place with another solid week.  Meanwhile, The Rickster and Hoosier Daddy traded places but both stayed in the Top Five.

Head to Head Weekly wrapped up last week with some fantastic finishes.  Starting with Conference One, Hoosier Daddy knocked off Fearless Tuna 18-15 to claim the Division One title and the #1 seed in the Super Bowl Tournament.  In Division Two, Stinkerbell beat Double-Double 22-21 to claim the title and become the #2 seed.  Moving on to Conference Two, The Rickster squeaked by freespirit 20-18 to win the Division Three title and #1 seed.  And Captain Insano punished Nighthawk 21-2, only allowing a safety in route to the Division Four title and #2 seed.  In a cruel twist of fate, Captain Jack Sparrow ended up winless at 0-9-1 even though he was the MVP Award Runner-Up last week.  He lost his match because he was playing again the player who was MVP (and also the only player who could possibly beat him).  The legendary Super Bowl Tournament starts up this week with two First Round matches.  The Super Bowl Tournament page can be found under the menu for H2H & Team Play.  The winners of this week’s First Round matches get the prize of playing against the two #1 seeds next week in the Wild Card Round.  The first match is (9) Captain Jack Sparrow (0-9-1) at (8) Badwater Nessie (2-8). This is the third time these two players will be meeting this season.  In Week 5, Badwater Nessie def. Captain Jack Sparrow 19-18.  And in Week 11, Badwater Nessie def. Captain Jack Sparrow 27-26.  As you can see, both matches were decided by a single Point.  This First Round match, with the loser going home from Head to Head play, should be just as close.  The second match is (9) Slick Chick (2-6-2) at (8) Rex Kwan Do (2-6-2).  These two players did not meet this season, but Rex Kwan Do had a slightly more challenging strength of schedule and that’s why he was the higher seed.  Don’t forget that the higher seed advances in case of a tie.  Over in Pro Bowl Team Weekly last week, we had a major upset.  The upset was The Black Pearl def. Wild Animals 73-67.  It was definitely surprising to see the worst team beat the best team, but being that The Black Pearl is stacked with talented shipmates, perhaps they have righted the ship.  And that’s good timing with only two weeks left before the Pro Bowl Tournament starts.