“Fearless Tuna Swims Past the Competition!”

Week 11 MVP Award Winner –
Fearless Tuna (37 Points)

In two of the past four weeks, I have somehow managed to have two of the best scores of my career.  Back in Week 8, I was able to tie The Rickster during his incredible Perfect Week for the highest score of the year with 41 Points.  And now I have followed that up with a huge 37 Point week during Week 11 to win my 2nd MVP Award of the season.  Last week, I only missed two games (Atlanta and Denver) and the Over/Under for Monday night.  (Keep in mind that you can always view my personal picks before kickoff as they are posted on the site’s Main Page for all to see.)  In looking back at the standings, I was in 17th Place back in Week 6, being 27 Points out of 1st Place.  A mere five weeks later, after swimming past most of the competition, I find myself in 2nd Place and stand only 2 Points out of 1st Place.  This is an example of why you never give up in The Football Club even when you are near the bottom and struggling.  It has definitely been a comeback for the ages but this is no time to get comfortable because there are so many great players just behind me in the standings.  The Week 11 MVP Award Runner-Up went to Mr. T & The Rickster, who both scored 32 Points.  We have spoken previously about how great The Rickster has been picking lately, and last week was no different.  He is absolutely on fire and a genuine threat to become our new Club Champion.  Mr. T, on the other hand, has quietly become a force to be reckoned with.  Mr. T has climbed all the way up to 6th Place in the standings and finds himself a mere 8 Points away from taking over the top spot.  This has been Mr. T’s best season in the club in quite some time.  Let’s hope that he can continue to make great picks and also challenge for the club title.  The Top Five currently consists of #1 freespirit, #2 Fearless Tuna (2 Points behind), #3 Halibut J-Bird (4 Points behind), #4 The Rickster (5 Points behind), and #5 The Cat (6 Points behind).  In addition, #7 player Double-Double is only 10 Points behind and continues to make solid picks.  By logging her 4th week at #1, freespirit has now taken the lead for most weeks in 1st Place for this season.  But with so many players right behind her, she is no doubt feeling a lot of pressure at this point.  We have only 6 weeks left in the season and literally anyone in the club could end up becoming our champion.

The regular season of Head to Head Weekly wrapped up last week with several great matches.  Our division winners are: Fearless Tuna (Division One), Double-Double (Division Two), The Rickster (Division Three), and The Cat (Division Four).  All of the 2019 Super Bowl Tournament seedings have been figured out and there is now a new page for that under the H2H & Team Play menu which you can check out.  Most players have the week off from Head to Head play next week but four players got stuck playing in the dreaded First Round.  The two matches will be (9) Rad Dad (1-8-1) at (8) Stinkerbell (4-6) and (9) Captain Insano (2-6-2) at (8) Drummer Boy (3-7).  Whoever survives these two matches will have to face the top seeds in each conference during Week 13.  Over in Pro Bowl Weekly, there are still two weeks of regular season matches.  But even with two weeks left, Wild Animals (8-2) have already clinched the #1 seed and a bye week in the upcoming Pro Bowl Tournament.