“Badwater Nessie Rises From the Depths!” (Wk 7)

Week 6 MVP Award Winner –
Badwater Nessie (27 Points)

Last weekend, Badwater Nessie was on his way to New York to visit Bethel when he remembered to turn in his picks for the week.  If you’ll recall, he was coming off a very strong Week 5 performance where he scored 25 Points and was the only player in the entire club to correctly pick the upset of Indy over KC in the Sunday night game.  In Week 6, Nessie followed that up by scoring 27 Points to win the Week 6 MVP Award.  The key to Nessie’s success was once again with the Sunday night game.  Yet again, he was the only player in the entire club to get the Sunday night game correct with his pick of Pit over LA Chargers.  That’s quite an accomplishment knowing that he was the only 1 out of 18 players on back-to-back weeks to get those important games correct.  Another interesting statistic about Badwater Nessie is that last year he led the league in Triple Jeopardy picks, going 11-4 to get 73% on the season.  That was a net gain for him of 14 Points in the standings.  This year, he’s back at it again.  He is currently leading the league (along with Hoosier Daddy) with a TJ picking record of 4-1.  Nessie, who was swimming at the bottom in Last Place just a couple of weeks ago, has now risen from the depths and is all the way up to 11th Place.  The Week 6 MVP Award Runner-Up was a 3-way tie between Halibut J-Bird, Slick Chick, and MJD Hogg, who all scored 19 Points.  At the top of the charts, Slick Chick is locked in a fierce battle with freespirit with only 1 Point currently separating the two.  freespirit logged her 2nd Week at #1 despite struggling in Week 6.  Also struggling last week, but maintaining his spot, was Bob Swerski in 3rd Place.  Rounding out the Top Five, we have Halibut J-Bird in 4th Place and Nighthawk in 5th Place.  A mere 1 Point out of the Top Five, we have three players tied for 6th Place – The Cat, Double-Double, and Stinkerbell.  We have to give credit to The Cat just for getting his picks in last week despite dealing with severe civil unrest in his own neighborhood (as well as across the land) in Ecuador.  Seeing Double-Double and Stinkerbell both tied after Week 6 with 109 Points brings back a flood of memories of their historic battle for the Club Championship last season.  Which one of these two great players will pass the other one up next week?  At the bottom of the charts, Fearless Tuna and Rad Dad are both struggling mightily as they battle it out to avoid Last Place.

We are now halfway through our Head to Head regular season.  Three of our four previously undefeated players took losses last week.  That leaves Double-Double as the league’s only undefeated player at 4-0-1.  Meanwhile, Mr. T and The Cat have taken control of Division Three and Division Four.  In Pro Bowl Weekly, we had the clash of the titans last week as the top two teams squared off.  The match was won by Wild Animals as they defeated previously unbeaten team McTriple Play 51-38.  Wild Animals have now won 4 straight games and have tied McTriple Play atop the leader board with a record of 4-1.