“Nighthawk Flies Away with the Week 1 MVP Award!”

Week 1 MVP Award Winner –
Nighthawk (32 Points)

The Football Club returned last week with most players showing some serious rust.  Having not made any picks in the past 8 months, most players struggled to figure out who was going to win the big Point value games such as the Games of the Week and the Sunday Night game.  And no players correctly picked the winning Triple Crown combination of LV-Wash-LAC.  However, 3 players showed no rust and started off their seasons with tremendous picks.  They were Nighthawk, Slick Chick, and Halibut J-Bird.  Nighthawk led the way with 32 Points, the Week 1 MVP Award, and a debut in 1st Place at the top of the standings.  Nighthawk was our 2008 Club Champion and he is serving notice to everyone that he is back and more dangerous than ever.  Nighthawk’s huge Week 1 included getting both Games of the Week (Sea & GB), the Double Stakes (Chi-NO), and the Sunday Night game (LAR) correct.  Once Nighthawk gets going with making great picks, he can be really hard to stop.  So other players are going to have to hope he cools off just a notch to give them some room to catch up.  Slick Chick was not far behind, scoring 28 Points to win the Week 1 MVP Award Runner-Up.  Slick Chick is playing this season in honor of her cat Slickie (whom she lost last October) and it has resulted in her playing at a very high level already by debuting at #2.  Let’s keep up the great picks, Slick Chick!  Our 3rd Place player is Halibut J-Bird who scored 27 Points.  He showed that it was no fluke that he nearly won the Club Championship last season, and this season is going to be all business.  He is looking to turn his Runner-Up finish last season into a trophy this season.  Rounding out our Top Five are Bob Swerski and Double-Double, who both scored 20 Points.  Not much space separates them from the rest of the pack, so they better step things up a notch this week if they hope to stay in the Top Five.  Only 3 players correctly got both Games of the Week last week with Sea & GB – freespirit, Halibut J-Bird, and Nighthawk.  And only 4 players correctly picked the Double Stakes of Chi-NO – Hoosier Daddy, Halibut J-Bird, Slick Chick, and Nighthawk.  This week, the Triple Jeopardy option returns.  So now everyone has a chance to gain (or lose) some additional Points if they want to take the risk.

To let everyone know, 17 of the 18 players from last season returned to participate in the club once again.  Our beloved club member Captain Jack Sparrow has decided to walk the plank and take the season off.  He will be missed and we hope he returns to play next season.  Stepping up in our matey’s place is brand new rookie player The Sad Salmon.  The Sad Salmon (real name Tyler K.) hails from Florida although some of his family members live in Marin and are well-known to most of us.  We are happy to have him in the club making picks along with the rest of us and wish him a great season.  As a final note, Mr. T’s full name this season is going to be Mr. T: Social Distancing From Winning.  But due to space constraints it will be listed on the Current Standings as Mr. T: SDFW.  So just wanted to let you know what that meant as Mr. T thought of something quite creative to use.  Head to Head Weekly and Pro Bowl Team Weekly starts this week.  I will post those pages later in the week when I have more time to put them together for this season.