“MJD Hogg Goes From Last to First!” (Wk 2)

Week 1 MVP Award Winner –
MJD Hogg (34 Points)

When the 2018 season ended, MJD Hogg found himself finishing up the season in Last Place while ending 83 Points behind 2018 Club Champion Double-Double.  He was no doubt unhappy with his final placement, despite the fact that with so many club legends now participating, it can be challenging just to make the Top Ten.  However, during the previous season in The Football Club (which was the 2012 season), MJD Hogg finished in 2nd Place.  He was the Runner-Up to 2012 Club Champion Hoosier Daddy, ending only 15 Points behind him.  As Week 1 came to an end last week, it was clear that MJD Hogg had returned to form.  MJD Hogg scored 34 Points to win the Week 1 MVP Award and debut in 1st Place in the Points Standings.  Club members were quick to send their congratulations to MJD Hogg over on Club Chat.  It was a fantastic start and there is nothing like starting the season out at the top of the charts, having locked down a Peak Position of #1 for the entire season.  The Week 1 MVP Award Runner-Up was Drummer Boy, who finished with 33 Points and is also off to a great start.  It is good to see both of these club legends back on form with making great picks.  Let’s hope they can keep it up for the rest of the season.  Rounding out the Top Five, there is a logjam in 3rd Place with four players tied (all with 27 Points) – Captain Jack Sparrow, Bob Swerski, freespirit, and Just For The Halibut! J-Bird.  Halibut J-Bird is returning to participate in the club for the first time since the 2008 season.  It is awesome to have Halibut J-Bird back in the club as he is a two-time Club Champion, having won the titles in 1999 and 2003.  He is no doubt looking to add another trophy to his case this season.

This week, three aspects of the club begin.  First, Triple Jeopardy has been activated and will be available for the rest of the season for the first Regular Game.  Feel free to select Triple Jeopardy and go for the bonus 2 Points if you are right.  But just remember that if you are wrong, you will lose -2 Points from your final score for the week.  Second, Head to Head Weekly begins its 10-week regular season.  Our Division Champs last season were: Hoosier Daddy (6-3-1), Stinkerbell (6-3-1), The Rickster (8-2), and Captain Insano (8-2).  And, of course, our defending 2018 Super Bowl Head to Head Champion is Bob Swerski, who defeated Runner-Up The Rickster 22-20 in a thrilling grand finale.  Third, Pro Bowl Team Weekly begins its 12-week regular season.  Our defending Pro Bowl Champions are Wild Animals, who defeated Runner-Up Transformers 67-45 to claim the title.  With the current retirement of Kip Possible, Transformers have been disbanded.  Instead, Team Captain Slick Chick has started up a new team that she is calling Alhambra, along with freespirit and Mr. T – who are both excellent players.  In addition, with the return of Halibut J-Bird, he and I have restarted The Supernovas.  The Supernovas won the team title back in 2006 with our teammate The Rickster.  But since The Rickster is now on Wild Animals and they are defending their 2018 title, we added club veteran and always-solid player Captain Insano to our roster for this season.