“The Cat Pounces on the Week 9 MVP Award!”

Week 9 MVP Award Winner –
The Cat (26 Points)

On a week in which most club members struggled to do well, The Cat stepped up and delivered some really good picks.  It all started when The Cat was 1 of only 3 players to correctly pick Miami with TJ (the others were Hoosier Daddy & Badwater Nessie).  Then, The Cat was 1 of only 5 players to correctly pick the Double Stakes of Carolina and Denver.  Finally, The Cat was 1 of only 4 players to get the Sunday night game correct with Baltimore’s huge victory over New England (the others were Fearless Tuna, Badwater Nessie & The Rickster).  All of those important picks involved correctly picking minor upsets, which The Cat was able to do without hesitation.  As a result, The Cat scored 26 Points to win the Week 9 MVP Award.  The Week 9 MVP Award Runner-Up was a tie between Slick Chick & The Rickster, who both scored 20 Points.  The Rickster seems to have the hot hand in the club right now at making picks, as he has jumped all the way up into 3rd Place with 181 Points and now stands only 7 Points out of 1st Place.  While most players in and around the Top Five continue to pick conservatively, The Rickster has done some risk-taking that has been paying off for several weeks now.  And that’s why he’s now threatening to become our new #1 player.  The current Top Five consists of #1 Halibut J-Bird, #2 freespirit (4 Points behind), #3 The Rickster (7 Points behind), #4 Double-Double (9 Points behind), and tied for #5 Nighthawk & Stinkerbell (11 Points behind).  One other thing I noted was that through the first 9 weeks of the season, we have had 10 different MVP Award winners.  Nobody has won the award twice this season so far.  And that means two things.  First, Slick Chick’s Hall of Fame record for Most MVP Awards in One Season (with 5 MVP Awards) is safe for yet another year.  And second, it is really good to have the honor spread out among so many different players.  There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing different people win the MVP Awards and also different people having a chance to spend time in 1st Place.  It makes it more fun and interesting for everyone.

Over in Head to Head Weekly, Double-Double finally suffered his first defeat of the season, as he was soundly beaten by Slick Chick 20-13.  There are only two weeks of the Head to Head regular season left before the Super Bowl Tournament begins.  So be sure to do your best over the next couple of weeks so you can avoid playing in the dreaded First Round.  In Pro Bowl Team Weekly, play continues with the teams McTriple Play, Wild Animals, and The Supernovas all currently playing strongly.