“The Rickster Posts Another Historic Perfect Week!” (Wk 9)

Week 8 MVP Award Winners –
The Rickster & Fearless Tuna (41 Points)


The Rickster has done it again!  Fifteen years after posting the first ever Perfect Week in club history, The Rickster made perfect picks once again.  Having a Perfect Week is the crowning achievement during a single week of play in The Football Club.  It is nearly impossible to do, as evidenced by the fact that there have only been three Perfect Weeks in club history.  The Rickster did it first during Week 6 of the 2004 season when he picked 14/14 games correct for 39/39 Points.  Then, The Cat did it during Week 11 of 2012 season when he picked 14/14 games correct for 41/39 Points (he had selected TJ).  And this time, The Rickster has raised the bar yet again.  During Week 8, The Rickster picked 15/15 games correct for 41/41 Points.  Having a Perfect Week means that you have to pick all of the games correct (including the Point Spread games) and pick the Over/Under correct.  But there is a reason that the Perfect Week is listed first under the All-Time Records section of the Hall of Fame here on the club site.  And that’s because it’s a truly great accomplishment.  In view of this special achievement, The Rickster has been named the October Player of the Month.  The Rickster (and Fearless Tuna) were also just 1 Point away from tying Captain Jack Sparrow for another All-Time Record, which is Highest Score In a Week (42 Points).  As for me, you may have noticed that I matched The Rickster’s score of 41 Points and thus we are the Week 8 Co-MVP Award winners.  However, I did not have a Perfect Week.  I missed one Point Spread game but made up the 2 Points because I had selected TJ.  Even so, in what was perhaps the worst weekend of my life with the major surgery I had to endure, it felt good to have such a great week in the club.  Our Week 8 MVP Award Runner-Up was Captain Jack Sparrow, who scored 35 Points.  In looking at the Top Five, everyone had fairly strong weeks.  The Current order of our Top Five is (1) Halibut J-Bird, (2) freespirit, (3) Double-Double, (4) Nighthawk & Stinkerbell (tied).  I think it’s really interesting to see how close in the standings that family members (and teammates) Nighthawk, Stinkerbell, and Bob Swerski are.

Over in Head to Head Weekly, Double-Double continued his potentially historic run toward an undefeated regular season record as he defeated Badwater Nessie 32-17 to improve to 6-0-1.  However, there are still 3 games left and he must win all of them to achieve the record.  And many players have stood in this position before and then ended up self-destructing.  So let’s see what happens this week.