“Drummer Boy’s Tempo Is Hard to Keep Up With!”

Week 15 MVP Award Winner –
Drummer Boy (36 Points)

Instead of going through with his plans to sell his current drum set, Drummer Boy has picked up the tempo and is playing them stronger than ever.  Drummer Boy will have to cancel the sale for now as he stepped up big time and scored 36 Points to win the Week 15 MVP Award.  With that, Drummer Boy has claimed 2 of the last 3 MVP Awards and finds himself surging to the top of the standings.  With only 2 weeks left in the season, he has put himself in position to potentially win his first Club Championship.  Drummer Boy’s big week came about as he got both Games of the Week correct with Houston and Dallas, the Sunday night game with Buffalo, and the Triple Crown with TB-Phil-Min.  It is incredible to think that back in Week 10, Drummer Boy was way down in 14th Place.  And now here we are five weeks later and Drummer Boy sits in 3rd Place, a mere 9 Points away from the top spot.  What a strong display of perseverance and not giving up despite having some rough weeks!  The Week 15 MVP Award Runner-Up went to Drummer Boy’s teammate MJD Hogg, who scored 35 Points.  MJD Hogg has also been playing really well lately and has moved back into the Top Ten in the standings.  Speaking of Drummer Boy and MJD Hogg, be sure to also read the final paragraph below to see how their outstanding weeks affected their Pro Bowl Tournament Final Four match.  Moving into 1st Place this week for the first time this season was Fearless Tuna.  I’m definitely happy that I made it into 1st Place for at least one week.  And that makes 8 different players now this season who have all had the chance to be in 1st Place for at least one week – nearly half of the club.  I’m not sure if I will be able to finish the season in 1st Place with so many great players just behind me, but I will certainly try my best.  It would be neat to claim my first ever lifetime club title, but there are three other players within immediate striking distance who could easily move into 1st Place next week.  The Top Five currently looks like this: #1 Fearless Tuna, #2 Double-Double (4 Points behind), #3 Drummer Boy (9 Points behind), #4 Halibut J-Bird (12 Points behind), and co-#5’s Captain Insano & Mr. T (21 Points behind).

Let’s now give some attention to the Super Bowl Tournament.  Last week, the Final Four matches were settled when (3) Hoosier Daddy def. (1) Double-Double 33-21 and (8) Drummer Boy def. (6) Slick Chick 36-14.  The rest of this paragraph has been copied over from the Super Bowl Tournament Page.  This season’s Super Bowl Championship match between Drummer Boy and Hoosier Daddy is a showdown between two Daddy & His Boys teammates. It also features two club members who have never before won the Super Bowl Tournament Head to Head competition. Being that both Drummer Boy and Hoosier Daddy are original club members from the late 1990s, winning this tournament for the first time will be especially thrilling for one of them. However, despite never actually winning, Drummer Boy and Hoosier Daddy have both made it to Super Bowl finals before. Hoosier Daddy played in Super Bowl III (in 1999) where he lost to champion Cuda by a score of 18-14. Drummer Boy played in Super Bowl X (in 2007) where he lost to champion Captain Jack Sparrow 16-10. Being that they are in different conferences and are also teammates, these two players haven’t really matched up against each other much (if at all) in the past. Generally, teammates don’t play against each other unless they are in the same division and are required to. But the Super Bowl Tournament is a different story. One player must win and raise the trophy high while one must go home in disappointment, so the match must be played. At this time, let’s take a closer look at how both players have done in Head to Head play this season. Starting with Hoosier Daddy (#3 seed in Conference One), he had a solid regular season, as he always seems to do. He finished with a regular season record of 6 wins and 4 losses, and narrowly lost out on winning his division title by 1/2 game. In the Super Bowl Tournament, Hoosier Daddy defeated Badwater Nessie, Bob Swerski, and Double-Double to advance to the final. That was no easy task defeating the defending champion Bob Swerski and #1 seed Double-Double. So clearly, Hoosier Daddy has earned this shot at winning the championship. As for Drummer Boy (#8 seed in Conference Two), he had a regular season to forget. He finished at the bottom of his division with a record of 3 wins and 7 losses. His prospects for making a deep run in the tournament did not look good when he got stuck playing for his life in the dreaded First Round. But then the Super Bowl Tournament started and he pulled off a tie with Captain Insano 22-22 which allowed him to advance out of the First Round due to being the higher seed. Since then, he has not looked back. Drummer Boy went on to shock #1 seed The Cat, #2 seed The Rickster, and #6 seed Slick Chick to reach the final. Drummer Boy now finds himself with an overall season record of 7-7 and is just one match away from completing the greatest tournament run that the club has ever seen. Adding to the drama of this match is that not only are these two players battling each other, but they are also going into battle together as a team (along with MJD Hogg) in the Pro Bowl Team Championship match. So they have to root for each other to do well and have a high score, while at the same time trying to somehow win the match. Let’s hope that this quandary doesn’t adversely affect their team match and cause Daddy & His Boys to fall apart. It’s impossible to know who will win this ultimate showdown with everything on the line between Daddy & His Boys teammates, but we will soon find out.

Moving over to the Pro Bowl Team Tournament, we also had our Final Four matches last week.  The two matches were both upsets, with (5) The Supernovas def. (1) Wild Animals 79-53 and (3) Daddy & His Boys def. (2) McTriple Play 104-67.  The rest of this paragraph has been copied over from the Pro Bowl Tournament Page.  The 2019 Pro Bowl Team Championship match is an unlikely showdown between a long forgotten powerhouse with The Supernovas and one of the greatest Pro Bowl teams of all time with Daddy & His Boys.  For those unfamiliar with the club history of The Supernovas, let me share a brief recap.  The Supernovas were formed in 2006 by original members The Rickster (playing as Eastside Brewer), Halibut J-Bird (playing as Generation J-Bird) & Fearless Tuna (playing as Stop the Clocks).  The Supernovas went on to have a golden season that was the most dominant of all time in route to winning the 2006 Pro Bowl Team Championship.  In fact, The Supernovas earned a spot in the Hall of Fame for Best Pro Bowl Champions Record with 13 wins and 2 losses.  That record has never been beaten or equaled ever since.  The very next season, The Supernovas disbanded despite being the defending champions.  Their original lineup reformed in 2009, 3 years after winning their only title in the club.  That season, they made it all the way back to the Pro Bowl Final before losing to Victorious Secret 64-46.  They played together once again in 2010, this time being eliminated in the Final Four.  The next season in 2011, The Rickster joined Wild Animals and helped lead them to 2 of the next 3 Pro Bowl titles.  And that leads us to this season.  With Halibut J-Bird returning to the club after a long absence, he and Fearless Tuna brought back The Supernovas.  In need of a third teammate, they drafted strong player Captain Insano to their squad.  However, their 2019 regular season did not go that well, as they ended with a 5-7 record and were seeded a lowly #5 in the tournament.  Now, let’s take a moment to reflect on the much longer history of Daddy & His Boys.  Daddy & His Boys were formed in the year 2000 by Hoosier Daddy and Drummer Boy (along with Tommy Boy).  But even before that, Hoosier Daddy and MJD Hogg had formed Dukes of Hazzard (along with Double-Double playing as Notorious) and they won the original Pro Bowl Team Championship in 1998.  So it wasn’t surprising at all when Daddy & His Boys also ended up winning the 2000 Pro Bowl Team Championship during their rookie season together as a team.  The lineup shifted around over the next few years.  But Hoosier Daddy re-signed Drummer Boy in 2007 and added MJD Hogg in 2009.  To date, Daddy & His Boys have won 3 Pro Bowl team titles – in 2000, 2007, and 2010.  Thus, they are currently tied with Wild Animals for the most team titles in club history.  And now they have a chance to break that tie and set themselves apart as the best team ever.  But what about the history between these two teams?  Suprisingly, these two teams have actually met all three times that The Supernovas have played in past Pro Bowl Tournament matches.  And all three matches took place in the Final Four:

The Supernovas def. Daddy & His Boys 73-71 (2006 Final Four)
The Supernovas def. Daddy & His Boys 70-57 (2009 Final Four)
Daddy & His Boys def. The Supernovas 88-87 (2010 Final Four)

As you can see in the above recap, The Supernovas and Daddy & His Boys have had some tremendous showdowns in past Pro Bowl tournaments.  In the 2006 match, The Supernovas barely won by 2 Points during their historic 13-2 season.  In the 2009 match, The Supernovas won fairly easily by almost two touchdowns.  But, in the 2010 match, Daddy & His Boys finally got revenge and knocked The Supernovas out of the tournament by one single Point.  Still think that the Over/Under doesn’t really matter?  So what will this historic fourth match hold when these two teams square off once again, this time with a Pro Bowl Team Championship on the line?  This season, they ended up playing three times in the regular season.  In Week 3, Daddy & His Boys def. The Supernovas 43-42.  In Week 8, The Supernovas def. Daddy & His Boys 104-95.  And in Week 13, Daddy & His Boys def. The Supernovas 73-56.  Thus, Daddy & His Boys won 2 of the 3 matches this season, which will give them a mental edge going into the final.  In addition, Daddy & His Boys are playing absolutely lights-out right now.  A stunning result to take note of comes from last week’s first Final Four match when (3) Daddy & His Boys def. (2) McTriple Play 104-67.  That was a 37-Point victory over a very good team which was the #2 seed.  But in addition, it is even more stunning when you realize that the three teammates on Daddy & His Boys had the three highest scores in the club last week!  MVP Drummer Boy had 36 Points, MVP Runner-Up MJD Hogg had 35 Points, and 3rd best scorer Hoosier Daddy had 33 Points.  When a team is playing that well together and they are all at their best, they are unstoppable.  So does that mean all hope is lost for The Supernovas?  Not at all.  The Supernovas pulled off an absolute stunner in last week’s second Final Four match when (5) The Supernovas def. (1) Wild Animals 79-53 with a winning margin of 26 Points.  Having beaten #1 seed Wild Animals 3 out of the 4 times they played them this season, The Supernovas are also brimming with confidence.  This match will be an epic showdown and there can only be one winner.  Which team will raise the trophy next week and be the 2019 Pro Bowl Team Champions?  We will soon find out.