“Rad Dad Makes Rad Picks Again!” (Wk 13)

Week 12 MVP Award Winner –
Rad Dad (30 Points)

Rad Dad has rebounded nicely and returned to the Top Five by making some rad picks last week to win the Week 12 MVP Award with 30 Points.  Rad Dad thus became the third player this season to score 30 Points during a week.  Rad Dad now moves back up to his previous peak position of #3 and stands a mere 13 Points out of 1st Place.  Rad Dad started off his week strong by being 1 of only 7 players to score 5 Points on Thursday with picks of Chi TJ, Dal, and NO.  He kept the momentum up by getting one Game of the Week with Buf, the Sunday night game with Min, and the Triple Crown of TB-Balt-Phil.  Last week was the best week of the season for club members when it came to the Triple Crown, as 11 out of 18 picked it correctly.  The Week 12 MVP Award Runner-Up was Rad Dad’s teammate Captain Jack Sparrow.  The friendly Captain Jack, who is very active on Club Chat, finally righted the ship by scoring 28 Points this week.  Upon realizing he had a good week, Captain Jack posted on Club Chat: “I feel a change in the winds. Full speed ahead Maty.”  In looking at the Top Five, Stinkerbell finally came through and posted a very strong week with 26 Points.  This allowed her to retake sole possession of 1st Place with a 6 Point cushion.  Double-Double now sits in 2nd Place with a 7 Point cushion himself, but he will need to step up his game if he wants to remain there or get back to the top of the club.  After posting a very strong November (with scores of 26, 21, 21, and 20 Points), as well as logging 2 Weeks at #1 and 1 MVP Award, Double-Double has been named our November Player of the Month.  Co-#4 player Captain Insano slipped down a bit down in the standings after struggling with only 18 Points last week.  He continues to pick boldly and hopefully his courage in taking a risk here and there will pay off better next week.  Co-#4 player The Cat posted a very strong week with 25 Points to move back into the Top Five.  After The Cat had gone out in the ministry for an 18 hour day on Friday in Ecuador, he then injured his leg while going out Saturday, so he had a little bit extra time to think about his picks and it paid off.  But don’t worry about him making his time, as he is already 155 hours ahead this service year.  Also, this week Slick Chick deserves special mention as she was finally able to climb out of the cellar and into 16th Place with a strong showing of 26 Points.  Slick Chick is peaking at the right time, as you will see in the paragraph below.

The Super Bowl Tournament started strongly last week with two matches which took place in the dreaded First Round.  Absolutely nobody ever wants to play in the First Round because you end up facing elimination so quickly.  In the first match, (9) Captain Jack Sparrow def. (8) Badwater Nessie 28-14.  With that, Captain Jack finally got his first win of the season and he avenged his two earlier 1 Point losses to Nessie.  Captain Jack now advances to play the #1 seed from Conference One which is Hoosier Daddy.  The other three matches in Conference One will be (7) MJD Hogg at (2) Stinkerbell, (6) Fearless Tuna at (3) Bob Swerski, and (5) Rad Dad at (4) Double-Double.  The last match mentioned should be really good with the club’s #3 and #2 players battling it out with the loser being eliminated from tournament play.  In the second match which took place last week in the First Round, (9) Slick Chick def. (8) Rex Kwan Do 26-16.  Slick Chick’s reward for winning this match and escaping the First Round is a match-up against the #1 seed from Conference Two which is The Rickster.  The other three matches in Conference Two include (7) Drummer Boy at (2) Captain Insano, (6) Kip Possible at (3) Nighthawk, and (5) The Cat at (4) freespirit.  We will soon find out which eight players from the Wild Card Round will win and advance to the Divisional Round next week.  Over in Pro Bowl Team Weekly, we have now reached the final week of regular season competition.  Wild Animals have already clinched a bye week and the #1 seed in the Pro Bowl Tournament after defeating Transformers last week for the third time this season.  However, one more bye week is still up for grabs.  That bye week will be decided during a showdown between Transformers and Daddy & His Boys.  That will be the match of the week to watch closely.